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Difference between Postinor 1 and Postinor 2 

These are emergency contraceptive tablets that help to prevent pregnancy in case of unprotected sexual intercourse. Women are advised to take one tablet immediately after any unprotected act of sexual intercourse, up to 4 pills per month.

The nature of the consumption requires that women should have these tablets in possession before they are in need of them.  Clinical studies have reported that these contraceptive emergency tablets have a failure rate of less than 1% and very few side effects. Side effects include 10-15% vomiting and 20-35% bleeding. These side effects can be seen only if more than 4 pills are used in one months’ time.  However, it is important to consult a doctor or a physician before taking these tablets.


Difference between Postinor 1 and Postinor 2

What is Postinor 1?

Postinor 1 is a one-time contraceptive tablet used at the time of emergency. However, this tablet cannot be used as a usual method of contraception. The tablet is effective in stopping pregnancy if ingested within 72 hrs of unprotected intercourse.

Several studies claim that Postinor 1 has the potential to stop 85 percent of anticipated pregnancies. It is also effective as medication if taken immediately after unprotected sexual intercourse. It is a safe to use tablet which doesn’t affect future pregnancy and also, it doesn’t cause any barrenness.

This contraceptive tablet does not prevent you from getting STDs i.e. sexually transmitted diseases. Also, the tablet should be taken only after consultation with a doctor or a pharmacist.


Difference between Postinor 1 and Postinor 2 

What is Postinor 2?

Postinor 2 possesses the same active ingredient as Postinor 1 i.e. levonorgestrel progestogen. Even the mechanism of action is the same. However, Postinor 1 is just one tablet and Postinor 2 comes with two tablets. Postinor 2 is another eversion of Postinor medication. It is advised not to take the two tablets at the same time. It is dangerous and will result in messing up things for you. One table can be taken immediately after unprotected intercourse and the second tablet should be taken 12 hours later. Rest of the characteristics are the same as in Postinor 1.


Difference between Postinor-1 and Postinor-2

1) Number of Tablets in Postinor-1 and Postinor-2

Postinor 1

Postinor 1 is just one white and round tablet in one blister sheet

Postinor 2

Postinor 2 contains one blister sheet with two tablets dosage. The tablets in this case also are round and white.

2) Qualitative and Quantitative Composition in Postinor-1 and Postinor-2

Postinor 1

1.5 mg of levonorgestrel progestogen in 1 Tablet/Pack. The tablet cannot be halved.

Postinor 2

Each of the tablet contains 750 micrograms of levonorgestrel progestogen.

3) Dosage of Postinor-1 and Postinor-2

Postinor 1

One tablet should be taken immediately after unprotected sexual intercourse within 12 hours to prevent pregnancy.

Postinor 2

One tablet should be taken immediately after unprotected sex and one should be taken after 12 hours of taking first one.

4) Manufacturers of Postinor-1 and Postinor-2

Postinor 1

The manufacturers of Postinor 1 worldwide include Gedeon Richter, Rex Medical, Farmage SAC, Intensive Care Products Private Ltd., and Chempharos CO.

Postinor 2

The manufacturers of Postinor 1 worldwide include Gedeon Richter, Shaheen, Delfi Singapore, Biofarma Natural CMD, Genpharma, Society for Family Health, PT Tunggal Idaman Abdi Jakarta, Rex Medical, Family Planning Association of Srilanka, Aciprosalud C.A., Farmage SRL, Intensive Care products Pvt Ltd., Mekim Ltd and Lab Libra.

5) Countries where currently marketed for Postinor-1 and Postinor-2

Postinor 1

Argentina, Venezuela, El Salvador, New Zealand, South Korea, Colombia, Aruba, Australia, Peru, Suriname, Netherlands Antilles, Guatemala, Dominica.

Postinor 2

Albania, Taiwan, Uganda, Vietnam, Zimbabwe, Egypt, Peru, Kenya, Czech Republic, Sri Lanka, China, Argentina, Jamaica, Mexico, New Zealand, Pakistan, Nigeria, Romania, Montenegro, Yemen, Kenya, Morocco, China, Egypt, India, Trinidad and Tobago, Australia, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ethiopia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Lithuania, Malaysia, Myanmar, Paraguay, Peru, Serbia, Singapore, Slovakia, Uruguay, Venezuela,

Summary of Postinor-1 vs. Postinor-2

The points of difference between Postinor-1 and Postinor-2 have been summarized below:

Difference between Postinor 1 and Postinor 2


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    • I usually use postionor 2 immediately I use pregnancy test tube and is positive,I usually count my menstrustion date and if I miss my period I will do test and use postionor 2 immediately I use to takes the two at once and it work for me, please hope it normal?

  12. Please I took postinor 1 within 12 hours after unprotected sex, with ampiclox Beecham, hope I’m saved cos I’m soo worry and I’m beginning to imagine myself getting pregnant becos it didn’t take it on time

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    Please can I still take Postinor 2 even after I have taken Postinor 1 2Hours after unprotected sex?

    Maybe taking Postinor 2 12 hours later to be sure since I just read Postinor1 is less effective.

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