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Sunni vs Salafi

Sunni and Salafi are two sects of Islam and Salafi are also known as ahle hadith. During the British rule in the Indian sub continent many major differences emerged in the Muslims which led to the intra-Muslim rivalry. It was in this period that many sects came into view such as deobandi, brailvi and ahle hadith or Salafi. Salafi emerged as a separate sect or maslak in a gradual process in the sub continent of India. The Salafis are a fundamentalist group that seeks to imitate the behavior of early Muslims.

The real difference between Sunni and Salafi is that Sunnis believe Prophet Muhammad is Nur or enlightened soul to guide the Muslims whereas the Salafis believe he is a normal human being like me and you. Sunni and Salafi both have separate mosques and madrasas or schools. The Salafi rely solely upon the Quran and the hadith or Sunah of the prophet narrated by his companions.

The Sunnis believe in the four imams and their school of thought whereas ahle hadith do not believe in taqleed or associationism. The Orthodox Sunnis have rigid beliefs in compliance with the four schools of thoughts of Sunni jurisprudence whereas Salafis follow only when their ruling is supported by Quran and Sunnah.They have aggressive attitude towards the Sunni beliefs and they openly oppose the customs of Sunnis.

Salafi also do not believe in the cults of the saints and emphasize upon the obliteration of bida`h or wrongful innovation in Islam. Many Sunnis kneel before graves or prostrate that is strongly opposed by the Salafis. Sunnis believe in the intercession of the last Prophet and saints whether they are living or dead whereas the Salafi strictly oppose the arbitration and do not believe in the saints.

Many Sunni see the Salafi as a hidden front of the Wahabis. Sunnis emphasize upon the adoration of the Prophet and the saints whereas Salafis fiercely oppose and have antagonistic attitude towards taqlid. Taqlid is a popular custom of Sunnis. Sunnis believe in the mysticism and ‘kalam.’ Sunnis celebrate the birthday of the holy Prophet and saints. They also commemorate Urs or the day of the death of saints. Salafis denounce these practices and despise the kalam or poetry of various saints and scholars in Islam because they believe that these innovations are only spreading misguidance and misleading the Muslims. Salafis place great emphasis on rituals and make religion a part of everyday activity. Many of them are careful to always follow the example of Muhammad and the companions. Much of the Salafi literature focuses on the intricate details of ritual practices and beliefs. Much of their publications teach the ‘correct’ methods of praying as well as rules and regulations related to dress, food or marriage etc to attack rival Muslim including Sunnis and other groups.

1.Salafi emerged as a separate sect and minority in the Indian subcontinent during the British reign and have separate mosques and institutions than that of Sunnis.
2.Sunni are the majority group and almost 90% of Muslim community belongs to Sunni sect.
3.Salafi have fundamentalist beliefs and they condemn Sunni rituals and customs.
4.Sunni believe in the intercession, prostration and arbitration by the saints whereas Salafis call these practices as bida`h or wrongful innovations in Islam.
5.Salafi despise taqleed or associationalism and do not believe in saints or mysticism. They believe that Holy Prophet is just an ordinary human being whereas Sunnis believe that he is Nur sent to Earth in the form of a human being.

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  1. wallah your bid’ah ad misleading don’t be a hypocrite, i have never heard someone saying the prophet (sas) was a nur sent in a form of a human staqfurullah you deserved to be slapped but i let allah deal with you.

    • seems like he has small knowledge, he is only considering Brelvi sect as Sunni.

    • Asalamalaikum
      Just a genuine request to all Muslimah can you please stop discrimination among yourself and identify yourself as Ummati of Prophet Muhammad saw pbuh rather than hanafi, sunni…..Main focus should be to live life strictly according to teaching of Prophet Muhammad saw pbuh and die with no regrets.Each muslimah either sunni ..Salafi are proud that we are ummati of Prophet Muhammad saw pbuh .. So please live in peace n be kind n generous and polite to your Muslim brother

  2. Once again, Salafi or Ahl-E-Hadith is a branch of Sunni School of thought. Salafi, Wahhabi or Ahl-E-Hadith base their practices on the teaching of Ibn Taimiyyah, who interpretted Islam in a much more strict manner than any other scholar.

    Al Qaeda, Taleban, Sipah-E-Sihaba, Lashkar E Jhangwi, all major radical terrorist groups who calim to be followers of Islam, are in fact followers of Ibn Taimiyyah.

    • Please brothers before writing something, you must have knowledge and you must be unbiased. Sunni includes: Hanafi, Shafi, Hambly, Malki and Ahle Hadees. The only difference is Ahle Hadees prefer authentic ahadith collected by our Sunni Scholar Imam Bukhari, Imam Muslim, Imam Tirmizi and so on. On the other hand Hanafi, Shafi , Hamby and Malki prefer Ahadith collected and conveyed by their Imams. And there is not much difference, as we all can pray behind every imam. Example in Haram, we have hambi and ahle hadees Imaam but we all pray behind them. Same rakat and same posture: qayam, ruku and sajda. Brother is confused, Al Quida, Sipe Sahiba, Talibaan, etc these are tehreeq and it has different purposes. People from all sects can join them.

      • your right. Saudi scholar’s are mujtahid, they follow madhab, but when they come across strong hadith, they that the madhab, they will follow their opinion, which is what any imam of madhab told.

        None of the four imams told that one should follow them, but they told to follow there opinion if there is any strong and authentic hadith which contradicts their opinion.

    • The taliban follow Ulema e Deoband, hence they are sunni not followers of Ibn Taymiyyah.

