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Difference Between Sunni and Ahmadi

Sunni vs Ahmadi

Sunnis and Ahmadis are two sects of muslims.Though the two sects believe in Quran and Mohammed, the two sects are different in many respects, inluding their beliefs. Sunnis, also known as Ahl as-Sunnah or Ahl as-Sunnah wa’l-Jama’h, are the largest denomination of the Islam community.

When compared to the Ahmadis, the Sunnis are considered to be more orthodox. One of the major differences that can be seen between the Sunni and Ahmadi is in the prophethood. Ahmedias do not believe that Mohammed is the last prophet. They believe that Mirza Ghulam Ahmed of Qadian is the prophet who is supposed to come. This is a great violation of Islam, which considers Muhammed as the the last prophet. On the other hand, Sunnis believe in Prophet Mohammed.

While the Sunni sect has a long history, the Ahmadia movement was founded only in 1889. The Sunnis believe that Prophet Muhammed did not appoint any successor to lead the community before his death. After Mohammed’s death, a group of his prominent followers elected Abu Bakr Siddique (prophet’s father-in-law) as the first caliph.

The Ahmadia movement was founded by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad. He claimed to be the promised Mahdi awaited by the Muslims and the Messiah of Christ. The Ahmadis believe in the revival and propogation of Islam.

Sunni is a word that is derived from Sunnah, which means teachings of Prohet Mohammed. This means that Sunni is a word that refers to the followers of Prophet Mohammed. Though Ahmadia was formed in the 19th century, the name was only adopted a decade later. Ghulam Ahmad in a manifesto of 1900 said that the name was not a reference to him but refered to Ahmad, another name of Prophet Mohammed.


1. Sunnis are the largest denomination of Islam community.

2. Ahmedias do not believe Mohammed as the last prophet. They believe that Mirza Ghulam Ahmed of Qadian is the prophet who is supposed to come. Sunnis believe in Prophet Mohammed.

3. When compared to the Ahmadias, the Sunnis are considered to be more orthodox.

4. While the Sunni sect has a long history, the Ahmadia movement was founded only in 1889.

5. The Ahmadia movement was founded by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad. He claimed to be the promised Mahdi awaited by the Muslims and the Messiah of Christ.

6. Sunni is a word that is derived from Sunnah, which means teachings of Prohet Mohammed. Though Ahmadia was formed in the 19th century, the name was only adopted a decade later.

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  1. Perhaps you can write an article about the Difference between Qadiani Ahmadis, whose mosques were attacked, and Lahori Ahmadis.

    If I can assist I will feel honoured

    • Both sects are false – if sunni say muhammad is last prophet then if Jesus in islam is a prophet and according to muhamad himself Jesus will come again be a rule and just judge then muhamad is not a prophet. Also this iman madi and why is he an iman and not a prophet. He is either inspires by God or not if he is then he is a prophet. So Ahmedia are right to expect another prophet but name of the guy expecting is wrong.

      Also the very last sentance of the very last chapter of Bible says do not add to thia book. Muslims then follow muhamad as suppossed prophet as the ones of bible.

      Bible makes it clear there is no more prophets after Jesus but many false one e.g. muhamad. Before muhamad existed we CANNOT find any records, writings, archeology or ANYTHING there islam ever exisited or anyone preaching about same allah or islam. But quran says there was 124000 prophets to all countries so can any of you show me any proof of any of these 124000 prophets teaching about islam. Almost all religions have used the name of Jesus to create religions – mormons, jewhova witness, islam etc

      • Peace and blessings of Allah be upon you anonymous:

        I appreciate your addition to this discussion as it brings a different perspective, so thank you!

        I would only like to clarify my own understanding of where the holy Quran mentions previous prophets who were muslims. It is important to note what the word Islam or muslim means.

        Islam is the willful submission of creation to the One Divine presence through whom all else is given existence.

        Muslim is the title (not all inclusive) of any creature or inanimate object which submits itself wholly and solely for Creator.

        It is because of this reason that rocks, birds, animals, trees, and all nonhuman beings are considered Muslim because by their simply existing in the form that they do, they express their submission to the Creator.

        So from the Islamic perspective, the prophets, who are of that special creation of Allah that submit to His Will, are Muslims whether they were referred throughout history with that title or not.

        Secondly, your last comment about all or most religions using Jesus (pbuh) to create a religion does not and can not in any way apply to Islam because the other religions you mentioned (mormons/jehova witnesses) agree with mainstream Christianity on the god-head of Jesus (pbuh), however Islam not only refuted this claim, but has produced such proofs against the idea of deifying man that it can not be said that it’s an off-shoot of christianity.

        Though Jesus (pbuh) is given very high and noble status in Islam, due to the fact that all True Prophets (pbut) have been sent by Allah with their main mission being that man should be taught the nuanced value that Allah is One, along with the fact that Jesus (pbuh) will be returned to mankind in the latter days, it in no way can be concluded that Jesus (pbuh) was god, or son of god, or begotten son of god, or a part of some trinity, or the creator himself.

        There are so many scholars, Muslim and non-mulsim, who have debated this issue and provided enough evidence from the old and new testament about the invalidity of the claim that Jesus (pbuh) was divine, and it’s available on yourtube. The interested reader can refer to Ahmad deedat, zakir naik, etc.

        The end of my comment was just for reference, the beginning of my comment was the real reason I chose to comment.

        Thanks again
        Jazakallahu kher

        • Jesus is the only God and he is our savior. This is the only thing I am going to share amongst my Muslim friends here. What has Islam taught you besides fighting each other in name of Allah? Throwing dust at each other in the name of different sects. Is that what you call to be a true Muslim? Is that what your religion is all about? God is everywhere. Look inside you and you will find him in there. Be patient, be humble and learn to tolerate. These things don’t cost a thing but are the ultimate duty of a human being.
          In the name of Jesus, Amen.

          • The issue is belief, and if your belief system is incorrect – you can’t be wishy washy and say everything is allowed and God is everywhere, nor can you say God has appointed another messenger, just because some human being said so outside of the word of God from his book.

            God has control over all things and does whatever he needs to – we don’t need to conjecture where God is – it is entirely irrelevant. What is important is that he exists and has control over everything.

            Chris, the problem that muslims have is that Jesus (PBUH) never said he was God anywhere. Nor did his apostles. Nor did anyone before or after him. That is the fundamental problem that is never addressed. Neither did God himself say there is another messenger after Mohammed PBUH. Lastly, Jesus (peace be upon him) was not God.

            Why would God need to put himself “into” Jesus (pbuh) to spread the word of God…an omnipotent entity with power over all things, who can create man out of clay and stop a heartbeat should be wish, and suddenly decides to put himself into a human being and declare himself God? No, something has gone wrong in scripture there. Makes absolutely no sense.

            A simple message would have sufficed like every other messenger before Jesus (PBUH). Therefore Jesus (PBUH) is not God. God would have no need to eat, sleep, get married or otherwise. Jesus (PBUH) was a messenger of God. He was a human being with divine knowledge given to him by God. The distinction is important to understand.

            You can still be a Christian, no one is denying that, but the real and true Christians are those who do not drink alcohol, do not gamble, do not womanise, do not do all the things that true muslims and true jewish don’t do. They also believe that Jesus is a messenger of God and he was not God himself, or an “incarnate” of God. That would be blasphemous – saying that God who is the creator, is making himself into “creation”.

            Something to reflect upon – in abrahamic religions there is always One GOD. The God, the ONLY God, and a messenger for that era to guide the people. That is, in its simplest sense the easiest and simplest way to follow any of the abrahamic religion.

          • He is the ONLY TRUE GOD. The only God that was actually became alive to save us from salvation. Christian faith is so much better than Muslims. Look at this page how your Muslim friends are fighting like cats and dogs. Telling each other how their sect is better than the others. I feel soooo bad for you guys.

          • Reading comments from both side. Why God has no control over ISIS or other terrorists, who are killing innocents.

          • How can you judge a religion just by seeing your Muslims friend, their just a human kind.Islam Taught us not to fight each other even judging because we don have right to judge anyone about who is right and wrong but what we can actually do is just spread the the real message of Islam. So before you guys want to judge something please learn and look deeper and not just by looking to your Muslim friend and judge their religion is bad.

          • Whao so i see everyone has a comment on islam.

            Whaooo really i had to laugh when i saw all those comments saying negative things about islam i mean really are you serius no no are you sleeping…

            You say you love your religion but hallo
            Wake up when do you go to church once a week once a month or once a year.
            When do you read bible?
            When do you pray? And how long?

            Have you ever seen a moskee after a prayer. If no then watch it once. There are honderds of peaple coming out. We dont just speak and give comment we show it and you see it. Believe me go to church and see whos these maybe someone up to 50.

            Really stop there Lol

            Listen carefully

            No religion gives the permission to give a negative comment on another religion and really i hope you are not taking my comment negetievely because i am just asking a question on your own comments. You want to know diffrence between islam en christian read bible and quran and decide whats right and bad. You will be able to make a decision i am sure but read it or just search it but dont really dont say anything about islam.

            Islam believes in moesah ( jezus) but we believe that he was a profeet of allah s.w.t. we respect hem. We also belive in bible but we also believe that peaple made changes in it. I totally respect your religion but i cant tolerate anything aginst islam so be positieve or be silence. Atleast search a little before typing anything its not so difficult anymore right?

            And diffrence between ahmadiyyaa and sunni is not so big. It all starts with a misunderstandig. And as i said search and then speak. I have searched and not just searched but even experienced. So the truth is dat sunni thinks that ahmadiyya does not belive in muhammed s.a.w and they have maked their own profeet hazrat mirza ghulaam ahmed qadiyani. But that is not true i have searched experienced and traveld i know they also believe in profeet muhammed s.a.w they belive that muhammed s.a.w. is the last profeet but as muhammed s.a.w. said that their will be a massih hoe whil take his message further ahmadiyyaa believes that hazrat mirza ghulaam ahmed qadiyani is that person. They also prove it. They say that al the things that profeet said about massih arrival are done. So only diffrence is that they say that massih maod has arrieved and passed away while sunni believe that massiah will come some day. So you understand hazrat mirza ghulam ahmed qadyani does not make any say anthing new he only says everything what muhammed s.a.w. had said. He does make any new religion he only makes the religion of muhammed s.a.w. clear but some paple dont understand that. And thats the starting difference between ahmadiyya and sunni. And then the peaple think that ahmadiyya makes their own quran. No peaple take the quran of ahmadiyya and a sunni i swear you wont find any diffrence in arabic ayats. But every word of arabic has diffrent mening and that meaning is just diffrent between ahmadiyya and sunni. So quran its the same only the meaning is diffrent in some ayats.

            I respect all the religion. But i ask u 1 thing plese search ask travel of whatever but plese find all the information about all religion and plese make your own decisions by listening to your heart+brain so search and decide. Dont just follow that voice in you brain like that is truth without any evidence it is your life and i am sure you dont want to waste it on a false religion.
            It is never to late plese plese plese

            We all just fallowed the religion of our parent dident we? If you were cristion then it is no wonder you believe only in your reigion and think that you are write and other are wrong it is same for a muslim or any other religion. But remmember their is only one right. Which one dont just decide. Search evidence please.

            Sorry if said anything wrong please correct me. And again i respect all religions. And i dont just decide but search. Beacuse i dont want to spend my life with a wrong religion.

