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The United Mexican State, or Mexico, is located in North America bordered by the United States, the Pacific Ocean, Guatemala, Belize, the Caribbean Sea, and the Gulf of Mexico. Its people are a mixture of the descendants of indigenous people; Mayans, Aztecs, Toltecs, Spanish colonizers, and several others more.

The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, or Puerto Rico, on the other hand, is a territory of the United States of America located in the Caribbean Sea near the Dominican Republic, the United States’ Virgin Islands, and the British Virgin Islands. Puerto Ricans are U.S. citizens so they are free to go to the mainland while Mexicans are not.

It was initially populated by the aboriginal Tainos who were almost wiped out with the arrival of Spanish colonizers who carried with them infectious diseases. Today, its people consist of the descendants of the Tainos, African slaves, and of the European colonizers.

While inhabitants of both countries belong to the ethnic group, Latino, and speak Spanish, they speak it differently. Mexican Spanish is slower, and their consonants sound more like “S” and “L” while Puerto Rican Spanish does not produce the “S” and “R” and leaves out the “D” and changes “R” to “L.”

Puerto Rican Spanish is closer to the Spanish spoken in parts of Spain than Mexican Spanish which is influenced by their indigenous roots although it is spoken clearer. When Mexicans speak, it is melodious as if they are singing. They also differ in the kinds of food that they eat. Mexicans have burritos, enchiladas, and tortillas while Puerto Ricans have arroz con pollo, tostones, ampanadillas, pastilijos, and plaintains.

Mexican food uses corn and beans and spices such as chilli, oregano, chocolate, chipotle, and many more. It is a mixture of indigenous and Spanish food. Puerto Rican food has Spanish, Taino, African, and American influences and uses ingredients that are native to the land.
They also differ in how they look with Mexicans either looking more like Indians or Mestizos while Puerto Ricans can be white and blond haired with blue eyes, mulatto with dark eyes and hair, or a shade in-between.


1.The United Mexican State is a country located in North America while the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico is located in the Caribbean.
2.Mexican ancestors include Aztec and Mayan Indians as well as the Spaniards who colonized them while Pureto Rican ancestors include the Tainos, the Spaniards, and African slaves.
3.Mexican Spanish is clearer and more melodious compared to Puerto Rican Spanish; they also differ in grammar and pronunciation.
4.They have different cuisine. Mexicans use more beans, chillis, and spices while Puerto Ricans use plaintains and cassavas as well as other ingredients.
5.Puerto Ricans are free to enter and exit the United States as they please while Mexicans are not.
6.Some Puerto Ricans are darker skinned due to their African ancestors, but some are white or brown compared to 7.Mexicans who may resemble their Indian ancestors or their Spanish ancestors.

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  2. I would like to clarify one thing. Mexicans do not have burritos as stated in the cuisine section. Mexicans in Mexico don’t eat burritos.

  3. I would like to clarify one thing: Mexicans in Mexico do eat burritos. Probably in south Mexico people don’t eat as many burritos as we do in North Mexico, but we definitely eat burritos.

    • Yes my friend, both these countries have vast populations and can not be put into a box. There will always be exceptions. An example is the down play often given to the Indigenous contributions in Puerto Rico yet exceptions are found even on that small island. Individuals have been found in Guayanilla who test 39% indigenous quantum according to autosomal DNA test.
      In any case I have found that focusing on commonalities instead of difference is often more productive.

    • first off Mexicans do eat burritos. Also Mexican food varies region to region. Saying it is not Mexican food is stupid because it is a flour Tortilla, refried beans, carne which are all Mexican. Then add a little queso and their you have it.

      Also Mexicans also eat Arroz con Pollo and Pollo con calabaza y elote, and posole, menudo, tamales, Fajitas, chicken fajitas, taquitos, flautas, mole, carne guisada, and many more things. The list is endless because Mexico is a big country that also reached into the Southwest territories so many regions contributed to Mexican food.

      Northern Mexican food is different from Southern Mexican food. Southern Mexican food is more Amerindian Messo American influenced but the cattle and big ranchos were mostly in the Northern states of Mexico and in Tejas and California. The flour tortilla is a hybrid version of the corn toritilla.

