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kovil-indiaAmerican vs Indian culture

No two cultures are the same. The American and Indian cultures have very vast differentiation between them..While the culture of America is a mixture of different cultures, the Indian culture is unique and has its own values.

One of the major differences that can be seen between American and Indian culture is in family relations. While the Indians are very much family oriented, the Americans are individual oriented. In Indian culture, the family values are given more prominence than the individual values. Indians respect family values. On the other hand, in American culture the individual values gets prominence than the family values. Indians are more committed to their family where as the Americans are more committed to themselves only.

In another sense, it can be said that the American culture is more goal oriented and the Indian culture is more people or family oriented. Indians may even forsake their individual wishes and also happiness for the sake of families. But in American culture, this trend cannot be seen.

Unlike the Indians, the Americans plan things ahead. The Americans believe in dominating nature and controlling the enviorment around them. On the contrary, Indians believe in the harmony with nature.

Another difference that can be seen between Indian culture and American culture is that the Indians love stability where as the Americans love mobility.

In American culture, one can see that the individuals think of self-reliance and independent. On the other hand, Indians are more dependent on others. While the children in the US are brought up to live an independent life, the children in India are not brought up in that way. In Indian culture, there is respect for the elders and it is they who make decisions. But in American culture, each individual makes his own decisions.

Coming to competition, Indians are more competitive than the Americans. Coming to work nature, the Indians work for meeting the family needs. On the contrary, an American will only strive to rise on his own capacity or getting rich. Another difference that can be seen is that Americans have great regard to time and its value.

1.Indians are very much family oriented, the Americans are individual oriented.
2.Indians respect family values. On the other hand, in American culture ,the individual values gets prominence than the family values.
3.Indians are more competitive than the Americans.
4.Americans have great regard to time and its value.

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  1. Good start at this discussion.

    However, I would argue that America and India both have various cultures with certain underlying traits that create a common thread. Many people do not realize that each state in India has it’s own language (script, too) for the most part, different dressing styles, food habits and cuisines, and holidays differ slightly in different parts of India. Though cuisines do vary throughout America, too, I do not believe it is as extreme or impressively diverse as India. Of course the different ethnic communities in America bring their cuisines from abroad to America, but the cuisine I refer to is “American”.

    I would also argue that all cultures have some form of goal orientation. It just shows itself in a different way. I believe Indians have their own types of goal setting- getting their kids into good schools, good colleges, good marriages, and of course finding a good job and making a success in India or abroad to be able to support the family. These are goals too- and without making goals so many Indians would not be abroad!!

    • thank you miss . jen for your valuable comment i agree with you that an indian cultures are very retarded sorry for using this word but this is the fact they have to accept it
      of course no any doubt about the diff. b/t indian and the american in the whole things even the mean of using the natural sources .
      but in the other hand we have to consider some of indian traits like being in agroup while working or during the deci.making .state.
      but i have a doubt about that indians are take care about the (elders)
      coz now am staying in india and i realize that no any respect for ages differ. here in india contrary they are living like a competitive social seeking for seats
      here in india all of the people gazing for safe life no any adventures no any compelements so if we start taking about the relashionships here it was stopped only on parents and no more

      mustafa edrees
      india chennai
      still steudent

      • Excuse me mustafa that is very rude and immature of you calling other peoples culture retarded.
        Name calling is very babyish. Grow up and accept other cultures. God bless!

      • I’m sorry but I am Indian myself, you call us “retarded” when you cant even use proper grammar. Also the articles are not making fun of us or taking shi* about us, they are just listing some cultural differences.

      • First of all,learn how to spell,you just called us “stupid”,me being a indian from my point of view is that we indians are more hard workers then you lazy ass americans.That whole entire thing was talking shit about us.

        • wow, I guess the truth hurts. If we are lazy Americans it is because we want to be and have that choice. We pick what we want to do our own religion, the man or women we want. I’m a women so yes I pick the man I want. My mother or father takes no part in my decision. And by the way most American men are not looking for virgins. They want women. Children have little to no experience in life and need their parent to guide them. If we do get married we are equally partners in the relationship.
          This is called living in the 21 century

    • Unfortunately, you misunderstood the article…it is not about the culture of India and the American culture…it is about the cultural differences of America and the Native American culture (Indians…as in Apache, Cherokee, Ponca, etc…) hey, but thanks for playing anyway…

    • I am indian and let me tell you, being indian is actually a great thing. we have beautiful people and we have ugly people. just like any race. I for 1 am a great person, have great friends, and i take care of every one that is in my life and i am glad to do it, and for that i have people that love me around me. also, indian parents are one of the best parents you can have. sometimes they can be really strict, but they will take care of you no matter what, and they will buy you what ever it is that you need. as long as your not a selfish ****head. Also, we all have great jobs, lots of money and a family that we all love and take care off. suck my dick op suck my dick

      • I Think This Passage Is Very Accurate , considering I am American . I am also doing a research paper on the differences between the U.S and India. So , this has helped me a lot .

      • Indians are RUDE people!
        So pushy…they call & email multiple times with stupid questions and expect an answer immediately. And it’s so difficult to understand them with the heavy accent. They’re speaking English but I swear it still sounds like Indian.
        Who the heck can pronounce their names too. They don’t even want to adapt to America, they want to change America to India.

  2. This is good to know and understand prior to traveling and/or doing business in India.

    I wish the way Indians value the family would carry over into American culture too. It is a great way to live.

  3. Americans are more competitive than Indians. DEF. Indias are more free spiro ited while Americans judge to the extreme

    • I agree that Americans do judge to extreme. I am American, but I do not do that because I figure if you don’t like it then why should you be judgemental

  4. There is no need to comment here because, We may sometimes get mistake about our culture, but our culture had its own greatness. We are very lucky to have such a great culture, because it is creating the charecters of the foloowers.

    Thanking you
    and regards Avinash.

  5. There is no need to say anything about INDIAN culture because it is speechless to say about that.We are very lucy to have such a great culture in our contry. Becuse it is creating our good charectors.Every one says that the INDIAN culture is spoiling now a days because of the modren culture. But one truth thing is that INDIAN cultute will never effect by anythig, because it has such a great purity and grateness.

    Thinking you
    regards Avinash.

  6. I would like to say one thing. in general humans are ethnocentirc. this is a weakness of humans.
    it does not matter which culture is great. every culture is great.

    • A day will come and the world will get flat… check in Arab Emirates for example, you can see how much common people are dealing with matters…
      All cultures are lovely and must be respected even I believe that within a max of 50 years this world will have a lot of similarities

  7. thank you. i am disagreeing with point you mentioned “While the culture of America is a mixture of different cultures, the Indian culture is unique and has its own values.”. in fact Indian culture is a mix of various culture. we are a country of unity in diversity. the culture of each state is different. In India most of the festivals are limited to that particular culture.

  8. Even Americans are lazy, they are too proud of themselves, and nose high peoples, whatever they do, they make the others do more, just like good administrator. Remember in United States, its prosperity and wealthiness is not only for the American community, but also for the other knowledgeable communities who migrated in US. Indians play a great role in that, as huge number of Indians use to migrate US at one point of time. Consider the number of Indians working in NASA or Silicon Valley or any bug multinational sector in US, its ruled by Indians.

    While India don’t have that much migration, so most of the improvement and prosperity is one handed done by Indians. Presciently India has a huge growth rate, consider its population and other different needs the government has to provide to all poor people, with that pace its doing excellent. You can Indians are fun loving, they do all activities, and yet they are hardworking, and very happy quality wise.

    Americans are hardworking, but less fun loving than Indians, but consider the quality of happiness in USA, people working day and night don’t even have a life, so they may be happy quantity wise but not quality wise, which is not great.

    • Indian is too diverse, 28 different states, at least 20 different language, and every state has a complete different culture and objective, its like a 28 nations in a single nation, so remember even if India grows like 8.5% per annum, it has to consider and take care of so many factors and cultures of 28 different states in the nation

    • I disagree with your assessment. Indians do not rule corporate America. Indians do very well though. Americans are also fun loving – in a different sort of way. In all, both people compare well with each other in America.


  10. i disagree with you. indian culture is very rich and it has it own values. do u know? indian people have more IQ than americans. so many indians working in NASA, big multinational sector in US.