    • Please my dear respected Islamic brother! its my advice to study Quraan Paak and Ahaadis Mubarka then comment.
      Be Only True Muslim but never distribute yourself in sects.
      It is forbidden in Quraan to distribute in Sects as Allah Almighty Says in Quraan,
      “Hold firmly the rope (Quraan) of Allah, and don’t make sects”.

      So their is no capacity to make any sect.

      Their are only two major sects in Islam;Sunni and Shia.
      Sunni Sect has sub-sects like Deobandi , Ahl-hadees, Brailvi, but all are Sunnis.
      The difference between them is that Ahlehadees don’t choose any single Islamic school of thought but obey on hadees that is true in all respect.
      Deoband and brailvi are the follower of Imam Abu Hanifa’s school of thought, the difference between them is that Deobandi only obey Quraan and true Hadeeses and act according to the sayings of Holy Prophet Hazrat Mohammad S.A.W.W but Brailvi do Bidda, they prostrate shrines (Ziarats),and Saints and beg prayers to their saints whether dead or alive Whereas Deobandi Only Pray to Allah and prostrate only before Allah.

      O My Allah Almighty show us the right path,and fill our hearts with only Your Love and love for Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W and Quraan!
      O My Allah Almighty bestow us good consideration of Islam,and Unite we all Muslims!

      • To the brother who said Allah said in the Quran don’t make sects please tell me the verse and chapter. The prophet (saw) said My ummah will split into seventy-three sects, all of whom will be in Hell except one group.” They said: Who are they (who will be the saved sect), O Messenger of Allaah? He said: “(Those who follow) that which I and my companions follow.” One of the scholars said if we were at the time of the prophet the sahabah and his followers it would be correct to just say we are muslim. But now it is different because everyone says we are muslim, even the deviants and the misguided people. So it is to distinguish ourselves from the people of bidah. Im not sure what scholar it was I think it was sheikh al Fawzan (raheemullah).

        • please check Qur’an 3:102 for the reference where Allah told us not break into sects

        • Dear my muslim brother you asked the verse and chapter of the verse .Hadn’t allah prohibit from dissection /division/ and unnecessary debate? any how I shall tell you the chapter 03:verse 103 Allah subhanahu wetee’ala says that””O Blievers ; all of you Tie to each other with/by the rope /quran& sunna(hadith) /of Allah and don’t dissect b/n you and remember Allah’s gift on you ;when you were enemies of each other and Allah makes u/standing (agreement) among your hearts then you dawned brethers(sisters) ofeach other …….. in order to lead you !!!

      • Brother.. you are misleading us.Berelawis do prostate grave.is a lie.prostration is only for Allah subhanahuwa’taala.

    • who is taimiyah?

  3. Some true points but many wrongs ones, you have misunderstood sunnis for brelvis (a sect of sunnis) and misunderstood salafis as a group started in india and that dont take from the four schools of thoughts.

    few corrections. salafis follow the four schools of thought necuase as you said they imitate early muslims and do this by quran and hadith. four schools is built on quran and hadith. The Real difference in this matter is that Salafis do not follow one particular school of thought and sunnis follow one of the four rigidly,

    • Dear brother,

      The subject article is based on research and the difference is 100 percent true. I will recommend you with respect that please just once go through the Quran with understanding you will Insha Allah get the ability to distiguish between right and wrong.

      • No I disagree

        Through reading Qur’an and Sunnah by yourself . You can achieve everything is wrong..We have to follow only oneMadhab which is prevailing in your country,this way you can be rightly guided.. because every Madhab is based on Qur’an and sunnah.. Above article is full of misleading information..such Sunnis prostate saints grave is a fabricated lie
        . And Origin of salafism is India is also a lie.. Origin of salafism is Saudi Arabia.Salafism is a kind of variant of Wahabism.Saudi Arabian government has been spending million s of dollars to spread their brand of salafism all over the world and to misguide Muslim youth.. okay.

  4. Salafiyah is a manhaj (path) to be more accurate is “to the right path”. As we can see nowadays, there are so many muslim sects claimed to be sunni but their manhaj are not clear. The practise of Islam were not to the required standard by the AlQuran and the Al Hadis.
    This statement ” Salafi have fundamentalist beliefs and they condemn Sunni rituals and customs”
    is mostly inaccurate and misleading. For the true muslims, it is advisable to enrich our knowlege before we fall into this “FITNAH”.

    • the author is biased and lack knowledge. Salafis are pure terrorists and funded by CIA. do you need proof more than al-quida and taliban during soviet war. Salafis are shields of saudi royal family. once that saudi family is brought down these salafism will be on ground like boneless worm.

      Salafis dont believe in Islam,. they only believe in violence.

    • As I have learned from history ,the difference in opinion always exits, even at the time of holy prophet (PBH). But when our prophet was alive every doubt was being addressed and no one among Muslim could dare to confront holy prophet because he was the fist and final authority. Everything stated by holy prophet about 1400 years ago could not be documented and was being merely memorized by the followers. After the demise of holy prophet (PBH) every one expressed the ideas or the statements of holy prophet with the essence of his own mind and that is why differences were created. This is normal human error. Holy prophet (PBH) gave solution to this problem through Ijtihad (consultaion). which is unluckily not being practiced in its true sense. This problem also exists in Christianity and other religions. Salfi’s believe in Quran and sunnah as our holy prophet said that you will not be derailed until and unless you follow Quran and my sunnah. So every one who follows these two things should be confident that he is on the right path. here I mean to say that all the sect in Islam salfi, Sunny, Shia. are merely due to the difference of opinion otherwise all are one and same. It has happen many times when the leaders of these sect sst together , they accommodated each other but some elements who have a little or no knowledge , elaborate the differences without listening others and create problems. Now as we are having more education in our society and the individuals are not relying only on the cult, they study Quran with its true meanings and follow the right path. Hence understanding with consultation is developing and sectarian conflicts are minimizing that is why Islam is progressing day by day.