  4. Oh yeah one more thing. Mexicans are more into music & dance that they developed like Mariachi, Norteno, Banda, Tejano or TexMex or Conjunto music and is more country type music as well as Mexican Rock and Pop. Their dances are based off their music.

    Puerto ricans are more into African type music & dance like Salsa, Bomba y Plena, Reggeatton which was started in the Caribbean was brought to Panama due to Jamaicans going to work on the Panama Canal. They also love African American music like Rap, Hip Hop and R&B. Puerto Ricans also love Bachata music which comes from another Afro Hispanic country like the Dominican Republic. Salsa they got from Cuba which again is heavily African influenced.

    • Puerto Rican Music is like the canary Islands Aguinaldo and trio, we also have Bomba y Plena, Also have the Opera singer and in many one of the best Antonio Paoli also the first person to ever record a whole record. Plus danza and classical music. Pablo Cassals festival. Is too sad that the mainstream music is taking over all the good music.

    • Mexican woman are ugly but Puerto Rico has 5 Miss Universe.

  5. This lacks actual information and but instead portrayed stereotypes.

  6. Just to clarify in Mexico we have people who are light skinned, blond and have blue eyes. Not all Mexicans are dark and look like Indians. Also some Puerto Ricans are dark just like some Mexicans. This webpage is filled with stereotypes, you did a terrible job describing both cultures.

    • Superficial treatment of both cultures. Mex culture with so many more layers and being so huge in territory with differences in racial make up according to the region not to mention having the 2nd more diverse cuisine in the worlld after China. We can go on and on

  7. I enjoyed and learned more from the comments than the seemingly over generalized article. Thanks.

  8. Mexicans are already on the Mainland stupid they are from North America.

  9. Another thing that makes me laugh is that you say Puerto ricans have American influence but if you see Mexican food has influenced American food. You see Chili, Doritos, Fritos, Burittos, Corn, Salsa, Nachos, Guacamole is all Mexican food inspired.

    • Some of that stuff you mention is all American commercial versions and what s known as Tex Mex and Guacamole is not American for God s sake

      • Although by how hugely popular Guacamole and all Mex cuisine and drinks have become you can tell Americans and others have embraced it with a passion. Don t blame any one as a Dominican myself I totally dig it
        in addition of some favorite PR staples

  10. We eat and drink ;shut the same way care close

  11. We were all created by God! We are all equal!

  12. I can tell from reading that the author is Puerto Rican or knows more about Puerto Rico…

  13. U know what I’m just tired of people thinking that I’m white and that I’m not Latina just because Puerto Rican’s can come to the U.S without a passaport *** and Mexicans can’t I’m literally here because my so called friend is literally arguing with me saying that I’m American / white and not Latina and I do know that Puero Rico is in fact a commonwealth it DOES NOT mean that I’m white and also I’m tired of people thinking that every food in Cuba/Republica Dominicana /Puerto Rico/ is spicy and if u say Puerto Rican food doesn’t have flavor then a PUERTO RICAN didn’t cook that .

  14. No offense, but Puerto Ricans are rude, and have huge foreheads!

    • They, Puerto Ricans act like their shit doesn’t stink. They only like their own race mainly. They are NOTHING like black people!

      • I am of Puerto Rican descent from NY and I just found out my last name came from a Mexican immigrant who worked in PR in the 1800s. Ancestry .com had the info. I have brown skin. I am the darker kind.. my head is big but not my forehead.I don’t think I’m better than anyone. I do love my heritage and also am proud to find out there is Mexican blood in my veins as well as well as African. I believe that if a boat brought him over from Mexico, he wasn’t the only Mexican who arrived in Puerto Rico in the 1800s. So I know there is Mexican blood in some people in Puerto Rico. We are all brothers and sisters at the end of the day.

      • First of all they don’t want to be Black…are you high in opium???? Secondly, maybe the “low class ones” you’ve met…because most aren’t like what you described. Now don’t get me started on “some” Black people..who smell like bad breath and leather like “Shabba Ranks” and urine and cocoa butter.

