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Difference Between Weather and Whether

weather Weather vs Whether
The English language has many words that are called homophones or homonyms. This means that the words share the same spelling or pronunciation but have different meanings. There are several examples of these in English: weight and wait; mail and male; fate and fete; check and cheque and weather or whether among others.

A common mistake that English learners make is using weather and whether incorrectly. They are pronounced exactly the same way, but have different meanings. Once you properly understand the difference between the two words , it is not difficult to remember which spelling to use in which situation.

The word weather is a noun and it is used to refer to climate conditions such as: temperature, rain, wind, snow, hot, cold etc. An example of the correct use of weather would be: ‘What is the weather going to be like tomorrow? Or, ‘The weather in Japan in August is very hot and humid.’

Weather can also be used as a verb, which means to withstand a difficult situation. For example: ‘Don’t worry we just have to weather the storm until next year when everything will be much better.’ This is an idiomatic usage of weather and is not used all that commonly.

Another way that weather can be used as a verb is to refer to erosion or something deteriorating due to weather conditions. An example of usage is: ‘I have to buy new outdoor furniture because the fabric has become very weathered.’

Whether is used as a conjunction and has a similar meaning to ‘if’. For example: ‘Tom doesn’t know whether he will be able to go to the work Christmas party.’ Or ‘Kate is going to Greece, whether you like it or not.’

Whether can also be used to link two alternatives or choices. Examples of use in this instance are: ‘I was wondering whether you would like Thai or Chinese for dinner tonight’. Or ‘I am not sure whether I should go to the doctor or not.’

When you understand the difference between the homonyms weather and whether it is not difficult to know which one you should use in which situation and how to spell them.

1.Weather is used to talk about climate and temperature conditions
2.Weather is usually used as a noun.
3.Whether can be used as an alternative to ‘if’.
4.Whether can be used as a conjunction to link two choices.

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