    • Followers of salafism are extremists.Theyare most intolerable people.Theirintention is to defame Imam Abu Hanifa and disprove Hanafi Madhab.İmam Abu Hanifa was a tabeyi and a mustahid..İf Imam Abu Hanifa was wrong being a tabeyi then how Al Bani is right.. without being anything..?. Even Imam Bukhari was a great Hafız i hadis but not mustahid Imam or Imam Al Fiqh..İf any group want to flourish Imam Bukhari to be a Imam Al Fiqh would not possible.. Because Imam Bukhari was also a muqallid (follower) Imam Shafi..

  5. “Many Sunnis kneel before graves or prostrate that is strongly opposed by the Salafis”

    That is so wrong in so many ways! True Muslims only kneel and prostrate towards ALLAH ALONE. NO-ONE ELSE!
    If you made a mistake then inshallah Allah will forgive you. If it was out of spite then may Allah deal with you justly.

  6. I should say that this article here is completely biased in its views, it makes Sunni look like idiots and glorifies the salafis. … Im not so much knowledgeable myself but the sunni creed follows the school of thought of the Prophet (saw) his companions & those who follow them, and those who follow them.
    It shoul b noted that both imaam Sha’afi & imaam hanafi stresses that if we ever find something in their books that contradicts the hadith of the prophet (saw), leave my book & follow the hadeeth,the salafi sect emerged in the british rule, & how can the claim that they are a rightly guided lot by saying that all the muslims were in darkness for the last 1250 years….. Strange

    • Salafi mean one who follows Manhaj or methodology of Salafs i.e.,the people of first three generations of islam. Since Salafs are from the very first period of islam, how can u say that salafis were born during British rule? In fact, deobandis and barelvis were born during british rule.

      • the present day salafis are a creation of the British

          • The followers of the Ahl al-Hadith movement claim their beliefs and practices to be the same as those of early Muslims and, in particular, the Rashidun (rightly guided caliphs). The movement rose to prominence in the 9th century AD during the Abbasid era to counter the beliefs of Mutazilities. They again drew attention in the post-Mongol era, when Ibn Taymiyyah (1263–1328) started a reformist movement to purge the Islamic community of deviant beliefs.

            Its six founders were Muhammad Qasim Nanotvi, Muhammad Yaqub Nanautawi, Shah Rafi al-Din, Sayyid Muhammad Abid, Zulfiqar Ali, Fadhl al-Rahman ‘Usmani and Rashid Ahmad Gangohi. They played a key role in establishing similar institutions in other parts of the Indian subcontinent. Meanwhile Tablighi Jamaat, founded in 1926 by Muhammad Ilyas al-Kandhlawi, promoted the ideas of the Deobandi school worldwide.

            Barelvi (Hindi: बरेलवी, Urdu: بریلوی
            , /bəreːlviː/) is a term used for the movement of Sufi , Sunni Islam originating in the Indian subcontinent. The Movement is known as Ahle Sunnat movement to its followers.The movement traces its history to mid nineteen century when in 1857 Allama Fazl-e-Haq Khairabadi (1797–1861) issued fatwa against Wahabism in 1857. This movement against Wahabi Ideology continued and was shaped by the writings of Ahmed Raza Khan Barelvi (1856–1921). The movement has taken a stand against all hardliner ideologies running in the name of Islam. It defended against contemporary traditionalist Islamic beliefs and practices and from the criticisms of movements like the Deobandi, Wahabi and Ahl al-Hadith. This included a defence of many traditional practices and rites associated with popular Sufism.
            now u tell who is correct and on right way sufiazam come in aftar war name jang e azadi 1856,7 ???????

      • Washington, May 22 (ANI): A self-proclaimed Saudi cleric said that if women turn on air-conditioners at home in their husband’s absence could lead to moral depravities.
        The man claiming to be Salafist-Wahhibist cleric posted on Twitter that if any woman turns on the cooler ventilator in the absence of her husband, someone might notice her presence home and this might bring about immorality.
        Salafists and Wahhibists are ultra-conservatives of Sunni Muslims hailing from Saudi Arabia and have issued frequent fatwas in the past.
        According to the Washington Times, in an earlier incident another cleric claiming to be of the Salafist sect posted on YouTube a video claiming rape of non-Sunni and non-Muslim women as acceptable. (ANI)

  7. Since my youth days I was invited by the gair muqallideen towards their group.

    Very frequently I was asked “why division into four” “were there any madhabs during sahabah period” “show from quran and saheeh hadeeth” etc.

    Some times I was getting attracted towards them but…Now the fifth group (which was formed to oppose the four groups) is splitting and it is a continuos process.

    In my city the split is so hard, the city has witnessed daggers and swords coming out and the police intervening. I have myself heard each group calling the other group mushriks (not deviants).