    • India is Great! I am Indian and I proud about it. because India has Great culture,thoughts ,habbits ,and many more….you people said that US is great but i think it is wrong because in India we give respect to others also we are happy with our life.some peple says that US peoples are very hard-working and serious about their work.Just Think! we are also serious about work but we enjoy our works with great happiness so that we hopefully enjoy every moments of our lifes. and one thing which I share that : In many country,and many MNC’s of these countries ,a very huge indian peoples are working .on high post of offices in US ,there are Indians for eg In NASA,govt of US .so that you people can not say that Indians are lazy because If Indians are lazy then how foreign countries and their companies are growing up in which mainly Indians are working.
      Morel: Indians have great Brain ,great respct about others ,great knowledge .and we serve this things to others with no proud bcoz we thought “Giving rises our knowledge”
      All others use our(indians) brains and ideas and showing only selfishness

      It’s OK we are not selfish.but we are truth about our self and our history says that”SATYMEV JAYATE” means truthness always get great victory

      JAY HIND!!!
      Abhishek (Indian)

      • what respect you are talking about dam every single person dying under govt. ambit, People fight all the night with petty issues, we even failed to give equal status to women. India lacks accountability in each and every field.

        Jai hind !

  11. Great words by some of my friends(indian). I agree with all of you. It seems U.S had stopped responding hear in this debt.

  12. You Sir, are a dumb F#%K!! Indians are not lazy! It is the Americans who are a lazy lot! They tend to do jobs half-heatedly and always are the last to arrive for work and FIRST to leave. Indians work their a55 off for their families. The only other race more hardworking and NOT lazy as compared to Indians are the Japanese. So please go and grow a brain. Thank you Sir!

    • america is much much bettter…………………………………


        • Calling Americans retarded just proved to everyone here that you are unable to respond on a level which would show some respect or maturity. This might be due to the fact that Indians don’t have the same type of responsibilities as Americans have. The age at which most of us are on our own is 18, where as most Indians don’t leave home until they’re married. This means most are with mommy and daddy until then. This means you have no idea what it means to survive on your own. I have owned a few cars, bought a home…sold that and I’m currently remodeling my second. I am not even 30 years old yet. I am Spanish American and would never ever give up the freedom that I grew up with. I have learned that people from India sweep things under the rug and try to hide some of the ugly things that go on there. I would urge you to look under your rug before checking under mine.

          • @crizzo i agree with your point that , when you are at your own it gives you the independence to explore your potential.

          • but you are spanish not american you might be hard worker but ignorant and the way you behave is niether you are spanish or american

          • I DON’T WANT TO BE JUGMENTAL OR ANYTHING. you have met people eho have migrated to usa. but in truth if you have to get anything in life in india you have to leave your home when you have passed 10th grade. i myself left home to prepare for exams and get good life when i was just 14. I had to live alone and feed myself and take care of me while my parents were 1000 km away and this is not only me, in india all those who have succeded have to left home after 10th or atmost 12th standared when their age is atmost 16 year. India is a large country so probably % of people leaving home will be small but if you count numbers they would be huge atleast 2 crore student leave their home every year at age of 14-16 to prepare for life. you have met poeple of india who lived in big cities studied their and when to usa, but that is only 20% of indian population. for 80% population if you have to acheive something you have to fight tooth nail and cross every hardship on your own from very young age. but that is not a bad thing. in india those poeple who have fought there way and achieved are respected more. about competitiveness of indian, i can assure you because i have seen it and done it myself also that when it comes to fight none will even come close. Life i hard and courageous people become even tougher than life in this life.

            Jai Hind.

      • No one beats india .India is the best

      • no i think indians are

    • Chandru, America is not a race. Americans are all kinds of people from everywhere. Somali, Lebonese, Israeli, Saudi, German, Dutch, Swedish, Japanese and Korean, Indian and Nepali, etc…and most Americans I know work VERY hard!!

  13. america is much better……a person is free to do anything he like..pick up a girl and start doing a job..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!india is a boring bad country!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    • America is exciting because “one can pick a girl”
      America is exciting because “a person is free to do anything”
      And India is boring bad because you cant do such things????

      • Yeah but,america is better in one thing.they can have a sex at their early age butin india it is not like that.if u want sex u shold wait till ur marriage.it is really hard to control d pennis till marriage

      • who says that you can’t pick girl earlier you retard! don’t you ever heard about child marriages lol !

    • you are right

  14. Food habbits around India are different, mostly traditional, that means: cooking at home, from scratch, eating together as extended families.
    In most India, especially towns and villages but in much of the city as well people sit on the ground and place all “tableware” on the floor as well. Eating is by hand, right hand strictly and silverware is only used for preparation, such as a knife for cutting vegetables or spoon to mix sugar into a tea. I can’t remember seeing a fork in rural India.

    Since refrigerators are largely yet a novelty and not a common appliance, perishable food such as milk, unleavend breads (chapati, roti etc…) & cooked items are obtained or made freshly for each meal. For example, Chai shops (tea stalls) would get the milk twice a day delivered by a motorcycle ridden milkman, once in early morning and then in the afternoon, to avoid spoiling.

    Here are a few more documentary stories I wrote about food in India, from my 2 year experience backpacking and living with locals in remote villages and towns:

    Dal Bat – Rajasthan, India: http://jpgmag.com/stories/14784

    Meat loving vegetarian: http://jpgmag.com/stories/17885

    My Tamil family homemade Israeli dinner: http://jpgmag.com/stories/17532

    “You take Chai?” – Asked sweet & spicy India: http://jpgmag.com/stories/17093

    The Dhaba – ढाबा: http://jpgmag.com/stories/16620

    Read more: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_are_the_various_food_habits_of_different_states_of_India#ixzz1yPQEM35m

  15. @crizzo, Not agreeing with “Calling Americans retarded “. But few facts as below.
    1. Indian has great values of being into joint family and family support system. It gives a sense of security and love to individuals and so the teen ageers are not addicted with drugs and porn , unlike USA. I am not denying the facts that there are cases , where individual also become non-competitive and get late in self reliance in such system.
    2. At the late age , we are more happier to get a touch of family member than from 911. The short and moral stories from grandparents , impart a great moralities in the kids than being nourished from the day care center.
    3. What is the freedom that you are arguing for?? A materialistic life? Addiction to materials and endless and directionless journey. I have stayed in both the country and came across closely with the communities. Ask the western media/person those have done research in this area.
    4. It is very difficult to say in a line. But the value system primarily aims at making every individual contended and composed at every stage of life, still it teaches the best of the performances and professionalism.
    5. Here , Lets not aberration in pratice, But the true sense behind a practice or the spirit of such noble pratice. The seniors sacrifice their complete life for the offsprings, students or any individual to meet their need. Irrespective of the defiened norms , rules. It goes beyond to their family to society.
    If there is an accident in the road, people get togather to server unlike USA , where they wait for police to come and take care.

    • Being from America I can tell you that I understand there is a gap in perception from Indians and Westerners in general.

      I can tell you for certain that we also look after our families and take care of our own. We are driven. We are egalitarian in the truest sense of the word. Certainly we work independently and yes we are goal driven. We also accept and use whatever we feel is best from any culture be it India South Africa or Denmark.

      My closest and deepest personal relationship is with an Indian woman from New Delhi so I appreciate the differences. Like many Indian women she suffers so many personal sacrifices to make her family happy. I respect her for these trials however and understand it is a part of her culture. Since we are best friends she makes no secret that she is miserable and wishes for a better life. It is easy to see how and her husband is considered to be relatively easy going.

      As a businessman in America I recognize that Indians are quite hardworking and intelligent people although I must confess I can find hardworking and Intelligent people from all over the globe so this is not a unique trait to any culture.

      I wish that the infrastructure was better for people in India for you are unable to harness all the “human capital” that is a rich part of your country.

      And as for competitiveness? I am sure you are competitive but somehow I am missing out on why you have twice as many people yet relatively few athletes in this 2012 Summer Olympics. There are many bright scholars in your country but then again there are many here as well. We do use Indians as contractors in this country and I am appalled at how the Indian liason/community holds back their own people here in these temporary contracts. Just immerse yourself into the community the doors will open like the gates of heaven for you.

      By the way whomever wrote that we Americans don’t stop to help out our fellow human being in need are sorely mistaken. I am ashamed of the bastard that shot up the Sikh Temple in Wisconsin but I guarantee you that there were Americans who risked their very lives to save and help every Indian in that situation. I could care less what your skin looks like, if yo are in trouble I will help. Nationality has nothing to do with this…

      When trouble arises there is never time to wait, I don’t care who you are or where you come from….This is the hallmark of our people.

      Lastly I will confess that I love my Indian friend and I have a great deal of admiration for Indians however I do have to shake my head at the way most Indian men treat and consider women.

      This country was based on religious freedom. We all believe something different despite what the media will tell you.

      I would happily attend any religious meeting with anyone out of curiosity and respect.

      As for prejudice? That is a basic survival instinct. One has to develop a higher order of understanding before the survival instinct is muted.

      Don’t think there is prejudice in your country? Tell me that when I need goods and services in your country and they attempt to charge me triple.

      Anyhow, any of you who work hard and become part of our community are welcome and most wanted in my country.

      The door is open and you are always welcome.

      Sure we are different. Americans are great at taking from other cultures what they feel is valuable. If you see us adapting to your ways you will know it is worthwhile because we are constantly analyzing what works best for we are exposed to every culture under the sun….

