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Difference Between That and Which

english-grammar-amaThat and which are both used to refer to things and persons but in different ways and contexts. That refers to a thing or person who is not near to the speaker or not near to the speaker as much as some other thing or person. For example, Look at that man over there. That can also be used to refer to someone or something that has already been referred to earlier in the conversation.

Which is used in questions to ask somebody to be exact about one or more people or things from a limited number. For example, which is the better exercise ‘“ swimming or walking? Which can also be used to be exact about the thing or things that you mean or are referring to. For example, houses which overlook the lake are more expensive.

Meanwhile, that can also be used to refer to people or things of a particular type. For example, those people were the ones ready to do travel. That can also be used as a relative pronoun to introduce a part of a sentence which refers to a person, thing or time that you have been talking about in a conversation. For example, where is the letter that came yesterday?

On the other hand, which can be used to give more information about something. For example, you can say, His best movie, which won several awards, was about time travel. A common phrase linked to which is ‘which is which’. This is used to talk about distinguishing one person or thing from another. For example, the twins are so alike that I cannot tell which is which.

In contrast, that can be used after some verbs, nouns and adjectives to introduce the next part of the sentence. For example, Where is the coat that she was talking about? That can also be used to show the extent of something like, for example, I cannot walk that far. It can also be used to emphasize something. For example, I was that scared that I didn’t know what to do.

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