    Quoted from Moulvi Abdul wahab’s khutbaat amaaraath (1976). “There are about sixteen sub-sects among the gair muqallids,here are a few among them

    1. Jamaat gurba-e-ahle-hadeeth 1313AH

    2. Confrerence ahle hadeeth 1328AH

    3. Firqa Thanaiyah 1338AH

    4. Firqa hanfiyah ataiyah 1330AH

    5. firqa ameer shariath ssooba bihaar 1339AH

    6. Firqa gaznaviyah 1353AH

    7. Firqa Jameeath Ahle hadeeth 1370 AH

    8. Firqa Mohihdeen lakhvi 1378AH

    9. Firqa gurba-e-ahle hadeeth 1313AH

    Then gurba-e-ahle hadeeth was split and Tanzeem ropdi was formed Jamaathul muslimeen is the latest addition.

    There are serious to very serious differences among these sects.

    Prof Mubarak gair muqallid writes “jamaath gurba ahle hadeeth was formed to support the British rule, oppose the jihaad against them
    and oppose the muhadditeen (ulama ahnaaf and tahreek mujahideen).

    He continues “Gurba ahlehadeeth was founded to oppose the muhadditeen ……… Jamaat gurba ahle hadeeth is a rebel group, they have no relation with the ahle hadeeth. Rather all the group memebers along with their ameer should compulsory be slaughtered”

    Jamatul muslimeen writes “Stick to Jamaat-ul-Muslimeen and it’s Imam———-Stay away from all
    sects (including core ahlo hadeeth group)” and “Whosoever opposes Jamaat-ul-Muslimeen, He removes the chain of Islam from His neck.”

    No hanbli has told such thing against hanafee, shafaee , maliki or vice versa.

    Now will the salafees, ahloo hadeeth etc. have to answer; ” 4 or 400 ”

    thanks and peace.

  8. Astagfirullah this is information on sunnis is WRONG
    we do not think the prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is nur
    and we dont celebrate birthdays or death days
    this article is misleading people and giving false info. on sunnis

    • then u r not a sunni , u r a wahhbi , nasibi,

      • sunni are not celebrating dead the sect that are doing that are sufi not sunni though salafi are more rigid than sunni but both follow the same track

    • those who don’t celebrate the birtday of our beloved prophet (saws) the rehmatulil alemeen -are the most ungrateful people in the world .

      those who don’t morn the martyrdom of our beloved prophet(saws) ,do so too hide the crimes of their so called heroes.

      • so the ones who do not celebrate the birthday of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) are ungrateful? then astaghfirullah that means that the companians(RAA) of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) are ungrateful as they Never celebrated the mawlid

      • LOL If Islam is based on birthdays then MTV probably has the best and most righteous Muslims. AK get it through your thick head that salafis, ahle hadith, deobandis, bralevis and the four fiqh schools and many others are are all considered mainstream Sunnis. There is Sunnah and then there is SHITE. To be a Muslim all you need is the shahadah and from then God knows if you tried your best to follow the Quran from the lens of its instructor ,Muhammad (pbuh). I think the salafis are to blame for the hatred against them. Their approach is wrong, you have to treat brelavis as Muslims because 60% they are okay and the rest 40% they are a joke, go to their mosques it doesn’t feel like a Mosque but more of a circus BUT it does not mean they are not Muslims so treat them with respect AND DO NOT CALL THEM bidiat lovers and kafirs because shahadas enough to qualify as a Muslim. To all Brelavis concerned if the Hadith is not founded on truth or your beliefs are not founded in the Sunnah then try to except it if you can’t then that is okay only if you can honestly prove your view because not everything is clear cut but don’t go crazy with labeling others kafir because if any one has weaknesses in their faith are brelavis after the Shia.

    • basically brother what he wanted to say is that we celebrate the birth and death days but modestly without extravagence an pomp……

    • you are non muslim

  9. The selafi are not muslim they are kafir

    • mind ur language you should further study salafi are against shirk and are true muslims and spreadind rapidly ever where because of their true belief.

      • they are spreading becoz of the Saudi money and the US &Zionist support,
        the salafis are the enemies of Islam( a religion of peace and compassion), the salafis of today are criminals murderers serving their British Zionist and american masters,,,how many wars have they fought against the western corruption and how many Muslims have they killed in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Yemen, Libya,,????????????
        how successful are they in tarnishing the name of Islam,
        You really need to open your mind and eyes to the truth, and have the courage to condemn the salafi wahhabis.
        do the present day slafist follow our beloved Prophet’s manners, behavior,and compassion,,,, did our beloved Prophet behave like this with other muslims and the sahaba & munafeqeen– he changed people with his character,,,, and who are the salafis of today, OSAMA BIN LADEN ,ABULSHAYITAN ( AHLE SAUDI),SIPAH E SAHABA, ( they are not even animals , they are monsters) forcing their illiteracy upon other muslims

    • they r worst than kafirs,the mushriques

    • you are nonsense you read the Quran and Hadith and then u will come to know who is Kafir.

    • read kalima again brother bcoz u said muslim kafer

  10. There is no difference between Sunni and Salafi. Salafis are a form of Sunni who simply follow the example of the first few generations after the Prophet (SAW). Technically, anyone who follows a madhab is a salafi, but this is of course debatable. What isn’t is that this article really doesn’t understand Islam and Muslims.

  11. Dear Author,

    It is not premissable for sunnis to venerate saints or pray before graves. This kind of stuff is done by Shities and Sufis. There is no Sunni haddith that permits this type of behavior. Also, Salafi are Sunni.

  12. Some of the information is incorrect here, it’s not that sunnis believe the prophet (saw) is nur but some believe he is present and all hearing which is an attribute of allah (swt).

    This is more of the brelvi belief.

    The author needs to repent as this is misleading
    Shows you not to trust the internet always for islamic info!