      Peace be with you,


    • You mean Indians “always help people”… the way they helped the Delhi rape victim and her boyfriend while they laid dying on the side of the road?? Also, what about the rampant corruption and dishonesty in India? This simplistic article presents an idealistic view of Indians… and an excessively negative view of Americans. Come live in America for a few years before writing “Americans will only strive on his own capacity or getting rich”… and not for his/her children. What!!!? I hope and trust that the ignorance this article perpetuates is not representative of the mindset of most Indians. People are people wherever you go. This writer inadvertently shows us that the evil of xenophobia is alive and well in India.

      • @Louise,
        Agreeing on corruptions. However, corruption is by a class of people in system which is reducing fast.Still this figure in india is better than other developing nations like china, brazil and pakistan.India and no doubt about it.
        We dont blame all practices of American as there is we may be lacking the cotexual understanding and even many things is not applicable to east.

        Have you ever exprienced life in india ? This is about debating on cultural difference. Howvere , it is way we look the things is different than you do.
        Every context is different as there is sociocultural background underlying in each phenomenon.
        Mediavelian history of india says that India was very progressive and self-sufficient society and so , we never required to conquer other country/place.
        We have a legacy of pardoning others for their mistakes. It symbolize our power, principle and spirituality.
        Now lets consider the conext of attack on indian parliament. We simply continued with fair trial on the accused individual under our judicial system.Though we knew the root.
        It took 12 years for us. Think , if this attack would have been on white house? Just attack on two building, USA smashed two nations and controlled pakistan.
        You dropped atom bomb on civillian of Japan and so you are powerful? Later you have justified this act many times.
        So do u mean to say USA is powerful and india is not?
        Even Daily life of an american monotonous & individualistic unlike indian.

        We have very strong root of spirituality and so we consider that as a parameter for development .Everything is not on material life.
        So India did not much in technology and materialistic life. However, Indian brians has proven in usa companies like Microsoft/Cocacola/Citibank/Motorola/intel/oracle and still we are honest to say we need to learn a lot from USA/world.

  16. Was the person who wrote this a idiot? Saying that americans don’t care for the ederly haha @crizzo I agree also and nice choice of words

    • or how many time americans girls f#$k of but indian girls didnt like that

      • Sandhu, that is a dangerous stereotype. Many of us American and especially white women are not like that. I know a lot of American women who ar traditional and live with parents or do not date around and for some, the man asks the girl’s father’s permission to marry her.

  17. All I see is bias. In the article & in the comment section.

    I am an American living in India right now and although there are extreme differences between the two psychographics & demographics they are both still ruled by human nature. Therefore, I still see self-seeking in both cultures but I also see love and compassion towards family and friends. These are traits that do not change from country to country. I would love to know more about the author because this article is poorly written.

  18. There are both good and bad in BOTH cultures. As someone who lived in both countries, the common stereotypes can be seen in ANY culture.

    Yes they believe that family is main priority..good to have and realize that your parents are providing and supporting you..as well as other family member..they need to be respected and loved for that. It’s a common belief in Indian culture, which is good for everyone to keep in mind. And to add, this does not apply to all Indian families. Many are in the verge of a breakdown, it really depends on the dynamics.

    And to add, I’ve seen many American families just the same..SO YOU CANNOT SAY THAT AMERICANS DON’T CARE FOR THEIR PARENTS OR FAMILIES!! I know plenty of Americans who are close to their families as well as other races. From what I noticed, IT”S NOT CULTURE, IT’S FAMILY DYNAMICS THAT KEEP YOU CLOSE TO YOUR FAMILY. I’ve seen Indian families, Chinese Families break apart, I have a Filipino coworker who does not like her father at all and she was never raised in the US. So think it’s American culture or Indian culture or whatever..you’ve got it wrong buddy! It’s family dynamics regardless if you are Indian, American, Italian..or anything else. You steer your family the proper way, you will be close knit, you act arrogant and have disrespect to your members and even your own children regardless if you live in America or India or China, be prepared to be lonely in life. Your culture does not reflect that, the way you treat your family, your willingless to understand their fears and needs are important to keep family relationships strong and most important respecting them for who they are will mold the type of family you have. And yes as an Indian who lived in both countries, not all Indian families are like that where they are close knit, many are no doubt, but many are not as well. I can guarantee you.
    So do not stereotype!

    But, some of the mentality of the Indians is a bit too much…though you should respect your elders, one should be free to choose a path that will make him/her happy..elders should be looked to for advice, but they shouldn’t force the youngsters to convey to their wants and desires and let them freely explore, learn things on their own and let them make mistakes…maybe this is why the hidden truth of wives being miserable and stuff is common. But again, there are some Americans and other people who are from other cultures who are the same.

    I have to agree that in America, the youngters can be out of hand, but again there are many well oriented children in America, so it’s general parenting, not culture. I’ve seen out of control kids in other cultures as well..go figure. Though I have to admit that I am thankful we don’t have idols like Lindsay Lohan or Lady Gaga to influence ppl in India at least. Thank god.

    America is known for greed..100% true, but in India, cunningness and backstabbing is very common 100% true too. These are traits everyone needs to stop.

    So let’s not say that one culture is better than another, there will be flaws to both and to parents, especially Asian who are concerned in raising kids to what culture, don’t think it’ll guarantee you that you will have it easy raising your kids to be these conservative little mimes who obey every little demand mommy and daddy says…it’s just as challenging anywhere you go..reason? The generation from the previous have changed lots and the thinking of the youngsters has changed, and yes regardless of race. I do feel though many conservative Asian families don’t see this and they are going to run into problems..no doubt. Get into reality mode..this world is going to intertwined into one in the future generations..so if you are stuck with 1940’s mentality, start joining the modern year of 2012..thank you.

    The fact I am a global citizen and belong to dual cultures lets me learn and take the best out of both. I enjoy the fact that my kids enjoy both Indian and American culture as well as others. They are Indian-American, not only Indian or not only American. They think like an American, where they would want to choose their own paths, but they are very close to my wife and I, where we incorporate American/Indian parenting to make them turn out great (strict, but let them enjoy and allow them to share opinions with us rather than criticizing them and degrading them because they are not “Indian” enough or “American” enough..a NO NO)

    • @Mahesh,
      FYI I have been in USA for quite a long time and was closely associated with locals.
      My observations as below
      In fact INDIAN cultural system is more abstracts, complex and value based, and so we don’t recognize it with exactness. Let’s talk cultural system different from the scio-political-govt system differently. I agree to the fact that scio-political-govt system is stronger than India. But not the cultural system.
      The Indian individuals are better performer in USA than Americans in USA/INDIA. Bcoz the all institutional system in USA are always better than the all system in INDIA. So individual won’t have to struggle much there as compared to Indian system. INDIAN individual are better competitive because of our hands on poor system. However the cultural system, which is more undefended, is comparatively stronger than Americans. Hope, I am able to express, what I mean to say.

      Let’s go by the statistics and sociological data and not just a narrow my/your view as our observation may not be enough to summaries.
      (The % population in both the country, % of senior citizen in both the countries, % senior citizen in old homes in both the countries, % population under BPL and still supporting senior citizen in old homes, % of senior citizen in both the countries and still working in mall).FYI 70% population is in village in INDIA. Many of them struggle for their livelihood. Many of them are under BPL and lack proper education. You will not find any Old home society there.Why it is ??
      How these dynamic comes into family? Everything is not from DNA.It is from socializations, practice, festival, faiths and beliefs, media and cultural functions, school text, comics and mythology. Please tell me what is a culture means for you? Is it different than these entire components? Every walk of life is tightly bonded with many deep rooted thoughts, values system, and morals.
      Please see the western view on our culture and our answer from reality.
      Also refer oper winfrey comments on this also http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uKda79DSQH0 (3.6-28)
      You told “you’ve got it wrong buddy!”
      Come on. How can you say ?
      May be we are trying to justify the opinion with supported/related data rather than analyzing, like a debate here. You have told one example of Filipinos. I can say more examples of USA/INDIAN just as same or even opposite. We found this event to say our view point. It is not a statistic to know the truth.
      You told “But, some of the mentality of the Indians is a bit too much.”
      The real mentality is to ensure a proper career as per their view mostly. To have some basic livelihood as India has limited resources and overcrowded and so it is needed. It Is even more necessary for the as the country is highly diversified. My own case is like that, I have done Masters in Computer, before that I have done Master In Arts (Urban Development and planning) before that I was into Rural development Jobs with a Management degree in Rural development. I was directionless. I was truly in need of guidance. It is not always to complete their unfulfilled dream. You won’t find the same in previous days in India. It is mostly about carrier
      (From 5.10 ) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fOccdT8Ix2k&feature=relmfu

      “I have to agree that in America, the youngsters can be out of hand”
      Let’s go by statistics between both countries. It is easy to criticize by example , but difficult to be an example of inspiration. Indian youth find Abdul kalam, Anna Haazare , Arvind Kejariwala, Amir Khan image in INDIA and not Lady Gaga as icon.
      You told ” The fact I am a global citizen”
      We usually can’t be competing to get a seat in IIT, IIM, so we went USA for higher education. We prefer a job in USA, bcoz of less corruption in public life, dust free environment and many more factors. We people also claimed to be global citizen, being in USA. But in India b4 3000 years did that in the classics. They never flee to other countries and being their they claimed to be global citizen. Rather it is their broadness to accept others being in India and so they are global citizen.
      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uu-0vTOHJ44 (0.16)
      Simple fact:
      The scio-political culture is also from basic values. Many country broken into parts bcoz of language (e,g PAKISTAN and Bangladesh and many more), religion(many counties), ethnicity(many counties Israel, Palestine) , corruption and poverty (Russia). Dissatisfaction due to non-democratic Govt.(china, Pakistan, Arab country and many more). India has all the -ve factors. Still we are united, democratic, tolerant, progressive and moving forward. What is the factor behind us

    • Thank you fo your fair assessment!!

