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Difference Between Aortic Dissection and Aneurysm

Aortic Dissection vs Aneurysm

Our blood vessels are considered as the highways in our body. The blood vessels are the ones that supply blood and vital nutrients to the body through non-moving and fixed pathways. Think about it this way, the blood vessels are one-lane highways wherein blood moves in one direction, thereby maintaining order and normal function in the body.

Have you gotten a clear picture of our blood vessels? Have you seen a picture diagram of blood flows with designated color coding? If you have, then basically these diagrams depict the type of blood involved and the blood vessels responsible for it.

Usually, these pictures have two main colors, blue and red. They indicate the two major types of blood vessels, arteries and veins. Arteries, which are usually indicated by the red color, are the oxygenated blood, or the blood that contain vital oxygen to be delivered to the different cells of the body. Blood from the arteries usually move away from the heart, and to the different organs and other cells. And the biggest artery of all is the aorta.

The blue color in most diagrams indicates the veins. The veins are the blood vessels responsible for carrying unoxygenated blood, or blood in which oxygen has already been used up, towards the heart and into the lungs. These blood vessels usually flow in a direction different from that of the arteries. Still, there is another smaller type, the capillaries, which are the blood vessels that connect both the artery and veins.

Now that you know the general outline of the blood vessels, let us see the difference between Aortic Dissection and Aneurysm.

First of all, an Aortic Dissection means that the aorta creates an abnormal branch of vessels that should not happen at all. This may be due to the weakening of the aortic membranes or an increased pressure in the area. As the heart continues to pump, there is a wrong flow of needed blood, decreasing general circulating blood, and causing some cells to wither and die. If not intervened properly, it could lead to complications.

On the other hand, an aneurysm is a condition in which the blood vessels bulge or dilate, increasing the risk of hemorrhage. This is a very serious condition. This is usually caused by blockages in the blood vessels, very high pressure inside, or weak membranes. If not promptly intervened, it could rupture and cause further complications.Thus, there is a clear distinction between the two conditions.

You can read further if you want to know more since this article provides basic information only.


1. Our blood vessels are composed of veins, arteries, and capillaries. There are differences in the functions of each type of blood vessel.

2. Aortic dissection means the development of an abnormal branch of blood vessel, causing serious complications.

3. Aneurysm is the bulging of an affected blood vessel, increasing the risk of hemorrhage.

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