  13. Islam has no sects in the first place, Islam is one religion.
    And the descriptions of these so called sects is plain inaccurate and wrong!

    • I’m so confused, and Reading the Quran and reading Sahih Al Bukhari are we warned of such things a division and sects??? And did Allah swt referring to His servants or our Prophet (saws) referring to his Umma ever call them Sunnis, Salaf, etc… A close family member is now a follower of the Salaf and this page alarms me and strengthen my belief that to call yourself anything other than a Muslim is haram and any decisions, rulings, etc from any scholar, Iman. etc…that goes against or us not supported, or weakly supported by first Quran, then Sunnah is bid ah isn’t? Please answer intelligently…. shu qraun

  14. I do not know where you got you info from sunnis do not kneel to gaves like you said quote “Many Sunnis kneel before graves or prostrate” you are stupid


  16. the ri8 way is d prothetic way.do any1 think islam is nt complted before 4 imams.so,why now belifs on imams.no need of imams. Mhod saw is enough 4 true muslims

  17. the wahhabis/salafis/tabligis are nothing but the agents of the former British empire, the bedoin blood thirsty Saud clan was propped up by the British( Lawrence of Arabia)
    The British first tried to create divide among the Muslims by creating the Ahmediya sect in the Indian sub continent and the Ba’hai sect in Iran, since both the liars fell flat on their faces after some time , they decided to play a new game , no claims of new prophet hood or about the awaited Savior the MAHDI, this time they would only invoke the name of Allah ,as per the teachings of abdul wahhab and ibne tahimya,,, and with the power of blood thirsty saudi clan and then the oil money the managed to create this new creed of Crusaders dressed in Muslim garb, its so obvious all these so called salafis wahabbis are allies with the Americans and won’t move a finger against the Zionist —

  18. the only fact that prophet Mohammed (pbuh) was able to reach so close to Allah(during Shab e mehraj) where even jibraeel alaihisalam could not reach; in itself proves that prophet Mohammed (pbuh) was a part of the purest form of Allah’s noor that even the king of angels was not a part of. You dont deserve a slap but true enlightenment:)

  19. I follow the sect of Mohammmad (PBUH), If he was salafi, I am a salafi too. If he was a shafi then I am a shafi too. In fact I belong to the sect Mohammad (PBUH) belonged to.

  20. This is the wrongest article I have ever read in my entire life!! I wonder which Mickey Mouse magazine have you gotten these funny info!

  21. By following the prophet pbuh we should all be one terminate these sects its causing way to much bk.fusion and hatred towards other brothers in Islam we are one brotherhood let’s stay firm together and not break away by sectioning away from others follow the teachings of the prophet pbuh

  22. I think who-ever wrote the article is uneducated by definition it looks more to me that he describes Shia religion being different from then Sunni/Salfi religion. There are more then 25Errors just in 1article Good Job!

    Since salfis are sunnis and sunnis are salfis they are just different names for the same thing.

  23. It is advised to pray to God directly and that is why kneeling before graves is considered bad.Salafis are simply Sunnis.And the ‘terrorists’ mentioned earlier follow the right rules, it’s just that they use wrong methods to make others understand them.Bombing mosques is not what the prophet(pbuh) preached.They create suicide bombers who die believing they will reach heaven.What if some true believer of Allah died in their blast? There are many other diplomatic and political ways of making people understand the flaw in their innovated worship.If people keep on creating a new sect everyday, then they will end up fighting with each other.If only our leaders were less corrupt, Shariah Law would’ve been fully enacted.It would have shown people the lines that they cannot cross.Some of it’s punishments can be misused by the leaders as they are essentially corrupt.

  24. Dear All,
    Sunnis are on the right track,,, they are the backbone right form the basics. The Tablighi, salafi’s, etc are just based on an individual ideology to divide the muslims. My friends believe in the Prophet as Nurr,, because he went to La-Maqah, in one night, so he did traveled with the speed of light and any material body cannot travel at this speed. The Prophet was a Noor,, Sunni’s are right and Alhe-sunnat jammat is on the right tracks. The Tablighi, salafis, etc. seems to be blind as they cannot find the Love of Allah for our prophet. Tablighi zammat walo suddhar joa,, aakhe kholo.

    • “Tabligh Jamaat” you are a really fool or ignorent. They are not a salafi, they are real Ahele Sunnat Wal Jammat you idiot.

      • the salafis follow wahhabi and deoband ideology ,while the sunnis follow barelvi ideology

        • Salafi means mostly ahele khabis which was created in the time of British empire to oppose Ulemas, those had been partisipating in jihad against british. These ulema mostly belong to Deoband, britsh had created lot of fitna’s to oppose ulema-e-deoband for example Ahemad raza barely, Ahele Khabis & qadiyani.

        • Salafi means mostly ahele khabis which was created in the time of British empire to oppose Ulemas, those had been partisipating in jihad against british. These ulema mostly belong to Deoband, britsh had created lot of fitna’s to oppose ulema-e-deoband for example Ahemad raza barely, Ahele Khabis & qadiyani. These are mentioned in the books of british viceroy’s and their documents, if you want you can find it on net.

  25. assalam walaikum :my dear brothers prophet mohammed is not a noor he is bashar he was a human being like us im not compare ing him with us and we cant .
    read the quran and shee hadith in which way sahaba were understanding thabeen and tabeathabeen not todays mullha and molvi some r correct some r wrong ,so go too the hadith and quran dont simply follow check wetather this is right or wrong so pray too allah (S.W.T) to guide us in stright phat and to read quran and hadith in shahee way and for other also .