  19. Friends,
    Look on back history.
    21th century the start way US President Obama very happy entered in White House. White House also happy way welcome and presented a box outside gold painting a very well shining. At the time President and it personal staff also very happy way this situation look and enjoy shared. During this period President very busy it reason by the box keep very safe inside of the table.
    Sometime after President think and try open the box very secretly and the box open it inside looking time think. The white House entered before the USA development all plan very fast moving my real blue print very well sleeping in my table. It reason the box inside in USA economic crisis by risen decade long pending crucial problems long list. It solutions last three [3] year no real way open, but one year before a lucky door opened from Kerala. This communication by connected the box inside list, but it solution not easy way helped. One century back one of the old US President present the plan and it practical win by my idea shared. It story given below.
    Century end India’s fate pint turn into positive, it help of USA also come in positive. Its run way develop lay-out in India and USA available, but highest [goal] not touch.
    “That highest form of success which comes not to man who desires mere easy peace but to the man who does not shrink from danger, from hardship, or from bitter toil, and who out of these wins the splendid ultimate triumph’.
    I [US President] preach to you, then, my countrymen [Americans] that our country calls not for the life of ease, but for the life of strenuous endeavor. The twentieth century looms before us big with the fate of many nations. If we stand idly by, if we seek merely swollen, slothful case, and ignoble peace, If we shrink from the hard contests were men must win at hazard of their lives and at the risk of all they hold dear, then bolder and stronger peoples will pass us by and will win for themselves the domination of the world.
    Let us there for boldly face the life of strife, resolute to do our duty well and manfully; resolute to uphold righteousness by deed and by word; resolute to be both honest and brave, to serve high ideals, yet to use practical methods. Above all, let us shrink from no strife, moral or physical, within or without the nation, provided we are certain that the strife is justified, for it is only through strife; through hard and dangerous endeavor, that we shall ultimately win the goal of true national greatness.”
    Above true national greatness and it manifestation plan century back in 1904 the old US President Theodore Roosevelt presented. During the time his leader ship important advocate of many social reforms. The same lay-out and its shrink from the hard contests by the win helped century end India’s fate bring in positive, ignoble subject change and nation turn into true greatness.
    My life pledge long lost and dangerous endeavor by the win ideas US President Obama his special interest by collect from in Kerala [ village where I stay], And used White House through USA true greatness and ignoble subject change. Here the warp and woof which go to make its texture are not always visible on the surface, but thinking men know the fingers that move the silken cords same like. The seats of learning advance way fate of serial changed from India. B.K. John.
    Above true national greatness related half century back Indian President Dr.Rajendra Prasad [Age-old Ideals and reality] give good offer this world ‘the perennial flow of the cultural stream determines a nation’s strength, its character in the wider sense and its capacity to survive. It connection ‘In her long history, India has never known regimentation of thought’. Even at the time when her thought touched Elysian highs.
    And the true national greatness related old Prime Minister of India Shri. Jawahar Lal Nehru [The promoter of peace, Nehruji, made constant efforts to bring America and Russia together for the sake of world peace. Address delivered at the collegiate council of United Nations, N Y, 11- 1961.] give good offer in this world. ‘Truth is much too big a thing for a single human mind to encompass or understand. There for Indian philosophy has always said that you can see only a bit of the truth. Let others see the other parts of the truth out of this synthesis may come an understanding which may help a wide appreciation of the truth’.

    It more evidence [India-USA projects] in my face book: Bkjohn John & Twitter: bkjohn10

  20. Rabindranath Tagore [1861-1939], A great Indian poet and author his vision of nationalism and its immutable words of manifestation affected in India. It reason seven decade back Nationalism come in danger serial / fate situation. B.K. John.

    NATIONALISM IN INDIA [ Rabindranath Tagore speech in USA 1925 briefly given below]
    India has never had a real sense of nationalism. Even through from childhood I had been taught that idolatory of the Nation is almost better than reverence for God and humanity, I believe I have outgrown that teaching, and it is my conviction that my countrymen will truly gain their India by fighting against the education which teaches them that a country is greater than the ideals of humanity.
    What is the Nation? It is the aspect of a whole people as an organized power. This organization incessantly keeps up the insistence of the population on becoming strong and efficient. But this strenuous effort after strength and efficiency drains man’s energy from his higher nature where he is self-sacrificing and creative. For thereby man’s power of sacrifice is diverted from his ultimate object, which is moral, to the maintenance of this organization, which is mechanical. It ‘top secret’ of sacrifice run with real nationalism its wise measure helped today India wealthy integrity and solidarity.
    NB:- The ……. In this way in various field [social and professional life] real and unreal find out the experience and it ideas used in India . The instability by national interest broken situation, its main achievement the century end India’s fate point come in the negative of fall situation. But the communal riot by rise the blood shed and terror attacks, and India around the broken. The relationship also very quick peace full solutions helped by the fate point turn into positive.

    It more maintenance evidence [India-USA] in my face book: Bkjohn John & Twitter: bkjohn10.

  21. Indian Philosophy has always said that you can
    See only a bit of truth.

    ‘Truth is much too big a thing for a single human mind to encompass or understand. There for Indian philosophy has always said that you can see only a bit of the truth. Let others see the other parts of the truth out of this synthesis may come an understanding which may help a wide appreciation of the truth. One has to accept this doctrine of peaceful co-existence, trying to argue, trying to understand, trying to impress, trying to convince but not trying to interface and upset the other’.

    Above precious word our old Prime Minister of India Shri. Jawahar Lal Nehru (1889-1964) [The promoter of peace, Nehruji, made constant efforts to bring America and Russia together for the sake of world peace. This is the address he delivered at the collegiate council of United Nations, New York, on November 11, 1961.]

    It more maintenance evidence [India-USA] in my face book: Bkjohn John & Twitter: bkjohn10.

  22. Interesting article. Lots of differences between the two cultures for sure, but I think a lot of things are greatly stereotyped. When you are talking about hundreds of millions or billions of people, there are so many differences within that group. I’ve met many Indians who are more individualistic and many Americans who are very family oriented.

    I love the idea of preserving traditions of your group though and not let that fade as people enter the “melting pot”. I started a business: True Tradition (www.truetradition.com) that will hopefully help people continue to celebrate their individual cultures even though they now live in America.

  23. nice article…n really nc discussion…i have nvr been to America(though hv read abt its culture) so i wont say anythng abt it….but i will like to say sumthng abt my culture…yes m an Indian… a proud Indian…i am proud of the fact that we Indians were ruled many a times but evrytym we came out of it…i m proud that we Indians respected nature from the vry beginng…today the world is worrid abt our degrading environment…evryone is trying to save the trees n forests…but we Indians are taught to pray trees n water n soil(many people states it as supersitions or even stupidity or backwardness)…we respect our nature…yes we do live with our parents…not only till our marriages…but life long…but this doesnt prove that we are dependent…infact this proves that we respect our parents who made so many afforts to grow us up..n we dont leave them when they are old…when they need us…i am proud of the fact that we have so many different languages of our own but still we are trying to learn foreign languages…(India hv the largest English speaking population)…i am proud of the fact that Sanskrit is our language which is declared to be the mst logical language(its best suited for computers too)…i m proud that we help needy people but never try to change their religion….yes we do have many problems…but we are capable to solve it…n we will solve it…evrythng in our culture hv a logic behind it…(from lighting a deepak to the bells in the tempels) the thng is the way u look at it or study it….evry American is invited to India but dont come to see the poverty only…see the affords a poor will do if he invites u for lunch…thts my culture….wll love to hear American culture’s positive specialities…nikhita

    • U really made me to comment,i was just going through every comments.Ur just awesome,a truily indian heart and universal fraternity.