            So i am done sorry for that long tekst. Peaple who want to learn they heve learned and peaple who still just belive he i am right i just cant be wrong i really feel sorry for them. But thanks for reading anyway.

          • You know what even i feel so bad for us but more for yoi really you are right it is really bad that we muslims fight against each other it is really bad we should really understand that first human rightd and then any religion. But wat abaut you you are not even following the right way. I mean what do you really do do you go to church do you go to any place to pray.

            Have you ever seen a moskee and a church afcourse you did. And i am sure u also noticed the population of both. It is diffiucult to find a place in a moskee because of so many population and lol it is so difficult to find a person in a chruch


            We fight bacuse we want to know the truth and whanna show it to our brothers and sisters and you dont care about truth so it is logical you dont have any reason to fight

            I hope it is clear and then let me make i thing clear i am talking about diffrence between religion like sunni shia and ahmadiyya not about terrorist because yes they are not muslims so i cant speak about them.

      • Muhammed s.a.w.is the last profeet and that is wat islam says listen today i will make it clear to you because u really have lot of misunderstanding.

        Sunni believes that esa will come someday while ahmadiyya believes he already has arrieved and passed away. And they both believe in quran so they both believe that profeet muhammed s.a.w is the last profeet. But then the question if muhammed s.a.w. is the last profeet then how can esa come back and it is also true it is not possible bacause if esa comes back then it means that he has more importance than muhammed. While allah s.w.t. says that muhammed s.a.w. is his friemd and has more importance than anyone so esa can not come back he died like all the other profeets if allah did not take muhammed s.a.w. alive so why esa it does not make any sense. But quran says that there will a massiah them who is it. I tell you it is hazrat mirza ghulam ahmed qadiyyani he is a messanger. He is not a profeet so it makes clear that muhammed s.a.w.was the last profeet. Bacause hazrat mirza ghulam ahmed qadiyyani only makes the things what muhammed s.a.w. said clear he only revises it for peaple who have forgetten islam he does not say anything new he did no make any new holy boek he did not made any new religion. He only follows muhammed s.a.w and he has said so many time how much he loves muhammed s.a.w have you ever readed his boeks. His boeks are so hurt touching and logical. It can really make a criminal in a real loving person.

        So that is logical if you dont believe me search i just dont talk i have searched experienced. Use your brain please how can some be wrong hoe has a motto LOVE FOR ALL HATRED FOR NONE.

  2. can we eat with ahmedis

    • It is such a childish question. What two people eating together has to do with each others beleif. The question you should ask is: Am I evolved enough as human being to sit with anyone of any beleif and share a meal?

    • What do you think they are of should i say what do you think you are.
      I mean how can you say such a thing where do you live.
      How can you ask such a disgusging question.

      He remmeber one thing
      We all have same rights. We all eat speak sleep work etc and we all have same feallings i dont know what you think you are but you should be ashemed how can you ask like can we eat with ahmadiyya. What do yoi think will happen will yoi die no you wont but you should die with ashame

      I cant believe there are still peaple like you in this educated world.

  3. Ahmadis or Qadiyanis do declare the Prophet Mohammad to be the last Prophet. They do not consider Mirza Ghulam Ahmad as a prophet of Allah, but consider him to be the Mahdi of which the Prophet told us about. Our Mullah’s have implanted so much hate in us regarding the Ahmadis / Qadiyans and have made us believe so many false things attributed to them. The best approach is to talk to an Ahmadi or a Qadiyani and ask him, instead of asking a Mullah of a different sect. And for those who are wondering, no, I am not an Ahmadi or a Qadiyani, but what I am is a tolerate muslim who tries to not hate anyone.

    For the brother who asked if we can eat with Qadiyanis, the answer is why not? Infact, you can even eat with a Mushrik, however, in a Mushrik’s case, you cannot eat / drink out of his food or drink, but nothing wrong in sitting down with a person of any faith and eating and drinking with them.

    Always remember, Islam is a religion of TOLERANCE and PEACE. A best thing to do, is to do what Christians do, they ask themselves,”What would Jesus do?” and then base their actions on their teachings of Jesus. I ask myself,” What would Prophet Mohammad do?”, I do not care what Maulana this or Maulana that says or thinks or feels, I simply think what would Prophet Mohammad have done, and then try to do that to the best of my ability.

    • I like your thniking…let us hope some day we all will evolve to become not just muslims but real human beings which is what Islam expect of us.

      • @Ex pakistani: You don’t become just a Muslim! Islam teaches you how to become a perfect human! It’s not one after another, lol!

        • En which islam teachea us really i mean there are cristian joden muslims etc..

          It is not difficult to make a difference between them but what about islam. Do you even know how many types of muslims are there search it once. Which one is right is another thing first be a human and give respect to all and thats what he mean and even a child understands it i wonder how old are you. Never heard of human rights. Religion is another thing

      • I left ahmadiyya and declare myself a follower and student of Muhammad mustafa saw!

        Salam to all my muslim brothers and sisters. I write this today to share with anyone who still follows this thread that I was born am Ahmadi and have tried my best to defend the ahmadiyya movement because I thought they were the true Muslims.

        However only that happens which Allah swt wills and I have left this group and have joined the ranks of muslims worldwide. I have found through in-depth research into the works of the founder of ahmadiyya, Mirza Ghulam Qadiyani, that he was an imposter because of his contradictions, failed prophecies, vulgar language, misinterpreting ahadith, fabricating ahadith, misinterpreting Quranic verses for his gain, the truth about 1974 assemblies’ decision, etc. That I couldn’t follow a person with this much discredit to his name.

        I have found that the vast majority of ahmadis have never read his writings and they base their faith in what the mullahs of ahmadis tell them. Inshallah the muslims, and most importantly Allah swt can forgive me for my mistakes, as now I speak out against this cult. I use this word precisely, not with intent to hurt the average ahmadi, as they are good people, but in the hopes that this usage of the word cult will inspire more of our brothers in humanity to look into their own beliefs and do research.

        As I stated in my Previous posts, and it applies to me just the same, that a person who denies truth which has been made apparent is a hypocrite, and the lowest pits of hell are reserved for that person. I did not wish for that place to be my abode, so after seeing all the falsehood stated above, I could no longer deny it, alhamdulillah!

        To all ahmadis who read this, kindly forgive the strong language in this post, but I have tried to be as clear about my discoveries as possible with no intent to insult anyone.

        I ask Allah swt to forgive my shortcomings and help me in this journey to be a devoted follower of the seal of the prophets, Muhammad Mustafa saw and no imposter, Ameen

        Jazakallahu kher
        Shoaib Abaidullah

        • Hi Shoaib,
          I am a Christian woman but I find all the religions interesting and read about them.As far as, I have seen the only thing you are projecting here is what you think and believe is right.Other than that I don’t think I have ever seen anyone change their mind so fast.Post about one thing and then the other.Could you clarify what exactly you are try to get across because whatever it is, It’s beyond me.

        • Salam Shoaib !
          My name is Faizan Ullah! And I m an Ahmad Muslim!
          I understand that what thing caused you to change your mind so quickly.I know how intelligent you are and you describe everything with reference but I advice you take another look into our literature and see again that if their is any misconception. then ask me.
          May Allah bless you.
          Jazakallah! Your Ahmad brother
          Faizan Ullah

          • Assalamu Aleykum brother Faizan, Jazakallahu kher for your advice on looking once again at the Ahmadiyya religion. I do not claim to have read all his writings, however, the books I did read left me wondering how anyone could believe MGAQ sahib.

            I would ask that you also go and read his actual books and not rely on what the ahmadi molvis preach at Friday sermons and jalsa. See thr “allegations” which are made against MGAQ sahib and go and read references along with preceeding pages and see for yourself inshallah what he said. Humamatul Bushra is one such book.

            Allahu A’lim, when I approached the subject, I bbelieved in truth of MGAQ sahib, but after my research, I couldn’t brush under the table those things which I found problematic.

            Jazakallahu kher once again and alhamdulillah that I was guided away from falsehood of MGAQ sahib. I make due for you and myself to be guided to truth..Amin…thumma amin.

            Allah knows best

        • Is it possible to talk to you in person ? Can I have your email.

        • Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen, Many thanks for giving me this opportunity to air my view. I noticed that there are many fabrications levelled against Ahmadies which I considered them to be falacy of declined interest and sublime piece of myticism. I sometimes wonder those who claim to have joined Ahmadiyya and later converted into some thing else. I have unequivocally identified that what Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad admonish in one of his books can transform anybody to a rare real humanbeing. It is as follow: Every morning should be a witness for you that you spent the night with righteousness, and every evening should testify for you that you went through the day with the fear of God in your heart. This is the LOVE FOR ALL AND HATRED FOR NONE that the Holy Qu’ran exhorts mankind.
          I have no doubt that if we practice this few words the world would be a better place. Thanks.

          • 100% right

            Everyone who reads this use your brain please.

            Some one who has a moto ‘ LOVE FOR ALL HATRED FOR NONE’ can he be wrong i mean every thing they say everything they do it all makes the world just a better place to live. So whats wrong i really wanna listen.

        • Believe me allah s.w.t wont forgive you you know why because he gave you a chance but you ……

          Leave it…

          You know wat i dont believe that you were born in ahmadiyya familie bacuse it it is just not possible. Once you are ahmadiyya you know that you are right it is just so clear really no ahmadiyya leaves his religion never happend so stop lying if you cant respect someones religion then be silience. Only speak if your words are better than silence.

          I respect all religion all of them.
          And that is wat i also aspect from all of you.

          And i am sure you dont even know hazrat mirza ghulaam ahmed qaddiyani.

          Plese everyone who reads this i dont want you to believe me or any person i just want you to search about it. I am sure you will find the right way. Plese dont just decide anything search for evidence please.

    • MIRZA GHULAM AHMAD DIED ON HIS OWN POO, and if he was a REAL prophet, he’d be buried there, not 100 miles some place else where. All prophets where to be buried on the spot onm which they passed away, but the MIRZA MAN?!?!?!?!?! Pffffttttt!!!!!!!!! Forget him, he’s just too complicated!

      • This article is judgemental and biased, and hence not scholarly. It is written from the pov of a Sunni Muslim. It claims Ahmadiyas are not real Muslims, while Sunnis are.

        To quote the article: “This (Ahmadiya belief) is a great violation of Islam, which considers Muhammed as the the last prophet.”

        And, why should Sunnis hate Ahmadiyas? If you look at it logically, What makes the claims of Prophet Mohammad to be a prophet any more credible than those of Prophet Mirza Ghulam Ahmad?

        • Dear brothers in Islam, Assalamu Alaikkum

          Why should we fight each other. We are human.we believe in One God. Allah the Merciful.Anyone can be of any faith. But it is Allah Who Guides. Allah says in the Al Quran, to save ourselves and our family from the Hellfire. so will any father like his children be put to hell?
          The Al Quran is very explicit about Muhammed (PBUH)’s prophethood.I know our quadian brother’s would not agree. Before MGAQ’s birth no one was worried about him. There is no reference in the Al Quran to this effect. If you study the Saheeh Hadees without bias .You will be guided Insha Allah.

      • Oh justtake ur filthy self away mate ,

      • He listen even i can talk like this to you and even worse than that but my religion ahmadiyya does not allow me so i wont if you are not a muslim then atleast be a human how can you talk like this about some one who has passed away and if you are muslim u should be ashamed really islam does not allow u to say anything like this against a person saying it about a religion is to far. I wonder wat kind of a human you are religion is another thing you should first learn to speak and please stay away from a religion u dont even know the r of religion respect. The rest is to much for you learn r= respect first.