    • yes you need t0 pray harder and sincerely,cause you are lost and brain washed by the salafist and their saudi zionist money

    • Dear brother,
      if u dont know anything please dont talk about it. Our Prophet was a nurr,, if u dont understand then please read about mehraaj….
      Mere Aaka ki kadmoo ki dhul bhi humse bohot aala makam pe hai bhai,,, please aapne aapko unjhesa mat samjhoo…


  26. Omg u chat sense please just be quiet you poor ignorant!

  27. Here is a link that discusses the primary doctrinal difference between the Sunnis and the Wahhabis:


    This exposes the contradictions and absurdities in the Wahhabi creed:


    This link shows the connection between Wahhabism and extremism:


    Read more: Difference Between Sunni and Wahabi | Difference Between | Sunni vs Wahabi http://www.differencebetween.net/language/difference-between-sunni-and-wahabi/#ixzz20tEMtnLM





    • I dont think you can no God or Allah by knowledge. I see alot of hurt when that happens. How can we being human know God or Allah, Is it even possible. Can we just read something and assume or were we raised up in it at an early age. Just stop and look up and give your wife and kids a kiss and tell them that you love them. Is this it were we created for madness. Love you guys God bless. P.S I think it has to be spirtual birth.

  29. Salaams everyone.

    It is sad to see an article containing such misinformation and even more sad to see “muslims” bickering so boldly. The more sects that are created in fitna the closer we come to the day of judgement. I have already concluded we will never be fully united until after the trials of the Dajjal but I wish everyone would take into consideration that the moment you label yourself a sunni, shia, salafi, ahmadi, etc., you create division. And when you create division, you weaken the strength that was once evident in unification. We have Qur’an, we have Sunnah. Deviations from that is innovation and expressly forbidden by Allah. There were no sects when Muhammad completed conveying the Qur’an except believer, and disbeliever. People of truth, and people of hipocracy. When people ask me what type of Muslim I am, I respond I am Muslim. That is it. I believe in Allah, the Prophets, the Angels, the Shaytan, the Jinn and all other unseen that only Allah has knowledge of, the Torah, the Gospel, and the Quran, the Day of Judgement, Paradise and Hellfire. So the next time you label yourself, ask yourself do YOU want to be part of the reason for the disunity of Muslims which has caused the tainted view of Islam for those who are not familiar with Islam? Do YOU want to be part of the reason for the people killed in skirmishes between “sects” of the same religion? Do you want to negatively contribute to the inevitable signs of the Last Day? Do you want to have blood on your hands because instead of following a way of peace you followed unholy innovations that ultimately leads to violence, corruption, injustice, and a break down of truth and prosperity? Look at the status of Muslims globally and ask yourself how these dis-unified “sects” have added anything in the way of economic stability, growth or world peace. 1 God, 1 Qur’an, 1 Ummah. Remember there is only Paradise or Hellfire, no in between. The Ummah is worldwide. Either you are helping it, or hindering it. There is no in between.


    • Ameen. I totally agree with you.

      The writer of this article should have asked Allah for guidance and knowledge. Because it’s sees only ahle sunnath wal djmaat as sunni, though there are more groups that fits this category.

  30. there is no
    Sunni who knelt on grave for prayer this totally wrong and the writer of this paragraph is creating division of Islam . Muslim is one religion . salafis
    are a group of people funded by enemies of Islam

  31. AGREED…….100%%%

  32. This article is not a as wrong as both sunnis and salafis are claiming. Sunnis don’t prostrate on graves but few ignorants. Salafis comments are most deceptive here. Salafism is only opposing mainstream sunni islam and it has no other significant identity.

  33. Only wasting the time
    all my brothers and sister read quran and ahadees this is only a solution.

  34. I think you must have meant to entitle this article: ‘The Difference Between Sufis and Salafis’.

  35. I request all my Muslim brothers not to debate anymore on this post, since the person who posted the article himself/herself is lacking the correct knowledge and trying to create confusions.

  36. I agreed 100%. Please be Muslim, Kuffar are killing you and they call you only Muslims and you kill each other calling different names. that is why Allah ask: if someone ask you, who are you? tell him you are Muslim.
    Brothers, It is very painful to see you fighting for nothing.

  37. muslims be united only then u will crush kuffar note out salafis are most closest to quran and hadees.

  38. I read that there will be 73 sects of muslims but only one will see paradise. I may have quoted this wrong,but none the less I do not classify myself as sunni,sufi salif or any other sect, I am a muslim that asks Allah for guidance and wisdom. I try to follow the Quran and the sunnah to bthe best of my ability. Allah is the only Judge . When a brother or sister takes thier shahadah purely for the sake of Allah, then he/she is my muslim brother and I do not ask whether they are sunni,salif or shiite,mI only view them as being Muslim. There is none perfect but Allah and man will always fall short or sin. Most of us know when we are accepting or doing something contrary to what Allah has ordainedfir us to do because our heart will appeal to us. So whether you are Salifi,Sunni or what ever you choose to call yourself ,you ae muslim first and foremost and every other muslim that has taken thier shahadah is your brother/sister. May Allah bring us all together as one body,Insha Allah.

  39. Wow, this article is SO biased. It’s pretty evident that the person who wrote this favored Salafi’s. Almost everything mentioned in this article about Sunni’s is FALSE.