    • Nikita, it was impossible to read you and press down-arrow key without saying-thank you.
      OPTIMISM and humanity poured into Indian bowl. Hope your tribe would prosper and reach up to the many ends of the our round earth. People like you would trace goodness into every human being and culture. Because it is the EYE and HEART interaction which makes the difference using positive of the mind. God Bless You.
      Prem aur Sahnti

    • Very nice Amu! Thank you for sharing this.

  24. Yes,a lot’s of different between America and India.but
    Amrican gives a value of time while Indian don’t give.in India have a lot’s of artists and talented people but government awareness is at a small level while America government is caring of people’s. people love the India but they refusing rule and law while Americans still following rule and lawful is a big different America and India’s Majors different !!!!

    Economic different also !

  25. i just like american culture absolutely whereas I am an indian i just like the way of thinking and living we Indians are double standard narrow minded people who just like to harass our feelow Indians interms of culture amd tradition we make our and other life just like hell even if whether the person is willing to follow or not

    • I can’t agree more. We as a nation believe in the collective good at the cost of the individual good. How fair is it for parents to expect their children to follow the path dictated by them in terms of career and marriage. I see coercion in every aspect of life. When to marry, whom to marry, how to marry, how soon to have kids, customs to follow, rituals to do, beliefs to have, how to behave, how to walk, talk, dress, how to think. Everyone has a say in everyone’s life. Imagine the pressures people have to face day in and day out. When people can take the pressures no more, we have suicides. Do we call this “good culture”? Should we not live and let live? One can always be there for each other without invading each other’s personal space and privacy.

  26. From working with them for many years, I have noticed that they are very family oriented that is true. However I notice that most Indians will not admit mistakes, tend to place people into social hierarchies, pretend to know more than they actually know but don’t actually want the responsibility of doing it, and get very nervous and say anything when put on the spot and pressure is applied to them. On the other hand, I tend to see Americans admit their work mistakes more often, tend to treat everyone the same, and pretend to know less than they do but will take on more responsibility. Also I notice that Indians treat other Indians badly in their own language and mannersisms on an almost daily basis whereas Americans tend to only treat their coworkers due to some problem or issue, not on a daily basis. Just some things I have seen.

    • @Eddie . You are talking about only work culture of Indian , that is too in USA. To some extent it is correct. But the culture is much more than this. Culture is a way of living in community with religion and identity. The day start with a difference.Of course in practice it differs among individual, but it is there.

  27. Gee… Thanks alot this really helped me with my assignment!

  28. First of all i will thank USA and Europe by providing jobs to India. Otherwise most of the arrogant indians would have been in slums, struggling to earn a living. Most of us are not thankful for what you have done to atleast bring us in this position. Thanking you again. Some of them do not understand what brought success in your own individual countries and they brag about some unrelated subjects that has always brought anarchy to India. If there is a work culture in India it is because of the west. 85% of the jobs depend on foriegn businesses.

    • 1)700 year’s ago American’s dont know how to wear pant’s,that time we used to bath in Royal Palace.By the way jeans was discoverd in India.

      2)E=mc^2 was written in Bhagawat Geeta few thousand year’s ago

      3)Whole world Know’s Zero(0) about us(India).

      4)Aryabhatta started study of Physic’s and Math’s.So in scientifical term’s we are more developed and well educated than any other nation in the world even from Alien’s(if exit’s).And non of them even come close to us(India).

      5)Our language Sanskrit developed English.

      6)Superman,Spiderman,Batman not even come close to our storie’s
      of Ramayan and Mahabarata .The used superweapons vastly increadible
      than your skunk’s super hero’s have even thought.By the way Ramayan and Mahabharata are not story or tale’s it’s a truth.

      7)Those who indian’s work outside country are not indian’s.

      So Dont even dare to compare us(Indian’s) or even Commenting on us(Indian’s)

      • @Sanket

        Learn how to use proper English grammar before commenting on another person’s post.

        First of all, your ENTIRE argument is EXTREMELY flawed. Can you please explain to me why India does NOT even come close to USA in terms of GDP (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_GDP_(PPP)_per_capita)?

        You claim all of these proposed “facts” about India yet you give no evidence. Stop attempting to steal credit from a more wealthier nation like the USA than giving it to a poor/impoverished country like India.

        Let me also add that Indians are OVERRATED in terms of intelligence. Did an Indian have an idea to innovate the world to create the iPad/iPod devices? No, they did not. Steve Jobs did…

        I can provide much more examples but I am afraid you cannot counter my argument. India sucks!

        • First of all ,’ learning to speak in proper English grammar ‘ doesn’t have to do anything with intelligence /superiority /achievements . Japanese are doing better than Americans without English as their mainstream language .Don’t start comparing the GDP now .You clearly doesn’t know the history of India and why would you right ? A brief overview ?
          World’s oldest known language – Samskritha is the base for more than 30 languages in India and all the major languages in Europe .Proof : There ‘re still ‘hundreds’ of scriptures that exist in India dating back to more than 15,000 BC .(BTW i know Samskritha). What was that you said the guy about talking proper English grammar now ?
          The mathematical and scientific achievement of the Vedic Civilization is unparalleled to any civilization . Some Historians claim Sumerian to be the oldest but that’s only because they find the Sanskrit literature too flamboyant and sophisticated for them to study and understand but still many German scholars have attempted to study and have written numerous books on how Vedic Culture has been forgotten and how the western world have overlooked their achievements .
          When the ignorant world did not even know that the Earth was round ,our scholars were talking about Twin Stars and Parallel Universe(Of course the west doesn’t know about this but come to India I will show you the evidence) . A ‘financially’ poor Indian Sanskrit Scholar knows better math and astronomy than an average Harvard student .
          I really cannot list each and every achievement (it really takes A LOT OF TIME) . Some of ’em here – Invention of Number System including Zero(BTW the so called Arabic system was borrowed from India and introduced to the ignorant west and the west called it arabic ,google it you’ll know) , Chess (chaduranga in sanskrit ) , Algebra,Trigonometry (Apparently Pythagoras theorem was cheaply stolen from an indian scripture which was explained and derived many thousands of years before Pythagoras was even born ,google for evidence or come to india) ,The concept of divine marriage(meanwhile the west treated women as sex slaves , heard of concubines ? ) , Yoga and Meditation (the very concept of peace and harmony , BTW Hinduism isn’t a religion ,never was ,the ignorant british and west called us hindus to describe us , we led a spiritual life without any boundaries until the barbaric arabs and british looted us and divided us but that’s a story for another day) and i can simply go on and on . The point is don’t compare any modern nation (so called developed and rich) to India and it’s modern situation .India was severly plundered ,looted,systematically destroyed by British before they left us . You(In fact none of the western world) clearly knows about the Indian sub continent’s history . All the evidences of the glorious India’s past is available with any ‘real educated sanskrit scholar here in india’ if you want to study . If you don’t fell like coming here you can shut your arrogant uneducated filthy mouth of yours and stop talking about something you don’t have any clue about !!

          • @ Chanakya

            Wow, what you just wrote is laughable. I cannot even seriously consider this reply a legitimate counter to my original comment.

            Firstly, India was NOT the only civilization on how to use very “basic” mathematics as you described (geometry, trigonometry, algebra). Harvard mathematics and science graduates would OWN an Indian Sanskrit Scholar (these guys are way overrated in terms of intelligence, I bet a elementary school student knows more in the U.S.).

            Secondly, shut up! You sound so annoying with your entitled and biased attitude about India. The country is really not that great. India’s currency system is a joke compared to the Euro and U.S. dollar. Maybe if India was so great and amazing they would be able to find smarter solutions to boost their economy and markets. BUT, since they suck, they cannot help themselves but rely on countries like the U.S. or immigrate to the U.S. because India is a third world country (don’t even try to argue with this).

            Finally, let’s look at the current results, India still has nothing good to offer. I say force all the Indians out the U.S. because we really don’t need them. Screw you guys too! You all are lazy people and WAY overrated in intelligence.

            Bring it on, Mr. 7/11! 😛

        • well benjamin..
          i agree that india is still developing..
          but its also a fact that your so called wealthy nations need indian minds.. nd in case u dont know.. mr. obama even stressed on changing the school courses in the USA, to increase the level.. so that they can match the level of indian and chinese students when they and can get an average job atleast in their own country..
          as many as 12% scientists and 38% doctors in the US are Indians, and in NASA, 36% or almost 4 out of 10 scientists are Indians.
          If that’s not proof enough of Indian scientific and corporate prowess, digest this: 34% employees at Microsoft, 28% at IBM, 17% at Intel and 13% at Xerox are Indians.

          we dont need you as much as u need us.. our past was excellent, but u stole it all and claimed to the world that its yours.. bt thats another thing..
          even if we talk about the present.. we r better than u in most respects..

          nd one last thing.. really.. a person’s knowledge or his level is not decided by his grammar.. i think ur english teacher beated u on d ass for improving ur grammar that u r giving ur useless knowledge to the world.. bt really we dont need it..
          our national language is hindi.. english is secondary for us.. still we all know that indians speak better and “CLEAR” english than u all..
          NEVER UNDERESTIMATE US.. or any other country..