    • I agree with you fully.

    • lets consider ghulam ahmed qadiani a “dumb ass”…..and an advice for you ”dont lie”……

      • you if you fucking dont kn da truth dan dnt say sumfing stupid lyk this fucking cunt go and die… i hope you burn in hell for saying this… next tym before u say sumthing think 100 timess……..

    • Thank you. When people change their opinion to people like yours, then maybe one day we, as brothers, as humans, as the creations of the Almighty Allah, find and bring the Islam of the Prophet SAW back. May one day we be the ones who seem like the decedent who gave it all to Islam. May us all one day learn that killing an Ahmadi, Shia, Sunni or any other sect is inhumane.

      For all those that think violence and oppression is what makes one party win, think of what brother Saif just said. Hate speech leads to death of an innocent child, a mother, a father, a human. The day we stop hating our enemies in religion and start loving so that we pray that they see the light, we will become the Jamaat of the Holy Prophet SAW.

      My prayers are with all the Non-Ahmadi families. My heart knows I pray for your health and wish one day our hater shakes my hand out of love for the actions of the Prophet SAW. I hope that no anger comes your way my Muslim brothers even if you kill me. I will still hope for your wellness because bags of dirt were thrown on the Holy Prophet SAW and he still bought medicine for the women who threw it. Light is seen through kindness not hatred.

      Asalamoaliakum my respected brothers.

  4. The article above laid down the differences b/w Ahmedi and Sunnis but as a matter of fact Ahmedi or Qadiani are already declared unanimously by almost all the sects & beliefs of Muslims as “Non-Muslims” (means: they have no relation to Islam in terms of their belief).

    In a lot of Islamic States (Muslim Majority countries) Mr. Mirza Ghulam Ahmed has been declared as a false prophet because according to basic principles of Islam (which all Muslim sects believe) “Mohammad is the last Prophet/Messenger of God and there is no Prophet of any form after Mohammed”.

    Some Ahmedi writers do claim that Mirza Ghulam Ahmed is not prophet rather a “Mehdi” but once we study the literature in some detail it comes out that they are actually considering him as prophet (or somebody equivalent to it) which in any form is not acceptable to any Islamic sect.

    So, I disagree with the writer and inform the reader that Ahmedis or Qadianis are not Muslim sects. But the readers should read and check from different sources about the truth themselves.

    • Even if I accept what you say is true I still find it disgusting to know that in Pakistan Ahmadis are pursicuted for their belief and the stupid government has even changed the constitution. What about the rights of people living in pakistan? The religion and politics should not be mixed for the purpose of making some groups happy.

    • shut up ahmadis are muslims i dont care what you think your thinking is way off. why you guys such haters i mean serioulsy…

      • Assalamu Alaikum brother Haris,

        Your enthusiasm is obvious and your love for Islam Ahmadiyyat by the Grace of Allah will give you Jaza in the hereafter, but I would be remisced if I didn’t say that our example of Holy Prophet (saw) in treatment of others never abused verbally or by any other means brought harm to anyone, especially Muslims. Please do refrain from using language that is unbecoming of a Muslim and is not in line with our Master Prophet Muhammad (saw).

        It is wonderful to see that you have passion, just be sure that it isn’t misguided. May Allah bless us with his Mercy and Benevolence and may we all (mankind) be the recipients of his Good Graces.

        Jazak’Allah kher

        • Hi, unfortunately my husband lied to me that he was a sunni found out afterwards found out he is an ahmadiyah, which we know are kafirs. I hate them and their beliefs, astaghfirullah that they don’t think that mohammed (pbuh) is the last prophet. My husband never pushes me for believing in what they do and I have made it clear that my son and I will and are sunni. Husband says it’s only for his parents that he is involved in ahmadiyah thing or else that bastard hazoor who is the current head will not let my husband meet his family. I’ve said that when his parents are dead he has to stop going to their mosque and jalsas. It’s not easy for me to walk out of a marriage with a child.. I pray that my husband leave ahmadiyah poop and lead the correct sunni life.ameen.

  5. its really very nice to hear the difference between sunnis and ahmadiyans.
    But I would clarify a simple thing.
    Please do not count anyone as a muslim who does not believe that ” there is no other god rather than allah and mohammed (PBUH) as his last messenger”.
    There is no prophet after Mohammed (PBUH) and there will be not. !
    Never and ever. This is truth.
    Mohammed (PBUH) is the succsessor of Jesus christ ( PBUH).
    And Islam is the religion of love.It never support extremism.
    The people who are using the name of this religion for brutal and terror puposes and say as ” Jihad” ,
    then he is not a “muslim”. He will not be counted as a muslim at all.

  6. Assalamo Alaikum,

    It confuses me that all the other sects of Islam (non Ahmadis) or the “Muslim Majority” can get together to denounce a small group but can’t get together for anything else. Why is that?

    What is the need for persecution, killings, destruction of mosques and such hatred of such a small group. Is this what our Holy Prophet (saw) would do or condone!

    Does this “Muslim Majority” read the Quran, where it says that there is no compulsion in religion, surely right is distinct from wrong. Or to be always just.

    Where is this “Muslim Majority” when innocent women are being stoned to death or discarded like a piece of property. Where is this “Muslim Majority” when muslim leaders take all the money from their countries and do not give it to the poor. Where is this “Muslim Majority” that allows an also small group of muslims to teach hate or to kill themeselves whenever they are in public place. I can go on but you get my point!

    There are 73 sects in Islam and only one is paradise bound.


    • Noooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!! Qadiani places of worship are not mosques! NEVER!!!!!!!!! Only temples!!!!!!!!

      • Dear Zahraa:

        Assalamu Alaikum

        I am an Ahmadi Muslim, and just want to clarify that even a temple in which Allahs name is invoked and oft-remembered is no different then a mosque as they are both places of worship. Your raised tone displayed by your use of multiple “O’s” at the end of your “No” declares that you are caught up with trying to trademark Islamic terminology. It is a new trend that has raised its head in the Muslim Umma recently and it should be remembered that NO Muslim has any copyrights on the words used by Allah except Allah.

        You may call our mosques temples, however the purpose of my response was only to bring to your attention that Allah and his message can not be copyrighted or trademarked. He has given testimony that he alone will guard his message (The Quran) and I assure you that He is not in need of such hostile actions committed in His Name.

        Jazak’Allah kher

        • what a nice way to trap people!!!!! i must appreciate that but sorry to say Ghulam Ahmed Qadiani was a pig funded by english to devide muslims and create tensions to save their ass in the sub-continent. At present millions of dollars are spent on their TV channels and books by europeans……so who the idiot thinks they are saving or spreading islam. Do europeans really like funding for islamic movements??? At least i wont buy this shit story.

        • I agree with you Shoaib
          You are a true ahmadi muslim

        • Allah said there will be no prophet after Muhammad ,,, u fuvking people dont believe it soo dont say you are muslim you just a poop like ghulam ahmed (Kutta)

      • I hope you burn in helll after saying this…. and i hpe that the lighting hits ur head and you die….

        • its been long since the converation….if ahmedis consider ghulam ahmed as true messiah…..could someone from the community let me know what did the messiah leave for the muslims , they were slaves and are still slaves to the west…where did the messiah bring about the change …please ponder..what you people are following….any verse of the quran denied leaves you out of the fold of islam….

        • why did Prophet Muhammad saw lead a complete and perfect life…if someone from the subcontinent had to be chosen for the job why didnt Muhammad saw tell us about it(all problems comes out in the subcontinent especially under the british rule??any reason why?????…..where does the relation to the chain of prophets stand for the Mr ahmedi to the glorius chain of prophethood from Abraham to Muhammad saw…
          if someone is an ahmedi because of being good child to their ahmedi parents,i am afraid these beliefs would end you up in hell, cause you have turned your back to Allah..

        • You burn in hell bitch. Astaghfirullah have you seen your language. Ahmadiyah are wrong, how can you say that mohammed pbuh is not the last prophet. The guy who died on a toilet ghulami was what really??

  7. if u can eat with a mushrik or christian,then,there is no harm in eating with them.allah says:‎وطعام الذين أوتو الكتاب حل لكم و طعامكم حل لهم

  8. Salam brothers and sisters,

    I am an Ahmadi Muslim and would like to clarify some things presumed by the author of the article.

    1- we have absolute belief and no ambiguity as to the place of our Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) as the Khatamun Nabiyyein (seal of the prophets)

    2- we do consider Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian as the Imam Mahdi, as well as the awaited Messiah (Isa Ibn Maryam (as) in the metaphorical sense))

    3- He is also valued as having attained Prophethood, albeit the Prophethood is not distinct and apart from Prophet Muhammad (saw), rather it is a reflection of that Prophethood, which has only the purpose for reviving the Muslims’ faith as taught and practiced by the Holy Prophet (saw) himself and bring the Iman back from Plaedies.

    4- The belief in a prophet coming after the holiest of all Prophets (saw) is not a belief unique to the Ahmadiyya Jam’at, it is a belief penetrating even the most devout Sunni clerics and scholars as they too are all awaiting the return of Isa (as), and when asked whether he will be a prophet upon return, all are in agreement that he will have the status of a Prophet.

    5- so our beliefs aren’t a derision from Sunni beliefs, the question is merely one of identity. since it is our belief that Hazrat Isa (as) died a natural death LONG AFTER his survival from the attempted crucifixion, the question of his return isn’t possible in literal terms, so we have accepted the return in metaphorical terms after clear manifest signs, in the person of Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian.

    7- All the way from the times of Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw), the Muslims have waited for the head of the 14th century so that He (Isa as) would return, but the Muslims of today devise different techniques to obscure the faith of the layman Muslims just to answer the question of the return and why He hasn’t returned. We believe he has in the person of Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian!

    I will by the grace and Leave of Allah end my clarifications here, although if anyone has any further inquiries, please do not hesitate to email me at sa9135@gmail.com and with Allah’s help, I will do the best I can to answer your questions as well as clarify any other misconceptions about our beliefs in Khatamun Nabiyyein, Isa (as), and all other necessary and relevant questions.

    I invite the reader to visit askislam.org and alislam.org as an introduction to Ahmadiyyat!

    May Allah out of infinite Mercy guide us all and bless us with his infinite Bounties!

    Jazakallau kher
    Assalmu Aleiykum Warahmat’ullahi wa barakatuhu

    Your brother,
    Shoaib Abaidullah

    • i agree with you abdullah

    • Well, i have certain reservations on the clarification you have given, first who decides if Mirza was the promised Masiah??? what were the virtues he had what was so speacial in him to declare himself as the Imam Mehdi and Esah (As)?
      And what do you mean by a reflection of Muhammad (PBUH) what is reflective prophethood is their a concept of this in Islam did our prophet Muhammad (saw) say anything about reflective prophethood? does any hadis to this is present today? or does the Quran state anything of this sort or even give a glimpse of this theory.

      What i have heard and read about ahmadis and qadinais it has helped me understand one thing that your teachers / preachers and playing with words and trying to define the quran its ayats and hadis in the way you want to, in simple words it is an eye wash comeon who can belive the theory of Hazrat Esan (AS) being burried in kashmir and his tomb is still there can you give us a exact address of that place so that all readers can google it or atleast visit it.