  40. I have read the article and all the comments. I think if there is no difference then salfis should relinquish the tiltle as Sunah wal Jamat is the name of muslim comunity following Hazrat Moawiya from the day of agreement between Imam Hassan and Moawiya. However Salfis are more ancient, they are actually enemies of Hazrat Muhammad (S.W) and his All. At different time they adopted different names, now a day they are Salfi.
    According to me every one has right to promote his belief. So everyone should take it lightly. A Muslim is one how believe that Allah is One and only and Mohammad(S.W) is slave of Allah and His last Messenger. If some one think that Hazrat Muhammad(S.W) is not Noor and a human like them, ok they must believe him last messenger, as He himself says(Quran)I am a man like you, Allah send Wahi to me. So if they are like Him then why Wahi does not come to them.
    Hazrat Muhammad (S.W) shape and structure wise are human, but he has the ablity to cross the limit which Noori creaturs(Angles) can not. So what is the name of this ablity? whether this ability makes Him special(Khair ul Bashir)? He is Rahmat ul lil Alameen, is there any salfi who can claim rehmat for his family, his society his country?
    I pray if these salfies has ability for Islah, then may Almighty Allah bring them to right path and if they are unable for Islah then may He send them in hell.

  41. Why write things that are not true about Sunni. You should not write about a topic you have no knowledge of assuming that this is a honest mistake. I am a sunni and I know what I practice and what I do not.. this post is simply wrong. You should not try to cause issues between different ‘sects’ – we’re all Muslims at the end of the day!

  42. Muslim brothers and sisters don’t you understand that you are calling another muslim a kaffir which is clearly a big sin b/c anyone who said LA ELLAH ELE LLLAH MOHAMMED AL RESOOLU LLAH is a muslim no matter what he did you can never call him a kaffir i don’t care if you are a sunni or sellefi you are commiting a big sin by doing that so before you call someone kaffir please first know about your din i wander how many of you know the five pillars of islam and doing it all and also how many of you will go to heaven yet you talk about someonr else going to hell even the sehabbas never slept all night like us they spent the whole night praying after they were promissed that they are going to heaven let alone tellig another muslim he is ging to hell by the way the writer is clearly an enemy of islam not even a friend to the selefi whome he praised b/c an enemy of islam is also an enemy of all so called sectes of islam or he has a lack of knowledge if that is the case my ALLAH give him that

  43. Religion will continue to divide, hate and kill people. The term religion does not sound positive for the human experience. There are millions of so called religious people but possibly one god. Therefore there is no God in the temples, churches or mosques, therefore it does not matter if you pray you will probably praying to yourself because it is the limited human mind which created these religions. A limited mind can only create limited knowledge. Don’t believe anything. Regard things on a scale of probabilities. The things that seem most absurd, put under ‘Low Probability’, and the things that seem most plausible, you put under ‘High Probability’. Never believe anything. Once you believe anything, you stop thinking and become conditioned to repeat what you are told. If God were to exist, wouldn’t you expect there to be a huge benefit to those who follow and obey him? Why, instead, do we see the opposite? In other words, religion is harmful, not helpful. The reason is because God is imaginary and religious delusion is hurting all of us. Human relationship has reached its end mainly because religion has divided us since the dawn of time.

    • I response to Shadan,
      Dear, your statement is a strong indication that you don’t have any awareness about Islam and it is my humble request to first study Islam and then join this forum. I am sure your opinion will change. Now a days, Internet is full of Islamic literature and you don’t need to go to any one personally for the sake of awareness. Please enlighten yourself with truth about Islam and the way it is attracting millions of people every day despite many controversies. Thank you very much.

    • Your point of view indicates that your knowledge about Islam is quiet limited. Islam in fact is a philosophy that is meant to unite human being as they all belong to one start i-e Adam, irrespective of colour, race and social status. So the idea that the religion is to divide is totally wrong. If you study Islam and its philosophy in detail, I am sure your opinion will change. Please search Google you will find a lot of websites under this headings. If not I of course can guide you. Thank you very much.

  44. Dear Brothers.Salamualikom wa rahmatulahe wa barakatoo.
    I have a question? Im 30 years old and im suni muslin and accept and blive all the 4 imams. My father and grandfather follows the imam abu hanifa (RTA) and i pray like my parents and the imam in masjed did. Now i move to Denmark and i face a problem with the imam which is the imam of our masjid.
    He says, in salatul Jumah you dont have to pray 4 rekat sunaate- muakad before salatul jumah, and when you are finish with salatul jumah, you have to pray to rekat sunaat mukad and nothing more. I have prayed 15 years or more like my parents do. befor slatul jumah i pray 2 rekat sunat for masjid 4 rekat sunate muakad, and hear the khtbaa. then i pray slatul jumah and after that i pray 4 rekat sunaate mukad and 2 rekat sunate mukad agin. i told the imam in our masjid that i pray like this and he says thats wrong, you cant pray 4 rekat sunaat befor and after slatul jumah. you have to pray to rekat for masjid when you inter the masjid and hear the khotbaa pray 2 rekat slatul jumah and 2 rekat after salatul jumah which is also sunate muakad and nothing more. So i have a Quistion now. Do the million muslim brother and sister pray wrong in Afghanistan-Pakistan and etc. and are the all 4 imams wrong and teach the forllower wrong way of islam or is my imame Masjid wrong? He blive in all 4 imams and accept what they says but he says im following the Hadis e sharif and there is no hadees which tells os to pray like you do. So you are wrong. Now agin i asks you guys if anyone know what the right way is can you guys explain it to me and are all those many million people praying wrong.? I’m canfused and dont know what is wrong and right.?