          • @ Vatsalya

            You are clueless! The British were well established in wealth BEFORE they went to India. Also, if India was so great as you claim, they would have defended their own country and use their military intelligence to stop the British. Learn your history right before being so presumptuous.

            I must add that you are COMPLETELY wrong that the U.S. needs more Indian minds. I went to a university filled with Indian people and they were NOT smart. They were usually the students that would cheat on labs and exams to pass the courses because they were unable to do it themselves.

            I would also like to mention that statistic you have that about Indians being mostly doctors, scientists, and engineers working for top corporate companies is false. You obtained this statistic from “The Times of India” which does NOT provide any type of valid information about another foreign country such the U.S.

            By the way, that so called “statistic” you provide COUNTERS your entire argument. You are basically saying that Indian people work for top corporate companies (Microsoft, IBM, Apple, Facebook, etc.) that were STARTED by white people.

            Get owned! You are the one that is IGNORANT on this issue. Tell me this Mr. Vatsalya (or whatever your name is), has any Indian started a big technological company like Microsoft/Apple/IBM that takes in massive amounts of profit?

            NOPE, because Indian people cannot innovate or create like white people do. Plus, white people usually teach Indian people in our universities…so I don’t know what you are trying to prove. You are really helping my argument, so thanks a lot.

            By the way, Barack Obama is NOT a good president, and I am not worried about India/China integrating an higher academic standard. Because you know where they learned that from? The United States of America!

            We don’t need Indians in our country, I wish we could get rid of all of them. They don’t really help our economy succeed, and I regret that our system allows people like you to immigrate into our country.

            U.S. > India (A basic rule of thumb)

          • As I know Indian people are all over the world.They are talented people out side the country,because they are free to do things I mean out of Culture of India.I appircate some author’s mentioned about talented people those live out side their country.May be most of the things born in India,but grow up outside India.Why it born there and not grow well in India,because of strong culture of India.And the leaders of the country.Really I admire a writer said you know some and the others know the rest.Most of the contries in the world are developing countries since 500 years or more than .Why they are developing for ever not even developed for once because of strong culture and leaders.In most of the developing countries Education is not open for women and men,due to strong culture.

        • To Benjamin, Chanakya and vatsalayan

          “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely”, the old saying is still visible in the oil rich and material rich, so-called developed areas. The so-called developed Nations are eating up ‘our Mother Earth’ like a deadly moth. The greed and mad-race to remain at the top of the world come what may. And to go beyond planet Earth to acquire mineral wealth to consume more and more is clearly visible.
          Carbon emission is directly linked to want, luxury and materialism. It has no relation with natural human survival, peaceful association and mutual co-existence. Western culture is superb as it has no scheme to segregate human beings on the basis upon caste, religion and sex. But economic basis of segregation and ghetoisation within communities is a world wide phenomenon.
          Chanakya has made many irrelevant and false submission before the group. MYTHS, EPICS AND DOGMAS cannot replace rationale and facts. Vatsalya has also made many false claim. Since Indian have evolved INDLISH, so Benjamin has lost the liberty to allege Indians for BAD-GRAMMER.
          Indian culture is person and family oriented and American culture is self-centered and community oriented. Both are good in limitations but need conjugal-joining ‘cultural marriage’.

          ‘Vasudhev kutumbkam’=world is a family, The
          Vedic saying is going to shape our argument during the coming days.

          Indian culture always tried to remain poor materially. It has not yet gripped into the materialistic poverty.

          Western culture always tried to become rich materially. It has taken plunge into the materialistic poverty.

          CULTURE of new Vasudhev Sanskriti=world culture is in the offing.

          • Who the hell are you to call India’s history a ‘Myth and Dogma’? Surely, it seems you were educated in one of the several christian schools set up in our country. What? Indian culture always tried to remain poor materially? Where did you learn this? In one of the books written by the British? So all our kings lived in huts, people never wore jewelry, never bothered about the colorful silk apparel, never heard of gold, never traded textiles, spices, never won any battle with advanced weapons?? Did your grandfather who served as a slave to the British prince teach you all these? I pity your ignorance.

            I’m surprised you wrote a sanskrit saying. The world will never understand the thoughts we had/have and never will they! Please, don’t bring in the caste system here, it wasn’t prevalent until the foreign invaders came here and devised several rumours to defy the meaning of it.

            It is sad that many Indian kids grow up studying history books that were authored by British and feel bad about their own selves and later try to embrace the *wonderful and lushful English* culture.
            You are on of those, once again don’t call our history a dogma and myth.

        • White people like you should be out. Your ancestors raped the land and it’s people, or else bought land that wasstolen from the original inhabitants. Indian food, music and art is beautiful.

        • You ignorant piece of fucking sh*t Benjamin and sam, how stupid! What is this B——-D ?
          It’s a di*k, suck it you c*nts and everyone who is dissing India without enough knowledge. I agree that India is a developing nation and you don’t need to just throw some hate words towards it when you don’t even know what’s been happening under your feet. I bet y’all haters of India would say none of these in front of an Indian as a person.
          Just kill yourself, especially Benjamin (BJmin – Blow Job min) and Sam. I’m from India, I live in NC, USA.
          I triple checked my entire comment just so that Benjamin won’t find any grammatical mistakes when he should be concentrating on the argument that I’m trying to pass, such a dumbass.
          People hating India are a disgrace to Mankind. Y’all are just born because of that one broken condom I guess.
          And yeah, anybody can reply me back with a hate comment and I don’t give a flying fu*k about it.
          I did’nt even read 6 comments here, for I don’t have enough time to ruin my day and I just happen to read Benjamin’s and a couple of others’ comments, except that I made some time to type this rant among others’.
          Sorry butthurts, I won’t check out my mail when you reply me back, but if I have ruined your day after you read this comment, my mission is accomplished!
          Have a hellish life, HATERS!

      • My dear friend sanket don’t even dare teach american what they are Because you need to learn a lot about India and America as well okay.

      • 0 also existed in Mayan and Aztec cultures as well. And English does have a few Sanskrit roots, but it’s origins are ancient Germanic and Norman, with some Gaelic.

    • USA is bound to allow this outsourcing, bound to allow Indian in their business , services and operation. Else their companies will incurred losses and will move out of USA, eventually. USA is not doing any charity to third world. Just think their action on Iraq, Afghanistan with reference to history and facts. Are they doing any charity?

  29. @Benjamin
    Dear Benjamin.
    I think we should focus on culture than socio-economic aspect.
    My hearty thanks to you for raising generic queries and just trying to clarify some of them with known facts. Before 300 years, India was not like today’s republic and having many provinces with local ruler. Even the local ruler defeated British army many times, but eventually they failed as it was not a unified territory. The world history says that British was sucking blood from India/Indian as a ruler and build all infrastructures in England for 300 years. Immaterial, if British was a rich , why did they ruled for 300 yrs? US may or may not need Indian mind. But Indian can compete with US minds anywhere. But, I doubt if US mind can compete with Indian in INDIAN environment.
    Come to see the Indian institute (IIT,IIM, AIIMS) to find the smartness of Indian students. The student in US universities is failed and rich student from Indian premium institute. OK ignore all those stats. But if u will fetch the new stats, u will find it alarming politically. Don’t u think so? Indian are lacking money and so they can’t plan for a new venture like (apple, MS, Oracle) not talent. Just ask the owner about the Indian talent.
    Honestly, there is many good practices in USA system and many good talent in America. But most of the things are possible because of advance infrastructure and not necessarily individual talent. Indian need to learn many things from American, no doubt about it.
    On the other hand , Indian system are worst (political, govt, research, education) , so the talent are coming out as most competent. When Indian gets a better system they perform much better. It is not the fact that you want indian. But, you can’t stop globalization and so can’t stop Indian resource, as we can provide the same services at lower cost.
    I know US talent give better services that is because of their system. Indian do better in the same system.

