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Difference Between Adaptation and Natural Selection

Adaptation vs Natural Selection

Our earth has been here for millions of years. During those times, we come to learn and understand that, through fossil remains and ancient recordings, many animals and living organisms long ago have striven to adapt to the ever changing climate and surface. Although most of these claims are said to be mere speculations , there have been many evidences to indicate that structural and genetic changes happened in order to turn out into what animals and plants have become today. This simply means that what we are today is due to how we have evolved throughout the years in order to survive, just like all of the living things out there.

There are many questions that have been thrown regarding the discussion on evolution and its related concepts. For example, you might ask why the saber-tooth tiger became extinct while modern tigers still live. Or how come dinosaurs were all gone while other reptilian species, such as crocodiles, continued to crawl on earth even until today. Furthermore, there are also other cases wherein some species of animals have stopped existing while others with similar characteristics continued to flourish and live. All these questions revolve around the two concepts related to evolution. These are the concepts of adaptation and natural selection.

Although these concepts may have a direct relationship with the evolution of living organisms, they do indicate different things that you have to know. You might have known that evolution means how an organism changes over time, but this concept further delves deeper on the genetic level and how it has remodeled living organisms into what they are today.

First, let us talk about adaptation. In relation to how living organisms evolve, adaptation indicates when a whole group of species or populations change in order to cope with the changes in their habitats. This means that it is not only now did they undergo physical changes, but they also learned to live off their environment. For example, there are some animals that have developed thicker furs in order to survive in a harsh and cold environment. This is a clear example of adapting to the surroundings.

In natural selection though, it seems to follow the term ‘survival of the fittest.’ This indicates that there are certain traits or characteristics that are said to be more profound than other traits. Some animals have certain characteristics that are vital to their survival, thus, they cultivate these traits until they have been passed through generations until today. Simply speaking, in natural selection, those organisms with traits ‘fit’ for survival are likely to continue on living.

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1. Organisms change throughout time in order for them to survive and adapt to their environment.

2. Adaptation occurs when a whole specie or group changes to suit their habitat.

3. Natural selection indicates that a certain trait that is valuable for survival is more dominant.

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