      By the grace of Allah Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) was and will be the last prophet of God and GOD is one, whereas Mirza Sb delcared that all goodness of prophets who came from God has been put in him and this is present by the way in his writings and in simple words this amounts to being supreme of all prophets toba astaghfirullah, then he declares of ataining supremecy by being taken to heavens by Allah and i dont even want to write what he says he did there any reader can search and read his writings.

      My conclusion you can follow your beliefs but Islam comes with reaserch and reading so read and you will find the light.

      To conclude i dont agree that Mirza was a prophet i dont agree he was even a saint, i dont agree he had any alamai roya things going i dont agree with his teachings i dont agree with his followers and infact think that they are the worst people of all who have damaged Islam, and can be compared to the worst people like Hasan Bin Sabah its all history.

      All a muslim should believe in is that Muhammad Mustafa (SAW) was the last prophet of Allah and there is no Prophet to come after him, and Allah is one and this is not the concept of masjid ka mullah this is the true concept of Islam may Allah grant us all the wisdom to search research and read the Islamic History and try understand and differentiate between true Islam and people like Mirza who have been able to penetrate the minds of peopel through their poetry and power of apeech and are the bigest fitnas of all time are two Mirza and Hassan Bin Sabah

    • Brother your a kafir, open your eyes. Ahmadiyah are poops that will only burn in hell. Mohammed pbuh was the last prophet.. wakeup..

  9. I Need ur HELP.

    • Assalamu Aleykum brother/sister,

      I do not know to whom you were referring when you said that you need help, however, do not feel helpless! While it is not in my power to help you, you are a creation like me, of Allah and He is the only helper you need.

      Alayi Sallahu Bikaafin A’Abdahu
      Is Allah not sufficient for his servant.

      Is this brother Uzer Zari?

      Shoaib Abaidullah

  10. Ahmadiyyah is the genuine Ahli Sunnah Wal Jamaah.

    • If you are part of prophet muhammad islam then why create sects and call your self ahmedyya. Call ur self muslim and follow islam. U will not be asked about mirza in your grave but will be asked about muhammad saw. Bro use ur head and don’t create divisions and sects in isalam. May Allah help u .

      • Assalamu Aleyikum brother faz,

        While I respect your opinion regarding the creation of sects as being counter intuitive, I must rectify your view regarding this matter. This is not Ahmadiyya creating a sect in Islam, it was the prophecy of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (saw) which predicted this would happen to His Ummah. He likened his Ummah to the Jewish Ummah which also became divided into many sects. When his companions asked, how will we recognize then, the one true sect, or people, Prophet Muhammad (saw), instead of going into the differences of details and aqeedah, or advising that you should make some reasearch on such and such issues, gave an answer which stands testimony to the blessings which Allah bestowed upon His mind giving him the ability to determine and explain all matters with such ease.

        His answer to this question of utmost importance was, they will be in the state that you find me and my companions. He likened these people as being so comparable to himself that He said, they will be like the left shoe as me and my companions are the right shoe of the same pair. Instead of going into details, His answer is one that can be accepted and recognized even by the layman Muslim who is not well versed in the belief matters of Islam. Now I shall attempt to point out the glaring similarities which we can look for to see which of the sects of Islam are following in his footsteps today.

        Firstly, let us look at how Prophet (saw) and his companions were treated. These are historical facts as well as claims vouchsafed in the Quran and they are not disputed.
        1- they were forbidden from calling themselves Muslims
        2- they were not permitted to erect mosques and the ones that were erected we’re torn down or closed
        3- they were not permitted to recite adhan (call to prayers)
        4- they were not permitted to say Salam, even to each other in public
        5- they were not permitted to declare shahada( la ilaha illallah)
        6- they were forced to migrate and leave their homelands
        7- they were heavily persecuted simply for their faith in Allah
        8- they were forced to recant their beliefs (although they didn’t)
        9- they were prevented from performing Hajj
        10- they were mocked and made fun of simply for their beliefs

        Etc. if we look at the entire history of the Muslim Ummah, no single sect has experienced this type of persecution and imprisonment for their beliefs except the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at. There exist tensions between the other sects, but not a single sect is persecuted by all 72 sects in the exact same way as the Prophet Muhammad (saw) and his companions were except Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at.

        Aside from this condition, which for the seeker of truth would be sufficient, let us now look at the body of work the Prophet Muhammad (saw) accrued during his ministry, and compare whether that condition also is applicable to any other sect except Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at.

        His (saw) mercy toward humanity and his service to the individual is unparalleled by even other Prophets of Allah and finds no equal. His drive to work by the grace of Allah to improve the condition of the individual by subjugating his heart, mind, spirit, and soul without force or retalliation is also testimony to his truthfulness. Nowhere is his entire lifetime did he ever force, manipulate or deceive people with His message. He sent out his couriers and companions to go to the nations adjacent to Mecca and Medina and invite them to Islam. His message by the grace of Allah was foretold to him that it would spread and reach the corners of the earth. However, as history tells us, that did not occur during his lifetime. Allah had always known that the time the victory of Islam was to occur would occur at the time of the modern day printing presses and modern forms of communication.

        If a seeker of truth discovers that MTA (Muslim Television Ahmadiyya) was the first 24 hour channel which give da’wa to all mankind, all day, everyday, that seeker of truth might be surprised. It is this Jama’at which by Allahs grace, even being humble in number, was able to start this channel with our donations and Chanda. Where were the wealthy Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia? All the wealth that is is their hands, yet no Muslim country was able to start this form of communication and it is only by Allahs grace that Jama’at Ahmadiyya was blessed with this opportunity. Review of Religions is the oldest Muslim magazine started in 1902. Where were these “Muslim” people?

        It should be remembered by the reader that one who accepts a prophet raised by Allah does not do so by walking on flowers. He/she must give great sacrifices of all kinds, life, liberty, financial, as well as family relations to be purified by Allah. This has always been the sunnah of Allah to make known to the rest of humankind their true virtues by way of this crossing over burning hot coal and still accepting the truth when it is made clear for them, and not yielding to outside side forces which have always served the purpose of taking man away from Ilahi.

        To this day, Ahmadi Muslims are imprisoned for committing the very same acts which Prophet Muhammad (saw) and his companions were imprisoned for. Ahmadi Muslims to this day give their lives for the same cause which Prophet Muhammad’s companions gave their lives for. Ahmadi Muslims to this day give great sacrifices financially as well as with their time for the same cause which Hazrat Abu Bakr (ra) became famous for when he brought his wealth and presented it to Prophet Muhammad (saw) simply for the spreading of the message and the cause. Jama’at Ahmadiyya isn’t gaining success all over the world despite all the opposition which the Ulema and their followers today burden Ahmadi Muslims with, for no reason. We are blessed by Allah with opportunities to give sacrifices for the spread of that same message which was revealed to Prophet Muhammad (saw).

        This idea of calling oneself simply “Muslim” and not associating with a particular sect is a fairly new idea which has become popularized by scholars like brother Naeem, zakir Naik, etc. it is catchy and people think that if they do this simply, their Iman (faith) will be saved. I assure you, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. The people chosen by Allah, as I stated earlier, must walk through fire, giving great sacrifices, accepting the tormet of the disbelievers, like Kuffare Mecca before they are purified by Allah and become his chosen servants. Sitting back and calling yourself Muslim does you, nor Islam any good.

        If you should have any further inquiries about Jama’at Ahmadiyya, please don’t hesitate to visit alislam.org, askislam.org or if you just want more information about our aqeedah, instead of hearing it from your ulema, please visit YouTube and enter “question answer by Mirza Tahir Ahmad” and you will find all sorts of videos which answer all the allegations your ulema have claimed as well as faith matters.

        Jazak’Allah kher
        Shoaib Abaidullah

        • Bro after all that u still call ur self a sect. If u read quran we are not sunni or shia or ahmedyya but just muslim. You can not fight without knowledge and knowledge come from reading quran and understanding the book of Allah. I don’t mean to offend u but u are making a big mistake. May Allah guide us all. Its a duty of every muslim to search for knowledge. My problem is not what u do but when u call youself ahmedyya instead of muslim. Remember 3 questain in grave. Allah bless us and guide us all

          • thank you brother/sister you are rite….. these kind of people are called true muslims. people like u……

          • Brother faz,
            I humbly submit my reasoning for calling myself Ahmadi Muslim. Remember, it is the Prophet (saw) of Allah, who gave mankind glad tidings of a Jama’at who would once again bring back Islam to this world, not just in name and spirit, but that this prophecied Jama’at would be the second manifestation of the pristine teachings of Islam as revealed by Allah. So, why would I, as a true believer of Khataman Nabiyyeen, seek out any other label than the best label chosen by Him? It is a distinct honor that Allah has afforded those who join this Jama’at by the 100 folds, why should I shy away from declaring it?
            Perhaps your disapproval of this practice is based on some misinformation. We declare ourselves as Muslims. Only when our opponents raise the issue of sect do we clarify and make the distinction so that our brothers and sisters aren’t mislead by our not declaring this difference. As far as the 3 questions which will be asked, to this question my answer would be Muslim, as Allah would already be aware of the distinction because it was His most beloved servant who first chose to make this difference prominent so that All, Muslim and non-Muslims, would know it.

            Jazak’Allah kher

      • than y do you calll urelf sunnii… y dont u fucking jut call urself muslims and follow islam??????

  11. can’t a sunni and ahmadiyan get married? :S
    if the boy get into sunni sect, is this possible?
    Is eating and drinking allowed in a ahmadiyaan house as per as the quran?

    • Ahmedis…..they are non-muslims and be treated like mushrik(non-believers)!!!!! no marriage with them and they must not be buried in muslim grave yards.

      • saale kuuttteee who said that we are not muslimmmsss… go do some research then open ur stinging mouth u bloooddyyyy sunni…. now i c the diifence bettweenn suniis and ahmadiisss…. sunniiesss are dickheads and ahmadiiisss are the best and true muslim… u go and burn in helll.

        • Dear muskaan,
          I kindly appreciate your vigor however your language is quite inappropriate for anyone who claims to be a servant of Allah. If you are Ahmadi Muslim, please refrain from conveying your message with lude and spiteful converse.

          Jazak’Allah kher

          • Dear Shoaib,
            Since, you seem to know so much about Our religion.I would like to ask you something.Would it be wrong for a Muslim girl to love a Christian guy?
            I’m divorced and there is this guy I met not too long ago and I love him.
            Would it be wrong, If he and I got married?

          • Mr.Shoaib.
            I couldn’t agree more.
            But have I committedd a sin by falling in love with a Christian man?

        • You burn in hell bitch. Astaghfirullah have you seen your language. Ahmadiyah are wrong, how can you say that mohammed pbuh is not the last prophet. The guy who died on a toilet ghulami was what really??

      • Please everyone !Be respectful towards each other.Jazakallah!