  30. @Benjamin
    Did you read my entire post? I mentioned you that British invasion is the sole reason for the degradation of our country.
    @” Also, if India was so great as you claim, they would have defended their own country and use their military intelligence to stop the British ” , do you have any idea how diverse India is and was? Several states were ruled by different kingdoms and this worked for the British to play us against each other. I don’t need to learn my country’s history from an ignorant self righteous fool like you. The statistics ‘vatsalya’ guy is giving is false I agree. But I’ve received a well round education from my distinguished teachers and please don’t under estimate the authenticity of my sources. If you don’t like to believe what an Indian says about his country listen to one of many scholars from Europe who have studied and understood the culture Please watch those videos especially the first one before you come back to reply this post. The things he has tried to explain is really puny but it should be enough for now. There are many other scholars who are still researching and most of them don’t prefer to make such videos. Even today many Astrophysicists from Europe come to my teachers to do research on them and most of them are awe struck by India’s past and it’s culture. The modern ignorant west have been studying the wrong side of the history.You are very wrong when you said there were other great civilizations existed along with Vedic because Vedic was the oldest ever known to exist. Greeks, Egyptians etc came later and all their so called achievements were simply borrowed by Vedic civilization.
    I agree that the present India is in such ruins and pathetic state but once again I point my fingers at British for this.

    You’re completely wrong on your perceptions about India in so many levels. There’s still so many things that I’ve to say but watch those videos before you come back blabbering nonsense. One cannot expect more from a man who comes from a society that gives preference to how good the skyscraper and the footpaths look rather than contemplating their own existence.

  31. India uk usa blah blah blah all are same !!! Y fightin over silly issues….u can get kfc and punjabi both in india and usa

  32. Dear Sir/Madam.
    I would personally invite some talented people from your country to India, who would be interested to teach some talented skills to Indian Children, with this opinion, people can make their careers, at the same time even people of your country can make some money here in India, who are jobless or want to settle down peacefully in India. Or anyone who is interested to invest their money into the Real Estate bussiness. Or any one
    who wants to set up bussiness of any kind with the Indians. and share profits and settle down peacefully in India with their own families.

    Thanking you

    Reply me soon


  33. At this momement of 21th cen. India is the most [power full]economy in all world economy and the proof is that when depression came in 2008 all american companies come to india and begged for their life nad the greatest ex. is “Genral Moters” all the company come to our country and earn profit this is the example of the greatest power of the world and of course America is not “u” are only “paper tigers” only……………. Sorry………….. bot it’s right…

  34. the only truth i see in these comments is that the few disrespectful americans who went on a racist rant, IN 2012 that is, not their so called old glory days of 1925-1955, pfffffft old as a dinosaur, need to understand that most asians don’t take to traveling americans kindly, and countries like Japan, India, and China, have developed their military to such an extent that even America especially with its dwindling economy doesn’t stand a chance, THIS IS A FACT! otherwise why else would your redneck heroes not drop a single atomic bomb on a country after hiroshima, it has nothing to do with AMERICA BEING NICE PEOPLE, which sadly enough, Benjamin, i myself have personally witnessed dealing with the military and hearing immature spawns of satan speak.

    but however there is one nasty way I personally take pleasure in countering people like you, THERE IS THE GREATEST FLAW IN AMERICA, you people preach integration but practice separation. whereas other countries like south africa that was full of hate during apartheid preached separation and practiced separation.

    because you guys LIKE TO PLAY THE ROLES OF THE GOOD GUYS, all I’m doing is cutting and pasting your comments and proving otherwise, maybe even put it on youtube, and force you to explain yourself in a public setting. no american likes a MEAN GUY and as long as you continue to be mean, you’ll only expose your shame.

    so keep the insults coming!

  35. Hello.. Everyone…
    Lets not fight over some issues like that..
    Some level of discussion is good but its bad if it turn as arguement in which discussion start including some cheap words to make other one to feel lower in his confidence and believe in his facts..
    Please lets not fight because it is not making any difference…
    Lets not fight because it will sooner or later will get even much worse…
    We are humans.. Lets work hard in not proving other one wrong but in proving that we call together can do better…
    Lets not scrAtch the past of any country… Because we are not good in history to argue…

    Lets help eachother in making this world much beautiful place..

    Lets find hidden talents in ourselves so that we can change our thinkings and of our societies so that no one get underestimated or overrated..

    Lets take responsiblities so that we know the real situations before talking about GDP’s and MNC’s and any other thing…

    And at last follow our words before we speak them…

    All together towards great future of our world..

    Rahul Siyanwal


  36. my friends every person have his own thought about their country my opinion is the both India and us are best in their field like if usa has more good and richest lifestyle than Indian have unity in many of village in India people live without any source of entertainment ..so you see indian live without any source of comunication but usa is most powerful in country in world .usa have sex free country and india has respect values about girls
    teenagers of usa do their own . but indian guys have not freedom to do what they want. india is lack source for poeple .in usa lack of freinds

  37. Dr. Pawan Kumar and Benjamin,
    With due respect to you guys , I disgree with your most of the conclusion , though I can agree to some facts. It is necessery to study the history properly with reference to local author and scripture. There are many hidden facts and ,many of them are distorted with colonial interest of british. Well , India has issues and will be remains in many area, but the indian are not ineffecient at indiavidual level. We have some faulty system , but we have many achivement for the future generation. It need a complete worshop to just describe as it involves economy, politics and socio cultural parameters to be considered.

  38. With a few exceptions, I’m disappointed to see this comment board resembling most other internet comment boards. Thus far, arrogance and shallowness have prevailed while tolerance and rational thought have been pushed to the side.

    I am tempted to write a lengthy post calling everyone out on their prejudices (Americans and Indians alike), but perhaps it would be more constructive to highlight something positive. With that said everyone please read what Rahul Siyanwal had to say… very wise words!

  39. Nice topic and nice discussion well I am an indian i love my country i love my religion i don’t care what others say about india . Everyone love their own country.

  40. I am very great fan of absolute American even though I’m Indian I hate Indian cultural thoughts , gender discrimination and hellish bullshit trap marriage where a girl who is not married is termed as a prostitute, dressing as per one’s will cannot take just because many Judges who judge the society by simply and horribly interfering in a girl life. Actually, we Indian ourselves do not like our culture and pretend to be defenders and proud followers of our culture. Simple, hypocrites fill the society here men can do whatever, they feel like and women completely restricted to their lives without any other outside influences, some people may say they respect female that why but I feel first should not interfere, interns of comments , taunts and other social gathering. Where people maintain single standard sex level only for men, and call hate abuse, destroy the lives and enjoyment of females just because they are the weaker sex. Apart from our country has the maximum number crimes that are committed by men on women as rape, dowry, wife-burning and girls left illiterate just for the sake of marriage. And, also where they cannot smoke in public, drink alcohol and do drugs as men do They are allowed to enjoy sex as men , wear the clothes they prefer to, social discussion that completely bans female involvement etc. our country that we often say to be source of pride for us is always a source of shame and disrespect and cyclone filled with sarcastic and narrow-minded thoughts. Please don’t feel that I am women so supporting a lot of feminine ideas but I am a thought impartial human being.So, please think on it

    • @Ajay I am sure , either you never stayed in india, or you are lacking all basic information to discuss this subject.

      • Well that’s pretty telling isn’t it? Lacking the education to have an opinion about how you would like to live your life. Case closed.

    • What you say is true. But, you have too much high expectations! Something that has been going on for a long time, can’t be thrown away immediately. Understand that its difficult for human beings to change. You yourself would have reached this state of mind after a lot of thought exercise. So, being emotional at other people wouldn’t help. Good point though. Not everybody is capable of thinking deep about issues. And by the way, USA itself will have its share of horrible women abuses, even though they are so very modern. Indian culture in many ways is good, but in my opinion, it is the lack of emotional intelligence in males that contributes to their stupid behaviour towards women. By the way I am a male too and I totally understand what you are trying to point out here…

  41. america is much much bettter………………………………… Absolutely i very well agree that because most of the INDIAN THINK THAT THEY RESPECT THEIR PARENTS, AND FAMILY VALUES . But , intact they disrespect their parents by abusing them the most in terms of property land and other social customs.The family and parents have a huge bulk of ideology that is just crap without understanding that are made important uselessly and egositic male oriented society and when someone discusses anything for the westernisation of women and girls then his mother and sister are being abused on his face and vulgar ill minded comments are passed on his opinion doubting his manliness. This is where our great India is up to A super duper jai hind to Indians and Indian culture.

    • I understand your frustration bro.. You are right in many ways. But, I am pretty sure that the problem is not just specific to India. It is basic human nature. We are all mostly dumb unless we are educated rightly, that I guess could be our problem!!

  42. And my dear friend women basically hate India because individual freedom is only granted to men thats it and Indians basically speak of being family cultured and Americans being individualistic let me help my fellow INDIANS THAT in US both men and women are considered absolutely equal rather here in majority of Indians consider women as a machine to reproduce kids and only for household domestic slaves. And i also have seen a hell lot American who like more to stay with their family relatives and even dynasty and hell of Indian men and women who do not like to think of staying with their family, relatives do not even want to talk with any one of their dynasty.

  43. You made me laugh … You are mislead by somebody that Indians have a culture and they are family oriented … Those days are utopia now .