        • This comment is directed to Stephanie….also I would like to add..that the word is Empanadas or Empanadillas..and we don’t make Pastelillos it’s “Pasteles”…Alcapurrias, Mofongo, Pernil and Lechon, Bacalaitos, Flan, Tembleque, Papas Rellenas, Arroz con Corned Beef, Coquito, and (The Pina Colada) which was invented in Puerto Rico as well as (Champagne Cola)..we also make Bacardi, Coffee, Wine and were the number one manufacturers of Sugar Cane back in the day…and we’re the original owners and makers of Corona Beer which was sold to Mexico.

  15. Mexico is in Central America. Its characteristics are spanish speaking, poor and un-educated.

    Do not group Mexico with Canada and the United States, which are part of North America.

    • You are a f i**t saying that Mexico is central America. As well with saying that it is Spanish speaking, poor and uneducated. Did you know that they have the oldest university in north american known as the national autonomous university of Mexico? Older than Harvard and with nobel prizes. You ignorant , probably has never looked at a map or gone to the country. Just needing to talk st, hermit a*. Please don’t ever give out your opinion, ever even if you think you’re in titled to. Travel, learn, educated, and expose yourself.

  16. What i want to know is why people, even puerto ricans themselves, pronounce the islands name as, porto rico. Sounds like porto potty. That is so bad. Puerto Ricans have no self respect

    • Idk what Puerto Rican’s your talking about …. probably the one speaking mfs… but Puerto Rican do have self respect … st…

    • its called boriken. If you pronounced it correctly , it wouldnt sound like that.

    • its called boriken. If you would’ve pronounced it correctly, it wouldn’t sound like that.

    • Puerto Ricans can change their color to black whenever “It suits them”. They Lie, Cheat and steal. Always face them and NEVER turn your back on them.

      • I wish I could meet you because you wouldn’t need to turn your back but you would need facial reconstruction surgery. We Puerto Rican’s are wonderful people and sometimes get a bad rep because we react to people like you….I’m assuming you are not Latino and are an American…. which pisses me off because America has fuck over Puerto Rico for so many years and have no room to say anything about Puerto ricans

    • Now that doesn’t make any sense, you were started out bad and went to worse.

    • Mario Millan, you’re a bastrd….who the f*** do you think you are putting “all” Puerto Ricans underneath one big stupid stereo type??? You’re probably the wanna be Italian that thinks because he can mumble two or three words he’s Italian or whatever the f*** you are…or the hidden racist type when you’re around people and a punk coward…you’re just a white trash piece of s***.

    • You do you, want what We are all alike so do start w/t/b/s none of us are better so quit your /s. Love you all. WM from P.R

  17. Lmaoooo the end of this comment section. Puerto Rican or Mexican, we are all crazy and spicy af

  18. Puerto Ricans are scu. Mexicanos are not.

  19. Puerto Ricans are two faced liars that turn their backs on each other. They cheat and steal from each other. Mexican are of a higher class. Way higher.

    • “Zapa” hell f**kin no….maybe the f**cked up ones you’ve met…cause we aren’t all like that bro…don’t put everyone under one class because you met a few ***holes. I’ve met a few Mexicans like you mentioned and some awesome ones and I know for a fact not all are the same.

  20. Well , Zappa you obviously have no idea what you are talking about. It is not a Mexican’s are better than Puerto Rican’ . That my children and grandchildren are 1/2 Mexican and 1/2 Puerto Rican. We are called Mexi-Rican . And in all nationalities there are bad and good people. So educate yourself before you speak , as you have insulted a new breed of Latino!

  21. If our country incorporated mexico as a state we would be one of the strongest nation’s on this planet. The resources, the man power, our military would be unstoppable.

  22. We should incorporate mexico the resources and manpower alone would justify this decision. I have worked with Mexicans all my year’s of working they are some of the hardest working son of a guns I’ve ever met my sister’s married Mexicans great people.

  23. I wish I could say the same for some P.R’S I’ve met or worked with.

  24. I would like to clarify. Y’all stupid! Viva Dominicans!

  25. Mexican woman are ugly compared to Puerto Rican beutiful woman who has 5 Miss Universe titles and is a small island.

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