  12. Dear Anchal and Chandini;

    If you are two different people, then two birds with one stone. For many reasons, obvious and clear which are laid down in the Quran, it is not permissible for believing parents to give their daughters to non-believers.
    “And give not (your daughters) in marriage to Al‑Mushrikoon till they believe (in Allaah Alone) and verily, a believing slave is better than a (free) Mushrik (idolater), even though he pleases you. Those (Al-Mushrikoon) invite you to the Fire, but Allaah invites (you) to Paradise and forgiveness by His Leave, and makes His Ayaat (proofs, evidences, verses, lessons, signs, revelations, etc.) clear to mankind that they may remember”.
    [al-Baqarah 2:221]

    If we believe that the Quran is the unadulterated speech of our Allah, then we must keep in mind that his wisdom extends far far beyond our understanding. In His speech, he tells us that the man has been given the responsibility over his kin (wife, children, etc. ). One of the wisdoms behind why this marriage is not permissible might be that while a Muslim man may not rescind his belief in Allah, even if he is married to a woman of the Book, a believing Muslim woman might be compelled or forced to recant her beliefs. Her children might follow the religion of their fathers, as has been customary throughout the history of religion and mankind. In fact, the Quran also alludes to this whenever it speaks on the issue of mushriks, who in the Quran are given advice that on the day of Judgment, their defense against punishment for disbelieving simply because they followed the religion of their fathers will not avail them.

    Of course after all is said and done, we can either accept or reject His teachings in the Quran. Ultimately it is Allah who knows best and it is this very idea which must be our compass in this very transient, fleeting world.

    May Allah, out of His infinite bounty, bless us and give us guidance so that every decision we make is for the pure sake of His pleasure. Amin

    Jazak’Allah kher
    Shoaib Abaidullah

  13. Hi Shoaib,
    I completely understand that A Muslim woman should marry only a Muslim man.
    But, I have come across many many many women who either have or had a Christian boyfriends.So, Is it wrong just to Marry that man but it’s OK to sleep with him?
    I mean, all of this is beyond me.
    And May ALLAH forgive me for marrying the person I love.
    Yes, I got married this weekend.
    And Also, Yes, Chandni & I are two different people.
    Thank You, Shoaib for your Input I really appreciate it.
    And Chandni, I would suggest you to follow your Heart.
    Do what you think is Right.
    All the best you to Chandni.

    • Dear Anchal;
      I must congratulate you on your marriage and I pray to Allah that it is not just a superficial commitment that was made by you and your husband. I say this with hope that if you truly believe Islam to be truth, that despite your decision to marry a Chrisitian, whom I also consider my brother, that you will try and educate yourself to the expectations of Allah. I pray that this fire of motivation to learn about the prefect teaching of the Quran is something that Allah ignites in you, and that you can share your views openly with your husband and insha’Allah Allah can make a Muslim out of him. I know you perhaps may not want to hear this, because you may feel that you would infringe his rights by compelling him to follow you in Islam, but I would humbly submit that you probably wouldn’t want it the other way around, right?

      I too am married and have seen something of an interesting phenomenon with marriages. Either the wife becomes like the husband or the husband like the wife. I mean this from the perspective of personality. So I will insha’Allah pray fr your success in marriage and success in building a sound afterlife by the struggles you might face in trying to learn about Islam and then sharing with your husband.

      To deal with the comment you made about the women you know who have Christian boyfriends, I would simply say that we are not just taught to not marry your daughters into Christianity. We are prohibited from having boyfriends in the first place. Not just Christian boyfriends, ANY boyfriend. This is the first commandment which is being violated by those women whom you enumerated. Secondly, if I were to tell you that a Volvo is the most secure, passenger-centric vehicle which caters to all the comforts of the driver and passengers, you might say Great! If I then proceed to hand the car over to a person who doesn’t have a license, hasn’t driven a car before, what do you think might happen. He will probably get into an accident. Now, will you blame the car with its many perfections or will you blame the driver? You would most certainly blame the driver! Well, I say this only to say that those women are the drivers, and our logic does not and should not prevent us from following Islam, with its perfect teachings, just because some around us are unable or unwilling to learn about all its beauties. Our logic should prevent us from seeing such behaviors and blaming Islam or the Quran for imperfection. Our logic should lead us to the belief that if we see misbehaviors despite someone calling themselves a Muslim, it is they who have shortcomings, not Quran.

      Again, congratulations, insha’Allah may Allah give us all hidaya (guidance) to enthusiastically perform our duties to Allah and His creation.

      Jazak’Allah kher

      • This is BUllshit why do “Muslims” only try to convert people to their religion? That guys who a Muslim girl chose to marry probably let her follow her religion.And here you are saying that she should try to make a Muslim out of him.Lol.How foolish and selfish is that? I know, VERY. Mulims need to learn that their religion has only taught them to spread nothing but hatred in this world.Stupid people like you can’t help but post such things. God has a spot reserved for you in Hell.

      • Now that you have a “Volvo” of your own. I truly genuinely hope that you do not under any circumstances hand it to someone who doesn’t have a license.
        It was pathetic of you to use that as an example SMH.

    • @ Anchal,
      You are one Brave girl.Hats off to you.lol.
      How did you manage to take such a BIG step?

      @ Shoaib,
      Sir, what kind of world are you living in?
      Nowadays, everybody has to have a gf, whether she is Muslim, Christian, Hindu or even Sikh.
      That’s how it is.
      No one plans to fall in love but it happens nevertheless.

      • Only people who never really learned about their religion believe this. No offense but dating is not exceptable for a Muslim.

  14. Assalamwalaikum,
    Im a sunni muslim and i just happened to fall in love with a girl who is Ahmediya muslim. We both are in love. I was really curious to know a sunni muslims perspective towards ahmediya community. Though for me we are muslims first, we believe in Allah , we beleive in Mohammed (s.a.w) and we do read the same Quran. But now going through all the posts above i figured it out its way to difficult to change our thinking then to change our decisions.

    • Assalamu Aleykum brother Arif,

      I mentioned in the above post that within the confines of Islam, boyfriend/girlfriend relations are impermissible. I imagine, as Muslims you and her already know that.

      Since your last sentence was a statement, I can only make an observation or two. In fact this obstacle we all face when our beliefs are challenged and only two options exist, accept and change your truth (which I believe is the right method) or change the truth of information being presented. I label the latter as backcasting. Essentially one, having seen the truthfulness of a claim or claimant, and rejecting it simply because it doesn’t match our current model of belief.

      I struggle to keep a good balance myself, although I obviously fail at times. I have personally found that as long as I keep a certain measure of prejudice against my current beliefs, thereby continuously testing the “truth” as I understand it, every time I test this “truth”, if it holds up, it strengthens my faith, if it fails, I am again on the search for a more and more refined truth.

      This is one thing I love about my current belief system, it openly affords me the freedom and liberty to continuously test it, and in fact it encourages me, I am of course referring to the Holy Qur’an. Allah says, ” Then look again and yet again, thy sight will return unto thee weakened and made dim” (Pickthall), Chapter 67-4.

      The advice, if you were seeking any, can only be that truth stands distinct from error and right from falsehood. However, we will never know where we fall into this equation without testing our truth and not leaving our Iman in the hands of the local sheikh or maulvi. We are commanded to take charge, and seek it out, it is the only way Allah will turn His attention toward us and come nearer to us.

      Jazak’Allah kher for your observation!


    • Salam,
      Yeah, it is hard especially if you are Muslim.
      When it comes to religion Parents are always pushing you to the core.
      Sometimes, I feel like I am being forced to be a Muslim, which is pathetic by the way.I have a life that I want to live besides following Islam.
      But, I will never be able to explain this to my Parents.
      Brother, If you can help in any way then do write.

      • Assalamu Aleykum brothers and sisters;

        With respect to the question above about living a life besides Islam, I do not know the name of this author so I will hope they receive my message.

        I would point to something obvious and I pray that it removes ambiguity. Of course, Allahu Alim (Allah knows best). Your parents are not given the right to force you into a marriage, and for that matter, certainly not into a marriage in which you do not give your consent. Their inability to follow the commandment of Allah has resulted in you feeling this way about your religion and Iman.

        Now just imagine for a moment, what do you think would be the result if you broke a commandment and pursue a life which you feel is apart from Islam, what might then be the result. You see, this was a very basic and fundamental question which I always thought about, how much Duniya should consume my time and how much should I spare for my Creator, Allah. That is to say, how much of my time is Allah asking for? The rest I can spend on duniya(the world)?

        Allah know Best, in fact anything that we as a species “know” is from the Mercy of Allah anyway! He tells us, “I have created jinn and humankind only that they may worship Me”(verse 51:56). I do not believe Allah is saying hear that from wake till dust we should be in formal prayer, rather that whatever we should decide to invest our time in, if the choices we make are within those boundaries set by Allah, then simply performing the act which we had set out to do, would be our “active prayer”, which is the same way that the rest of less intelligent creation worships Allah. Simply by living as they have no awareness outside their very local reality.

        In fact, recently I have come across a refined understanding of creation, and I believe that we all Muslims should really think about the language we speak and how that might implicitly be saying something else. So when you say “besides Islam”, how I understand this is that Islam can be a part of our life but we do have other or better things to do. Islam, as I understand it, is a complete way of life, it gives all that man/woman needs for their development. So if I do some study and see what my Creator wants from me, and what “worship” means, I may be at an advantage for being blessed with akhira(hereafter), where personally I pray that I am blessed with, on a personal note. Essentially, the whole of our lives from birth to death should emanate from our Iman outward, and entertaining that second class life emanating from our low and base desires, we should not want to live that life anyway. It’s like the example of two men. One who loves to listen to the Quran, and the other who loves pop music. The easiest way for them to feel hell would be to flip the input what they enjoy listening. The listener or pop would be in hell if he had to spend eternity and the listener of Quran would be in hell also. This example illustrates what I was saying, “we should not want to live that life anyway”. Our tastes would change and we wouldn’t miss it.

        I apologize I touched on some other points, but felt the issue requested a deeper look than just a quick response. I also apologize if the message seemed aimed at you, I was actually talking to myself and reminding myself If I transgressed you, pls forgive me!

        Keep me in your prayers
        JAZAK’ALLAH kher

  15. A.O.A EveryBody ! My Simply Question is Can Sunni Marry Ahemdi girl ? Thank You =)

  16. @ Ali, The answer according to me is, YES.
    True love is beyond the boundaries of Religion,
    Caste, or Creed.
    A lover’s heart and Soul are the highest places of
    Worship indeed <3.
    ~I Quote~.

    • Salam brother/sister;

      If what you mean is that love should not discriminate, then I agree with you. If you, however, mean that love is somehow superior to religion, then I would ask, what is the true source of love? Is it my wife, my children, or my next of kin? Or, is it Allah? I will share my personal belief with you to break the ice, if there was any to break. I believe that whenever or whatever we feel to be the object of our affection and love at any given time, our souls are actually searching for the source. That is why the objects of our love and affection may, and most probably will change over time. None who are even married and love their spouses will tell you that they love their spouse the same every moment. I claim this by the way, as a married man who loves his wife and children very dearly.

      I assume you meant the former but wanted to share this thought with everyone.

      Jazak’Allahu kher

      • Dear Shoaib,
        I hope that you know that ” Humanity” is superior to religion.
        We are all humans first n then Chritian, Muslim, Hindu & etc.
        I must say, Your thinking is way off.
        So, would u love whoever came your way as an “object”?
        I mean, is that even possible? You don’t love according to the situation or ur needs.That’s what I think atleast.

      • @ Sidra.
        You are right sister, this Shoaib sounds like a pervert.
        God knows, how many women he has slept after getting married to that unfortunate woman (who happens to be his wife).Show some respect to ur name atleast.People like him bring our religion into dust.

        • Don’t insult anyone like this.What do you even know about Shoaib?