    Salamulaikom wa rahmatullah…

  45. All the stuff said in this article are the beliefs of Barelvis & Sufis, who are a deviant sect of Sunnis; the vast majority of Sunnis do not believe in these.

    Ahle Hadith is a fifth school of thought in Sunni jurisprudence

  46. For all who are attacking salafiyah shall know if islam exists in original form it exists in salafiyah.

  47. There’s some misinformation in this article. Sunnis nor Salafis, believe Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was an enlightened soul or nur. They both believe he was a messenger of God.



    • This is the prove of your stupidity. If you have no prove you shouldn’t utter like that. People like you are trying to mislead people who wish to enter Islam.What is meant by Sunni and Salfi, This is a complete nonsense. try to be a Muslim first and that is enough for you. Sunni or Salfi are terms those have evolved due to difference in opinion. If you have a little sense you can understand easily.If no,then you go your own.but ultimately you will recognize the truth if you are true ti yourself. this is what i believe. you should follow scholars of the time and ask them May Allah guide you to the right path.

  49. To consider salafi’s as sunni’is a grotesque misrepresentation of Islam. They are a reformist innovative movement. Islam came as reformist movement not to be reformed.

  50. first of all the title ahle hadees is itself wrong in its place…. coz there is huge difference between hadees and sunnah…. prophet told follow my sunnah and the practice of sahaba…. not follow my hadith

  51. Ahlehadees are not on the right track

    • assalam alikum : enemy of islam has penetrated every sect of islam and cause deviation , by using mainly exageration algulo.we should avoid algulo and all sect of sunni moslem becom close together’. the prophet said :avoid algulo in religion it destroyed the nations before you .

  52. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!MUST READ ALL OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    For all those out there who are just confusing Islam, Go kill your selves, Allah has given you brains, think about it, does Allah need your prayers ? Astaghfirullah, No,, He wants you to be KIND AND RESPECTFUL TO others,Help man kind, THAT IS ALL
    ,…..u all might have heard a story of a whore blessed jannah by Allah, simply because she gave bread to a hungry dog. SO NO THERE IS NO USE OF ALL OF ANYTHING IF U DISRESPECT ALLAHS CREATION…telling an artist his creation is shit means disgrace to the artist.

  53. The Both are different enough. But the real lovers of Islam the Sunni.

    • As I requested earlier Sunni’s and Sulfi’s are same with difference opinion or thoughts but with the same concept which the real essence of Islam. So to say kafir to anyone who believe in Quran and Hazt.Mohammad(pbuh) a last prophet and follow the path laid down by Allah is against Islam and is punishable sin. Any one saying like this is himself a doubtful person so, be careful. knowledge and understanding eliminates the doubt’s so try to understand.

  54. Salaam Alaikom

    Haamidan wa Musalliyan wa Mustaghfiran

    Why do you write in such biased manner? I am 100% sure that you are in doubt about what you write and only speak out of emotional angst with no grasp of reality let alone giving your contaminated opinion as if you it is the absolute truth!

    What you lack is Merciful-Justice under Divine Providence!

    Why don’t you do some proper unbiased cross-the-board research, consultate with real scholars on each side of the argument, and make Istikhara to Allah to show you and guide you the truth!

  55. there are no difference between Sunni and salafi. all are Muslim. they obey Allah. they obey prophets rules. And in Quran Allah said not to divided into various groups. Also said prophet is human not nur.

    how many hadith are described by Abu bakkar, Omar, usman, and Ali? who were khalipha. they were with prophet till his death. so why hadith describer are not they? this is the reason Muslim’s are divided

  56. ISLAM is a peaceful religion. Prophet Muha’Med (PUBH) was a divine person.

  57. Assalaam alaikum
    My dear brothers, we can see ourselves practically here that – One of our biggest problem today we Muslim Umma is – When we started forming groups in our religion with diffrent types of names and calling ourselves – salafi, sunni ,ahlulhadith, sufi, wahabi, shia e.t.c . ITS HARAAM, HARAAM TO FORM ANY GROUPS IN ISLAM. ALLAH has prohibited this very clearly in Quraan – Walladhiina farraquu diinahum wakaanuu shian . . . ( those who made their religion into sects . . Allah will deal with them in the day of judgement). Plz call yourself MUSLIM and just MUSLIM insha ALLAH we will be in ALLAH’S mercy. AMEEN.

  58. There is no any Ayaat (verse) in the whole Quraan nor any hadith (saying of prophet) that we should have another group within our religion with diffrent name. Allah says in many places in the quraan about his religion in the name of ISLAAM. Calling us MUSLIMS everywhere, Telling us we should die muslims, Allah says paradise is there only for muslims, e.t.c PLZ DONT EVER LABEL YOURSELF WITH ANY NAME BESIDE MUSLIM.

    He says in the Quraan – He is the one who has called you MUSLIMS before and now.. . . . .
    ( Before here means – all previous prophets( a.s ) thier religion was called islaam and now means – also you prophet Muhammad p.b.u you are also in the same religion called – islaam).
    So why , and who told you to call yourself – SALAFI, SHIA, SUNNI, SUFFI ? ? ? ? Tell me please who told you to change your religion name ? ?

  60. My Dear brothers,
    if anyone wants to give us diffrent name of our religion , or he want to put us in any group beside ISLAAM, then he should give us the proof (daleel) from the the Quraan or authentic hadeeth that its allowed to do so, that we can call ourselfs – SALAFI , SHIA , WAHABY , SUNNI e.t.c For sure , there is no proof ! ! !

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