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  • HTTP: The Definitive Guide (Definitive Guides) . David Gourley

    Description : Behind every web transaction lies the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) --- the language of web browsers and servers, of portals and search engines, of e-commerce and web services. Understanding HTTP is essential for practically all web-based programming, design, analysis, and administration.Whi See more details..
    Amazon Price : $64.99
  • HTTP/2 in Action . Barry Pollard

    Description : Summary HTTP/2 in Action is a complete guide to HTTP/2, one of the core protocols of the web. Because HTTP/2 has been designed to be easy to transition to, including keeping it backwards compatible, adoption is rapid and expected to increase over the next few years. Conc See more details..
    Amazon Price : $49.99
  • Learning HTTP/2: A Practical Guide for Beginners . Stephen Ludin

    Description : What can your organization gain by adopting HTTP/2? How about faster, simpler, and more robust websites and applications? This practical guide demonstrates how the latest version of the Hypertext Transfer Protocol can dramatically improve website and application performance. You’ll take a See more details..
    Amazon Price : $39.99
  • Apache HTTP Server 2.4 Reference Manual 1/3 (Volume 1) . Apache Contributors

    Description : The Apache HTTP Server, colloquially called Apache is the world's most used web server software. This comprehensive Reference Manual covers everything you need to know, incl.: Using the Apache HTTP Server Apache Virtual Host documentation URL Rewriting Guide See more details..
    Amazon Price : $29.99
  • Nginx HTTP Server - Third Edition . Clément Nedelcu

    Description : Harness the power of Nginx to make the most of your infrastructure and serve pages faster than everAbout This BookDiscover possible interactions between Nginx and Apache to get the best of both worldsLearn to exploit the features offered by NGinx for your web applicationsGet the newest techniques av See more details..
    Amazon Price : $44.99
  • HTTP Developer's Handbook . Chris Shiflett

    Description : HTTP is the protocol that powers the Web. As Web applications become more sophisticated, and as emerging technologies continue to rely heavily on HTTP, understanding this protocol is becoming more and more essential for professional Web developers. By learning HTTP protocol, Web developers gain a See more details..
    Amazon Price : $39.99
  • HTTP Essentials: Protocols for Secure, Scaleable Web Sites . Stephen A. Thomas

    Description : The first complete reference guide to the essential Web protocol As applications and services converge and Web technologies not only assume HTTP but require developers to manipulate it, it is becoming increasingly crucial for network managers, Web masters, and anyone working with HTTP to under See more details..
    Amazon Price : $34.99
  • HTTP Pocket Reference: Hypertext Transfer Protocol . Clinton Wong

    Description : The HyperText Transfer Protocol, or HTTP, is the backbone of the World Wide Web. HTTP is the language that each web browser (or other web client) uses to communicate with servers around the world. All web programmers, administrators, and application developers need to be familiar with HTTP in ord See more details..
    Amazon Price : $9.95
  • What Every Web Developer Should Know About HTTP (OdeToCode Programming Series Book 1) . K. Scott Allen

    Description : HTTP is the protocol of the web, and this book will look at HTTPfrom a web developer's perspective. We'll cover resources, messages,cookies, and authentication protocols. We'll look at how HTTP clientscan use persistent and parallel connections to improve performance,and see See more details..
    Amazon Price :
  • The New Mager Six-Pack . Robert F. Mager

    Description : Considered to be the reference library for educators, trainers, or anyone serious about improving performance, The New Mager Six-Pack contains six famous "how-to" handbooks. From providing a strong foundation in the basics for newcomers to serving as an invaluable reference for experienced pr See more details..
    Amazon Price : $122.00
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