          • Hello everyone,
            I just want to make you aware of this person named Shoaib Abaidullah. Long story short, He is a Pervert.Please do not pay any attention to anything that he says. If you are all true Muslims then I am sure you all know what “haram” means.Well, here in that case he is haram zaada.Please it’s a humble request to all of you to not fall for anything he is projecting here. He is an animal and for those who think I am wrong for saying this then my question to those people is, do you know who he is? All you know is what he is posting here.Be Aware. Thank you.

      • @ Shoaib
        I know who you are. Aren’t you the same person who cheated on his wife and got caught. Lol.

  17. One should ignore ppl like Shoaib because those kinda ppl usually end up cheating on their wives n then saying I Love My Wife.hahaha.
    I pity ppl like you, man.

    Your brother in Islam.

    • Listen people shoaib which shoaib as far as i know any one can post any thing with that name so they can be 2 diffrent people so really dont just give a comment on any one you dont know him.
      Only speak if your word are better then silence.


  18. 178 Christian houses burned in Pakistan by Muslim extremists! Can’t believe shit like this is still allowed in a country that considers itself democracy.God bless the innocent people who lost their houses and other valuables.People who did that should be ashamed of themselves.

  19. @magical , what ever is happend in pakistan is happening every where in the world, millions of Muslims been killed also, u can not blame religion for all this, this is dirty politics which is played by big business mans like west and America, ( no money in peace) that’s how they run their shops,
    You , me fight, they make money india , pakistan war they sell weapons make money , religion teach us peace, its us do not follow it’s teaching,
    @ahmidies , no matter what mr shoib is saying we need to know what their founder Mirza is saying , truth is he is calling himself prophet again and again in his own written books, Mirza use to work for British and brought up by British, (divide and rule). Died in a toilet , how can he be a prophet,
    Plz innocent qadiyanies think and come to Islam, this not right, please

  20. Hi Shoaib,
    I wish u had replied to all those people who talked sh*t about you.Cuz you are letting these people win by keeping quite.which is not fair.I hope you read my message and reply.I also truly hope that you are not that sort of person.

    • Assalamu Aleykum dear anonymous;

      I apologize if my responses to the commenters don’t seem “aggressive” enough, lacking vulgarity, and character assassinations. As I mentioned in an above post, my beloved teacher, and the reason behind why I was blessed with existence, Prophet Muhammad (saw), along with my Fashioner and Creator teach me to guard my tongue so that no person, especially a Muslim is ever threatened by it.

      As such, my use of vernacular which doesn’t reflect that of my brothers and sisters (some), is not because I lack the ability or know-how, or expertise in this field, rather it is a conscious and deliberate choice that Allah has helped me to make. I am certainly grateful to H for it, and am also grateful to Him for all the variety of thoughts that are reflected in this forum. It helps me to grow and try to either find better footing to stand on, or the opportunity to change my position if a better viewpoint is presented.

      For it all, I am grateful to Allah!

      Jazakallahu Kher

      • Haha, I know Shoaib in real life.He is an ASS and this page is filled with nothing but his BS.My question to him is, are you even half the person that you claim to be?
        Somewhere Deep down inside, I already know the answer but just wanted to hear it from point of view.

        • Maybe you should shut up your mouth.Because humans like you don’t look good while barking,Mr Magnificent.

          • @ Faizan Ullah….But people like you look great while barking so carry on my friend.Knock your little heart out.Lolz

  21. i have a prblm im muslim sunni i like fb muslim ahmdi boy but he did not like me we r gd frnds but he say m tme apni life m ni la skta me kya karo or kasa samjo usy kia koi meri help kr skta ha kia ahmdi muslim hota hn m kuch ni janti es bara me plz plz help me plzzzzz

  22. @ Muslim girl, If you really like him then why are you worried about what kind of Muslim he is?
    He is a jerk for not liking u just for the sake of something that is so stupid.Get over him.There is plenty of fish in sea.

  23. @shoiab
    As salaam alaikum
    I am not of a writer that much but still I would like to pose certain questions to you.

    1- From where did you bring that MUSLIM’S have been relentlessly waiting for 14th century hijri? That’s uncanny to me!

    2- Sorry to say but as your hoax yet bravely kept statement that ” The Majority of Muslims say that Prophet ISA(PBUH) will come as a prophet in the end times?
    Sir, please put your chronological sense into it, if he happens to come as a prophet only then how can I and you declare Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) as the seal of the prophet-hood ?
    And never in my life, I’ve heard what you claiming as the main-stream thought of Muslim theologians that the Maseh will come as a PROPHET, RATHER he’ll come as an ummati of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

    3- If Ahmad Qadayani was the true mehndi and maseh then why is there evil and unjust still prevailing in this world? He should have finished it as per the prophecy of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

    4- The Mahndi will proclaim his office or you may say his designation in MECCA!! Ever happened will mirza gulam ahmad?

    5- Neither the mehdi nor the meseh will receive any wahee or doctrine of religion!

    6- And yes! As per the majority of ISLAMIC COMMUNITIES, AHMANDIS are not MUSLIMS! Thats a fact, so please!

    7- At last, one personal advise; don’t state childish and goofy comparisions between Ahmadis and early mujahereens, as well as the comparision between MUHAMMAD (S.A.W) and Mirza Ahmad. Trust me, it worked as a joke to me! I literally laughed it off with pity for you brother.

    • Assalamu Aleykum brother Saif,

      In the name of Allah, The Most Gracious and Most Merciful!

      I think you should MashaAllah give Allah more credit, as I found your writing ability to be more than sufficient.

      Moving onto some questions you posed. Inshaallah I will try my best to keep my answers and clarifications as concise as possible.

      1- as you will see in answer #2, you repeat what you did in question 1. It is quite possible that the Muslims of today have not been taught by their scholars about the importance of 14th hijri. This is a complaint some should level to their local imams. If we actually study the scholars in every previous century, who have their allegiance to the Imam Mahdi (as), who would be arriving, according to their calculations around 1850-1950, the head of the 14th century (roughly). In every previous century, scholars awaited the return of Masih-e-Moud (as), if they have stopped preaching this clear and reliable Hadith of the past, which has rarely been questioned by scholars of all backgrounds, and never discarded, has now been made obsolete by imams everywhere, simply due to backcasting. Where instead of changing ones views based on new and solid information, so as to better align oneself with truth, we previously accept some beliefs and as new information enters our periphery, we check the info against our biased belief, and if it contradicts us, instead of changing, we either reinterpret the new info, or we discard it as invalid. Simply because it contradicts our previous belief. But this will not do, not in the matter of jannah, Inshaallah for us all! Ameen!

      2- dear brother Saif, I think if you ask any Muslim on this board what their local scholar tells them about the advent of Messiah and Mahdi (as), you would be, not me, surprised to discover that most if not all will admit to some version of what I mentioned above. If you haven’t heard of it, let me pose a question and I humbly, yet firmly request your response to the following logic:
      A- if you and everyone on this forum agrees to the basic belief that someone will be sent by Allah, and let’s put aside their title for a moment, then the next logical question is, is it obligatory for me to believe in his claim after due satisfaction upon open hearted inquiry? If you answer yes, that it is obviously obligatory to believe in his claim, because if we agree that someone will come, and we believe that person will be chosen by Allah, then it can not be said that it is “optional” to believe in his claim. It would be a direct insult (God forbid a thousand times, God forbid) to the Divine, that He chose to send someone, guide him, as a mercy to people which was foretold by Prophet (saw), and yet it’s “optional” to believe in him. It’s nonsense.
      B- if we agree that it’s obligatory to believe in him, because a man from God can only be chosen by God, then you ARE calling him a prophet (as), you are just being shy to say it because it would violate your misguided, in my opinion, Allahu Alim, understanding of Khatamun-Nabiyyeen. But this is not acceptable form of logic and reasoning, if we are to be honest. It MUST mean that your understanding of Khatamun-Nabiyyeen must be corrected, not that we should abandon already accepted definitions of “prophet”. Which I clearly stated IS the VERY definition of the person you are describing in Mahdi (as), you are just avoiding saying it.
      C- this necessarily means that you too accept the claimant to have some form of prophethood, because you agree that SOMEONE will definitely be sent, right there you admit that that claimant must be a prophet by title because if he is to be human, and he is to be “sent”, you accept that he must be accepted, therefore he is a prophet because that is how Allah defines it in Quran! Someone guided by Allah. Also in the six articles of faith which every Muslim testifies to, belief in Allah, His angles, his PROPEHTS, His books, belief in Day of Judgment, and lastly, belief in Qadr, there is only one type of HUMAN we are required to believe in, a PROPHET (as). Therefore, if you agree based on logic presented that the one sent must be believed in, then his title must be prophet, otherwise we don’t have to believe in him. We are not taught in Islam to be obliged to believe even in Mujaddid, so Mahdi (as) is far removed and above them in status.

      3- I have already addressed above, why it seems that it is worse now than before in human history and yet when we look a bit closer, we discover that the truth of equality and love being spread globally is in fact upon us. As an example, slavery as a practice of the strong over weak, rich over poor, which has existed for millennia was completely eradicated from the civilized world only in the 1950’s. While slavery as a teaching was rendered dead by prophet Muhammad (saw), it’s practice has only ended since the 50’s. That’s a pretty remarkable proof in favor of my claim about Imam Mahdi(as). All the worldwide humanitarian cries and eventual development of thousands of organizations which are simply and purely designed to promote equality among brethren has come about only in the last 60 years. So while I agree that there are darker elements in society, you would be hard pressed to deny the proofs I have above presented.

      4/5- these questions relate to a literal interpretation so unjust to the style of language and lexicon usage of words that it technically should not even be dignified with response, and upon second thought, I won’t. Question 5 is interesting, as it is drawing attention to a claim which clearly must contradict with another one of your beliefs, namely, that the ummati will be “sent”, “guided”, so as long as you accept that some how some way, he will be “guided”, I’m ok with whether you call it wahi or not. I really don’t care to squabble over such a matter.

      6- again brother Saif, while I don’t mind answering the question again, I have previously answered it in the above posts. If you want to have a serious discussion than please read my views above and get to know my stances and then we can have a discussion on why Jama’at Ahmadiyya was “declared” non-Muslim. There is a deep history behind why it happened but it is a pointless issue for me if you can find something wrong with my arguments in defense of my claim. If you can disprove my fundamental logic by providing retorts or “better” replacements, then whether he was in Mecca or whether he received wahi or even why Ahmadis were declared non-Muslims is of no consequence. So let’s dispense with personal transgressions and try to keep focused on the message being discussed. For the both of us Inshaallah.

      8- this was a similar question to the previous, or rather comment. However I will try to address its concern. No matter how you feel about Jama’t Ahmadiyya, I encourage you to look around the Muslim world and find even 1 other community which fits even remotely upon those prophesies I discussed. You may look but you won’t find a single one that’s even close in comparison to the worldwide persecution of Jamaat Ahmadiyya. So while I appreciate your dismissive statement of “laughter” and “pity” for its reflection on you, history as well as present day profess my humble, subtle, yet clear and obvious claim.
      Secondly, I seek neither laughter nor pity from you, I seek it only from Allah. I would however request your good prayers Inshaallah for me and my family’s progression towards “truth”, no matter where she may lead.