  44. Opinions like yours truly taint the very image of India.
    According to you, Americans plan ahead whereas Indians don’t. Is that why so many Americans barely make it to college and so many change their majors?
    In India, we choose our field in the 11th standard and develop on them , unlike American students who try so many courses simply because they have no idea of what they want in life.
    You say that indian kids are dependent….you have no idea how many children stay away from their parents in crowded hostels and terrible accommodation to receive an education. In America, the job competitiveness is much lesser than that in India. We study in private schools where the student teacher ratio is around 35-40:1……your govt. schools have ratios of around 20-25:1….
    Yet, you say that Indians are lazy? It’s the most ridiculous thing ever! I highly recommend that you pay a visit to ANY indian city….. that is when you will realize that your 9 to 5 jobs with adequate holidays are viewed as luxurious here. There are people who work for approximately 16-17 hours even in middle class homes. Can you think of working,sleeping and living on the street no matter what the weather is like? In your country it is ‘unimaginable’ …..in India, it is a way of life. We are a populous country….. An American gets almost double the salary that an indian gets for doing the same work in India. We are by no means LAZY. That is why your companies are outsourcing jobs to India. Indian youngsters do the call centre jobs that Americans refuse. Convinced or do you need more examples?

  45. Guys…all cultures are right in their own ways..nothing is perfect in this world even a coin has 2 sides…….we have to make our selves to accept the truth…..and none of us have right to say even a single bad word about other culture. To get respect first you have to give out some respect,,,show manners and respect to others. one thing i would like to say here is that saying bad about other culture shows how good manners you got. Another thing, American is a free country means if you are American that does not mean you own the country. We all know that, we all together make the America and derive this world. It is more important to be a good person than being divided an American or Indian. So, instead of wasting time here,,,just go and change your self..and please before posting anything here ,,,just take a moment to go to the bathroom and say all the stuff to mirror,,so you ll actually get a feeling how it hurts others. passing hateful comments is not the solution,,,,,,try to learn and appreciate good things you learn from other culture rather pointing every little bit of bad side,,,,,,,i really hope it’s clear.

  46. Speaking of my inclination to cultures, I believe in a blend of the two.
    1) In India individuality finds no room to flourish amids the restricting family (social) norms and prejudices. Wherein the closeness between friends and family is too important for Real Happiness (which is the goal of all). And I believe in having a personal(working for your lover’s smile, supporting your parents to your best/ being always by the side of your true friends…etc.) and also a professional goal (which can be making money/ serving the people being doctor/ anything) that give you HAPPINESS.
    2) In Indian family, individual principals are not heeded which I dislike (hate) the most. The people are mostly irrational and religion-stricken (not spirituality-stricken) and fear changes (may be too myself). I feel families should be such that each one is able to live with dignity with his own values yet respecting and considering others’ , yet being family oriented.
    3) And yes I like competition (healthy) without which nothing can progress… But its a truth that the people in India show a weird competitiveness-pulling others down and bulling others(I don’t know what’s the scenario in US).
    4) Yeah its true that Indians show laziness at quite everything….

  47. i am proud to be indian.

  48. Hi everyone the thing i wish to say is we indians respect elders and peoples aroound us and that to respect our families very much. we love our relationship and the greatest happiness we enjoy with our families.
    our parents are so much dedicated towards us and to bringing us.
    we have greatest values and we really respect our culture and our living style…
    americans can be richer than us but we are very richer when compared with them in tradition ,culture, ethics , values Etc……
    its great to be an INDIAN…….

    *******…….I LOVE INDIA….*******

  49. @Louise,
    Agreeing on corruptions. However, corruption is by a class of people in system which is reducing fast.Still this figure in india is better than other developing nations like china, brazil and pakistan.India and no doubt about it.
    We dont blame all practices of American as there is we may be lacking the cotexual understanding and even many things is not applicable to east.

    Have you ever exprienced life in india ? This is all about debating on cultural difference. Howvere , it is way we look the things is different than you do.
    Every context is different as there is sociocultural background underlying in each phenomenon.
    Mediavelian history of india says that India was very progressive and self-sufficient society and so , we never required to conquer other country/place.
    We have a legacy of pardoning others for their mistakes. It symbolize our power, principle and spirituality.
    Now lets consider the conext of attack on indian parliament. We simply continued with fair trial on the accused individual under our judicial system.Though we knew the root.
    It took 12 years for us. Think , if this attack would have been on white house? Just attack on two building, USA smashed two nations and controlled pakistan.
    You dropped atom bomb on civillian of Japan and so you are powerful? Later you have justified this act many times.
    So do u mean to say USA is powerful and india is not?

    We have very strong root of spirituality and so we consider that as a parameter for development .Everything is not on material life.
    So India did not much in technology and materialistic life. However, Indian brians has proven in usa companies like Microsoft/Cocacola/Citibank/Motorola/intel/oracle and still we are honest to say we need to learn a lot from USA/world.

  50. I read all forum. I am uneducated. I studied till only class 7 from Assamese medium. I am a Nepali boy. but by born I am INDIAN nepali.
    all of you are well educated. all of you visit to the online shopping site and order goods. I deliver it to yours doors but you never know by what circumstances I reached to your door but you never ask me for a glass of water.
    try to understand what I mean to say. my point is well educated people only talks, only few works.
    my english is very poor because I did not get good school my mom dad is not rich to send me to good school. India is good country by history but in these day people are not good. I don’t know about americans but you should not say my country third country. It hurts. I belong to Gorkha community which might not be rich, intelligent , smart then yours. but I think I donot talk too much I do work or else I have to sleep empty stomach.
    I hate People who corrupt but God is there and he is looking at him. And 1 thing I wish to add is I love american kids and there english the way they speak. God is truth he/she give you the right to call him by any name you want. one day My son or my next generation will be living in INDIA and people will call INDIA first Country. And for that day I will teach my young ones not to tell any body third.
    please laugh bindass in my english. I’ll not be angry I honestly don’t know English. but I understand every thing.

  51. Excellently written writeup, doubts all bloggers offered the same content material because you, the internet is actually a greater location. Please maintain it up! adfdfddgedkd

  52. i love the following things in american culture. independent decision making, equality (not calling people sir or madam), freedom (giving people chance especially younger people to express what they have got in their mind, asking children what they want to be instead of telling them to do something according to parents wish), respect given to younger people choices and decisions

  53. This is I found by googling it and find very useful observation of two cultures. I think which culture is good or bad is just opinion and it is upto you to decide.

    Comparison Study
    Indian Culture v/s Other Culture

    1) Destiny –
    According to the U.S culture they believe that a person has full control on his destiny & thus believes that one can create one’s destiny no matter how charged they gate,

    However Indian believes that they have no control on their destiny due to the law of karma which highlights one is born to repay ones death and all the pleasure and pain one gets is due to the accumulation of the right or wrong of one’s past life

    On the other hand Japanese culture believes in co creating ones destiny, to group efforts. They believe in synergy which comes from brain storming and the belief, “many hands make light work”.

    2) Decision Making –
    U.S culture stresses on the “left” brainthinking or I.Q. and on a rational. Logical approach to decision which is based on facts & figures. Indian cultures has always nourished the “right” brainthiking which is based on ones emotional intelligence it is based in the “inner voice of conscience” commonly known as “gut feeling” to intuition.

    Japanese culture on the other hand is based on “brainstorming” where in quality circles a common problem in a company is taken up and all participate in finding a solution which can be implemented.

    3) Conflict Resolution –
    In the U.S. culture they believe in respecting each other yet openly disagreeing. This way they put across their views to each other and resolve any conflicts.
    However in India, we believe in suppressing, not communicating our disagreements by maintaining silence and status quo we resolve our differences.
    In Japan they believe in having a dialogue where everyone is free to express their views and thus are able to resolve conflicts in a very mature way.

    4) Respect –
    According to the U.S culture one is given respect to one’s self and for one’s merit they also believe in dignity of labor and freedom of speech they do not respect someone just because of seniority.
    Indians and Japanese cultures show lot of reverence for elders and for seniority. Even the promotions in the company are on merit.

    5) Management –
    Orientation of the U.S.is based on increasing the bottom line, profits, reducing cost and all this targets are quantitative which does not considers human dynamics.
    On the other hand in India, it is more based on human development on soft skills and a balance between man and machine.
    Similarly according to the Japanese culture – there is a holistic attitude which aims at using effectively all the resources.

  54. i will go with Benjamin ,i am sorry to the indians ,see now if you compare the conditions of india and America,America is really advance and not a single thing is responsible for that ,religion ,politics,economic ,finance, and the other things which are responsible to build a good country ,everything is chained and connected.america is good because of their religion and politics.the other bad things what they do just because of the individualism,bt it does good things than bad.that’s all

  55. The Biggest problems that I had with the Indian Culture was the “elders making the decisions in my Life”.
    “Involvement of society(Neighbors, Relatives, Friends . .. .. .)”
    I escaped from India and now I’m living here peacefully with nobody to mess with my life.


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