      Lastly, I don’t think I agree with you that the points I raised are childish. I raised them with utmost regard (Allahu Alim) for sincerity and truth, etc. for you to call them childish is not hurtful to me brother, I have tried my best to convey my understanding as clear as I could have. I’m sure I fell short in many cases, but childish? I apologize if you thought that I am on this board, posting as much as I have, simply for people to see me as childish. My apologies my brother, to you and anyone else who might feel that way, but that is not my intention.

      I pray Allah guides us all and Inshaallah we are all blessed to be given entry into Jannah in presence of Allah. See you all there, Inshaallah. Ameen!

      Jazakallahu Kher brother

      • Can You all STOP posting this BS on this page.I’m so ashamed of you people.I’m glad there are some people like Shoaib who have some dignity left.The others are just posting to accuse each other.Learn to mind your own buss ones people.Love for all Hatred for none.

      • well guys what i have concluded form above is that Mirza Sb was suffering from Shit Zo Phrenia, and was very good infact all credit to him very very good in twisting words acording to his beliefs and trying to give meaning to everything the way he wanted.

        What is reflective Prophethood?? is their any evidence of this in Hadis or by any Islamic Scholar??

        What is alamai Roya that happended to Mirza?

        Mirza even through his writing as to what i have read went to meet God and i dont even want to write here what he says further about this trip.

        There is no argument about Masjid ka mullah bro, all damn marzais are against mullahs and all scholars and have they ever looked at their mullahs infact their heir to the throne 🙂 mirza masror or whatever his name is come one people wake up leave islam this sort of ridiculous rubish is not accpeted by any religion, maybe Mirza as of now is having sun bath in Jahanum allready :0 so chill and relax, you follow what you think is right and we muslims follow what we think is right, as for me i belive in the following

        Allah is one and sajda is only to him, Muhammad Mustafa (SAW) is the last prophet of GOD and there is no prophet to come after him. May Allah bless muslims worldover and minimise their sorrows and give them the strehgth to defend Muhammad (SAW) beliefs and religion from Fitnas like Hassan Bin Sabah and Mirza of Qadian.

        • Skip this message and read the next one for minimal errors

        • if prophet muhammad (saw) is the last, what about your contradictory belief about still awaitng jesus – that makes him the last!!!!!!!

          • Besides DOESN’T say ANYWHERE that prophet Muhammad (saw) is Last prophet. Iliterate Malvis are brainwashing people. READ HOLY QURAN YOURSELVES!!!! INSTEAD OF JUST BELIEVING WHAT YOU HEAR.

          • jesus reincarnation doesnt mean hes after the prophet, he was born 2000 years before the prophet, and will be fighting the enemy dajjal, well jesus would not be bringing sharia/ a book to the people…book has already been revealed…Quran through the prophet Muhammad..saw, in quran its seal of the prophets mentioned…now you can also take the hadith, if you are a abeliever that” if prophethood could have been there, umer would have been the one”..thats done , if you believe him you can if you try following someone from the british rule era without any relation to the glorious chain of prophets…i think this is enough for a healthy mind to observe. one question to all those ahemidis forget the numbers people are converting…what did the ghulam ahmed qadiani do for uplift of muslims…i am wondering how a punjabi prophet could have been leaving a mark ,,,not even in punjab…

  24. i must salute u shoaib keep up the good work , just because of ur efforts and your passion and ur manner i m impressed the way way you answered all , you are a true Ahmadi , thats why you never used abusive language towards anyone your clarified yourself very clear with the solid points with strong evidences , i researched about Ahmadiyyat and now i am proudly announcing that I M AN AHMADI TOO , thanks a lot brother , keep up the good work , may ALLAH bless you and your family and all AHMADI’S and all humanity .

    thanks shoaib once again

  25. brother shoaib
    I am a muslim and donor agree with ur believe but ur mother has done a good job in your brought up, ur patience and ur attitude need much appreciation
    may Allah blessing you and guide us all towards the right path.

  26. I am a Christian who has the following beliefs;
    1. Only one God (Almighty God / Allah )
    2. Jesus Christ is not God (but the beloved SON / Prophet ) of God.
    3. I also believe in the CRUCIFIXION and the RESURRECTION of Jesus Christ (which i got to know Muslims totally disagree).
    5. The coming of the holy spirit (which I sometimes think to be Prophet Mohammed.: Now the Ahmadiyya Muslims are not saying, “Jesus Christ did not die, but lived & died a natural death PBUH::)
    6. Today as i was going through the previously posted messages on the page, i got to know that the Ahmadiyya group believe that Jesus Christ did not die on the cross but rather leaved & died a natural death.
    7. And reading more about the Islamic faith, i got to know that there are many sects , beliefs & conflits among the Muslims i even wanted to join (which I never knew before).

    SO WHAT IS IT NOW…….different sects in the Christian religion & same in the Islamic religion too…….

    They are all trying to convince poor innocent people who were not there when these events where taking place but just tries to read and make a decision of which of these numerous sects to join.

    these effort which needs applause then becomes a bad idea and the person later becoming the enemy of the numerous sects left.

    where were all of you when these historical events were taking place.
    How sure is each one of you that his/her religion is the true path.

    why should i belong to one of these numerous sects and become your enemy.

    has any one of you people ever read the Bible and tried to really understand the content of it.???

    why should people kill people because of religion instead of convincing them to be part of them (and later be Judged ).

    what physical evidence of an award of HEAVEN does each of you have, to convince me to be a follower.

    Humanity is sick & tied of conflicts.
    God save us all

    • Disregard the first message
      (amended in the second )
      i would like if you read the second message for minimal errors.

  27. I am a Christian who has the following
    1. Only one God (Almighty God /
    Allah )
    2. Jesus Christ is not God (but the
    beloved SON / Prophet ) of God.
    3. I also believe in the CRUCIFIXION
    and the RESURRECTION of Jesus Christ
    (which i got to know Muslims totally
    5. The coming of the holy spirit (which
    I sometimes think to be Prophet
    Mohammed , PBUH)
    6. Today as i was going through the
    previously posted messages on the
    page, i got to know that the
    Ahmadiyya group believe that Jesus
    Christ did not die on the cross but
    rather leaved his live & died a natural death (do they have any records on him after the so called “attempted crucifixion ? “.
    7. And reading more about the Islamic
    faith, i got to know that there are
    many sects , beliefs & conflits among
    the Muslims i even wanted to join
    (which I never knew before).
    SO WHAT IS IT NOW…….different sects
    in the Christian religion & same in the
    Islamic religion too…….
    They are all trying to convince poor
    innocent people who were not there
    when these events where taking place
    but just tries to read and make a
    decision of which of these numerous
    sects to join.
    these effort which needs applause
    then becomes a bad idea and the
    person later becoming the enemy of
    the numerous sects left.
    where were all of you when these
    historical events were taking place.
    How sure is each one of you that his/
    her religion is the true path.
    why should i belong to one of these
    numerous sects and become your
    has any one of you people ever read
    the Bible and tried to really
    understand the content of it.???
    why should people kill people because
    of religion instead of convincing them
    to be part of them (and later be
    Judged ).
    what physical evidence of an award of
    HEAVEN does each of you have, to
    convince me to be a follower.
    Humanity is sick & tied of conflicts.
    God save us all

  28. What I have seen is haram on most occasions. My dear brothers and sisters. You are cursing at each other in the name of Islam. How is this considered a true Muslim. I am a Ahmadi Muslim. Sunni’s or considered a Brother whether you are Ahmadi, Shia, Sufism, Ibadi, Quranism, Mahdavia, Non-Denominational, Muwahhid, Khawarij, or Murji’ah. ( I am deeply sorry if I spelt one of them wrong. I am only 13 Years old but seeing my brothers and sisters of Islam fighting over a very stupid discussion. Whether Sunni is Better then Ahmadiyya or Ahmadiyya is Better then Sunni. There is Islam and 11 Superior groups are still believing in the same God who is Allah. As we all know No one is more superior then Allah.




  29. well our prophet (pbuh) said “marey ummat may teese qasab hoo gaey har ek nabi honey ka dawa karey ga jab kay marey bad que nabi nahi ho ga” i guess Ahmadies are non muslim becuz they dont even consider our prophet(pbuh) as last messenger so…… sheia are muslim becuz they belief prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is the last prophet

    • We still believe that prophet Muhammad (sa) is the last prophet. Our Khilafs are not bringing a new law. They are not telling us we are new prophets. Our Khilafs are stating true decisions fron example you and all other muslim groups (except ahmadiyya) I believe are celebrating halloween, a tradition of satan. Wow I see that celebrating satan isn’t haram. According to you it isn’t, Sunni girls and older ones dress up an take off their scarf or borka just do dress up as a impatent figure. How is that not haram. Did I also mention that every year Ahmadiyya Muslim Ja’maat gains over 700,000 new muslims. And that they are also the community with most white converts? They are also the most active becaause they
      are the only ones spreading the message of Islam. Sunni’s believe that in time without them doing anything will put Islam in every corner of the Earth. Allah all mighty can put Islam as the only religion if there was no muslims, and no such thing as Islam. But if you dont try why would Allah bother to help your community. Let me also mention that Ahmaddiya Muslim Ja’maat is also the fastest growing muslim group in the world. Thought you knew everything about Ahmadiyya? Well guess what this hardly 1%.

  30. @Roman,

    Salam my brother in humanity. I was an ahmadi until recently and discovered such intense falsehood within the jamaat, especially in the writings of MGAQ sahib that it was made apparent that this group is misled.

    The murabbis twist the writings of MGAQ sahib to a degree that if he were here to see it, he would be astonished.

    All his failed prophecies, (see John hugh smyth piggot, muhammadi begum, Abdullah atham, etc.), contradictions in his writings were more than sufficient for me. The growth numbers that jamaat presents are all fabricated (see youtube for “the ahmadiyya membership fraud”).

    When I read the 1974 proceedings of assembly, 1100 page document, it was eye opening. Before it’s release, the jamaat and 4th caliph, mirza tahir, used to say that if those proceedings were made public, that half of Pakistan would become ahmadi, but since it’s release into public domain, they have been completely quiet. ….because the “caliph” who gave his testimony there, the 3rd caliph, performed some amazing word gymnastics. Read it for yourself.

    I’m only b sharing this to inspire you to sell out truth and not consider yourself to be a “true muslim” like you have been told by ahmadi murabbis and jamaat presidents since you were a tifl.

    Inshallah my Allah swt lead us all to be true Muslims and followers of Muhammad (saw), Ameen

    Jazakallahu kher

  31. time between isa and muhammad saw is probably 600 years , which i mentioned incorrectly as 2000, and Allah knows all….

  32. Why can’t everyone just get along. I am Catholic and personally I feel religion is correct but I can also admit I can be wrong but I have my faith and that is what I believe in and go by. There was one Christian “religion” and it was Catholic, then the great schism happened, the Protestant Reformation. You even had the break away of others that are very close to Roman Catholic but not under the Pope, the orthodox (greek etc) and then you have the Byzantine Catholics who are under the Pope but have different customs/traditions etc.
    I respect them all, protestant, orthodox etc.
    I also respect Islam, Judaism, Hindu, Buddhism etc.
    Everyone should have the right to worship and believe in whatever it is that they believe in without being persecuted or ridiculed etc. Coexist peacefully, we are all children of God and on this planet together.
    maybe it would have been better if there were no Religions period but too late for that.
    Muslims, please respect each others views and beliefs, the other side may be the correct one..

    • Well said Jeff,

      Everyone in this world have rights to choose a religion. And of course even God allows you. But the thing is that God has given us ability to think which is right and which is wrong.
      It is important for every individual to check what they follow is right or wrong. God made this world for us (humans) to praise and worship him alone.

      My question is “Do we worship him alone?”.

      I am not coming to a conclusion that “Islam is right and others are wrong” or “Others are correct and Islam is wrong”. But before coming to the answer, please analyse the scriptures that we follow is correct (no corruption, no fabrication, no unambiguous statement or false statement).

      If yes, then continue what you have followed.

      If not, think twice because God is pure and he never gone wrong. And it is you that have gone wrong.

  33. @Shoaib

    May Allah(SWT) guide us all to the truth and may He become please with us

  34. I’m not sure if this was already covered, but Ahmadi Muslims believe in Khilafathood, and they also believe that Prophet Muhammad (SAW) is the last prophet. Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as) is the Promised Messiah. He is also the first Khilafat. The Ahmadiyyat Muslim Jam’at’s 5th Khalifat is Hadhrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad. If you want to know true facts about the Ahmadiyyat Muslim Jam’at go to this website instead: http://www.alislam.org/

    • Salam to all,

      Just want to clarify, I, shoaib am not ahmadi anymore. I am alhamdulillah muslim

      may Allah guide us all away from falsehood and darkness to light. Ameen..thumma ameen

      • Oh Please, I have read you comments above on based of which I have come to this conclusion.YOU my friend make no sense there fore keep you nonsense to yourself and if possible F*** Off.
        Bastards like you should not post here.

      • Shoaib , you’re a PIG.There is no need for you to share how you have changed your opinion about not following ahmadi sect.Believe me, you won’t be missed.As far as, calling your self a good Muslim, that is out of question.Even if half of All that is posted here about you is true.Then it is enough to prove that you are a sick bastard.If not then why how come you don’t have anything to say that proves others wrong?????? I feel sick to my stomach thinking such people exist and pretend they are good Muslims.

      • Asak shoaib..welcome to islam

  35. Assalam o Alikum my dear all brothers and sister!
    I believe no one will get disheartened by words if anyone it’s my sincere apology. I am muslim(not shia, Sunni or ahmadiyya ). Just a Muslim (believes in Almighty Allah, Quran Majid and Muhammad (s.a.w))

    Allah has made us(who has faith in Allah and who doesn’t have faith in him). He had made us Ashraf-Ul-makhlooq(smart enough).

    I would like to share that may help people living their lives easily

    * I believe Pakistani government should not have declared ahmadis as non Muslims.
    Reason 1 : we can never call even a non Muslim “kafir”
    reason 2 : what I have been through in Wikipedia Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and his sons and his movements never he is a prophet.
    Reason 3 : he claimed to be a hazrat imam Mehdi (hazrat imam Mehdi will be imam not prophet ) he will come to this world to guide us how we can protect ourselves from dajjal (anti Christ )..
    And when Imam Mehdi and prophet Isa(a.s) will appear we will get together against dajjal.. We won’t get apart like we are right now . We should clear the concepts and help each other rather than keeping conflicts and spread hate.

    *If MGAQ was imam Mehdi, did he kill dajjal already?
    * if he killed dajjal then how dajjal’s followers are diving and still ruling us?
    * what about the movement he started more than 100 years again? Does it still exist?
    * if it exists then why new world order? Anti matter ? Harrp technology? Killings of Muslims around the world? Why Muslims are blamed for negative circumstance around the world?
    Conclusion : we should understand Quran and hadith to protect our Emaan (faith) rather than pointing out each other. Every human being has a heart and Allah has blessed us with brain .. Please understand Islam (dean) and finish conflicts Btwn Shia Sunni or qadyani.. Believe in Allah .. He will guide you ..

    * we don’t need any scholar to understand Islam, Out best scholar is QURAN MAJEED and HADITH

    * Islam is the religion of love, brotherhood, justice, EQUALITY, peace, unity and mercy. Please don’t get apart.

    May Allah bless you all

  36. y’all haters

  37. Simple Message: It is very sad when members of the same family do not talk with each other. The children suffer for the adult ego. Cousins miss the wonderful opportunity to be together, and all due to a bruised adult ego. Stop getting offended. Reunite with your family members. One day, your imaginary conflict will all come to an end…with or without you. Don’t wait until it’s too late.

  38. How important is it for a person to fast during Ramadan? How many days are acceptable barring and health issues? Are women allowed to fast during menstrual period?

  39. God is good all the time!
    This message is for the guy who came into my life and left me devastated. Today I want to thank him for that. He made me the person who I am today. God gave me another chance at life despite the fact he and his significant other tried to hurt me even more. I am living a very very very happy life. So for all that he did will eventually come back to him. I could have called, texted or email him but to me he doesn’t even exist but for the world he does. That’s why I am posting this here for you to get a whole different perspective of life. I am glad I was able to share the truth with you know who and move on like a BOSS. I am so so happy from inside out. That the smile on my face shows it. God is good, God is great. Don’t ever and I mean never try to play with anyone’s feeling, emotions and make fun and laugh at them. God grant me the chance to laugh at the one you love. So, I guess we are even now, or I just simply WON. Thank you over and over again. RN-BSN looks pretty darn good next to my name. I will never have to think about you again. Good riddance. LOSER of the year award definitely goes to you and her. I will enjoy those moments where I was able to make a fool out of you and especially her. My heartfelt laughs at you two. I can tell she don’t trust you no more. My job is done here. Good bye 🙂

    • You’re absolutely right. God id Good all the time. Be happy that you got what you wanted, Not everyone is that lucky to have it their way. Some people just live with it. Just like the way that person who hurt you will have to do now. Best wishes.

  40. Sallam
    i am a ahmadi young boy who believe in our beloved master Muhammad saw…..from the comment above it is shoiab who is following the real teaching of islam…Allah endorsed prophet muhammad as ur perfect role mode,l in this situation it is shoiab who actually following the footsteps of MUHAMMAD….prophet thought us never to use harsh words on others,he thought us peace any layman who is observing this will agree that it is shoiab who is the right of Allah and his prophet….my dear sunni brothers go and learn how prohet Muhammad did his dawwah,hw he call people to islam.My Allah guides us

    • Salam brother Ramzy,

      Forgive me if what i say hurts you but i say it with sincerity and an love for you as my brother in himanity.

      Im no longer Ahmadi, i am a Muslim and i invite you to read the writings of MGAQ sahib and his predecessors with an open heart and mind and inshallah you will come to see the truth that has been unveiled for me regarding ahmadiyya and its falsehoods.

      Again i onvote you to accept islam and leave this false group behind you. In case you have qyestions, you can contact me at sa9132@yahoo.com


      • Why are you trying to get other people to follow what you think or believe is right. We all have different opinions and the wisdom to know the difference. The world is not going to change just because people like you are trying like hell to do so.
        Good day!

      • You’re an Idiot.

      • Only a person with a positive attitude can be with an open heart and mind. The things that you are saying and posting here are pointless. You have a mind of you own, which is ok but the least you can do is not misguide others. It’s a humble request from one Muslim brother to another. We are all the same.

      • @ Shoaib Abaidullah.

        Are you that hungry for money that you posted here on a religious post asking other people for money?

        Have some dignity.

      • Salam Shoaib my brother in Islam. If any of the sayings posted here are wrong about you. Then I strongly encourage you to respond to them and tell them to shut up.
        I feel bad seeing, knowing and thinking that any thing bad is being said and written about a nobel man. Just As it is written in Quran to not say bad about one another. I hope you get my message.

      • Before you invite anyone to Islam check you own credentials. I think you could use God and some learning yourself. I have never heard of such a shameful person trying to teach others rather than keep his mouth shut. If you can’t justify of one self then I suggest you tryna give advice to others.

    • @ Ahmed
      Do you personally know Shoaib?
      There is someone who did say that they know who he is. Maybe you failed to acknowledge the other comments. addition to that, just because he is not opening big bad mouth here doesn’t mean he is a gentleman or a scholar. You guys believe anything. Shame on you all. God knows it. Whether he hides it or lies about it to others. Still God knows it all.

  41. I will say i am a scholar regarding to Ahmadiyya….no one can change my spiratual state with AllahAllmighty….May Allah increase us in knowledge and faith

    • See, this is the problem with you and all the other Muslims. They think they know everything and their parents wash their brains right from the beginning. Trusting in God is one thing but thinking you know it all is a whole different level of stupidity. Hope this help. If you are satisfied with my response, tell others, if not, tell me.

  42. Nobody is worth stressing over. Move on.It’s ok to leave people behind.Go find yourself, the world is yours. Life goes on.

  43. Nobody is worth stressing over. Move on. It’s ok to leave people behind. Go find yourself the world is yours. Life goes on.

  44. I’m most proud of the blessings that god has
    Bestowed upon me, in my life.He’s given me the vision to truly see that you can fall down, but you can still get back up. Hopefully I’ll learn from my mistakes and have the opportunity to strengthen and improve the next thing I do.

  45. There is no doubt that you are a bad person and I Pray to God every single day and every moment of my life that he punishes you for your wrong doing. I also Pray and hope that she the one who means the world to you goes through the same thing. I am not asking for more, just exactly what you did to me is what I want to happen to her as well. I am sure it will be enough. May God make you suffer and you rot in life here and hereafter. I am definitely sure that the hottest place is reserved for you in HELL.

  46. A snake was hit by a car. A woman picks him up, feeds him and gets him back to his full state of health. But then he bites her, injecting her with his deadly venom. On her death bed, she asked ” after all I did for you, why did you bite me ?” The snake replied. “You knew I was a snake when you picked me up”.

    This message is for someone very special. N Of course, this message applies to him Very well. I hope you read it and know your worth.
    The world’s most cheapest creepiest person.

  47. To all who follow this post, PLAESE STOP LISTENING TO “SHOAIB”. I swear on everything that’s HOLY, I personally know him and he is a MONSTER.

  48. Shoaib is EVIL. I laugh at his comments posted above. No man can be everything bad possible and yet have the nerve to post how religious he is.

  49. This is main misconception that sunni and ahmadi are two sects of Islam.The true thing is that sunni and ahmadi are two religions.Sunni represents Religion Islam and are muslims,while admadi is another religion which are nonmuslims.As sunni never accepted them as muslims nor their belief is on Islam.If their Last prophet is not Muhammad(SAW) and holy book is not Holy Quran,then how can they be muslims.This is only the conspiracy about Islam.

  50. I am calling out to all the Muslim f** out there who wear a mask in public and use their d* instead of their brains. Have some self respect and treat your woman right. it’s a shame to still see this happening in today’s world. Stop all the drama and man up. Have the guts to tell the truth. Nothing makes a man powerful just by treating women wrong or accusing them for your wrong doing. Do they think God doesn’t see that? Was God not around when they f* up? Was God not listening to the pleas of the person they hurt? I was a Muslim once myself and I left Islam not for any other religion but only the sake of humanity. I have seen the worst of people in Islam and how they treat other humans. They think they can do whatever their heart desire and then pray to Allah and all their sins wash away. No that’s not the case the pain that you cause others will eventually come back to haunt you and God will punish you in his own way.just like charity starts from home, start respecting your relatives and see the difference.

  51. Please be advised that Shoaib is a PSYCHO.
    A person who has no self respect and can stoop to the lowest point of the human kind. He is a PIMP.
    All lies posted here just like in his marriage.

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