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  2. What is difference between growth and development??

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  5. Examples of Heterogeneous and homogeneous products

  6. difference between Jail and prison?

  7. How to calculate the distance between latitude and longitude

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  9. differ between algae and higher plants.

  10. What is difference between award and reward

    • To award something is to give an honor/gift/trophy, while to reward is to give an honor/gift/trophy as a result of a challenge, promise, task being completed and/or fulfilled.

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  12. Plz send elephant vs tiger any five lines

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  14. Guys science will make me crazy one day

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      i need to know major difference between two separation techniques “Distillation and fractional Distillation”

  15. Differentiate between comparative cost advantage and comparative advantage

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  17. Pls send me the colour codes for ohmic conductors

  18. Heamatite (FE203)is red colure while limoite is yellowise brown

  19. distinguish between sects, cults and denomination

  20. denotative and connotative meaning

  21. What are the difference between lieing and knowledge?

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  23. What is the difference between a literary and non-literary text??

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    Free shaadhi cahts indean hindu girals.

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  26. Realibity on sassa

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    What is the difference between insulator and dielectric?

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  29. This doesn’t imply you’ll not get soaked at times, it only ensures that you’ll do have more possibilities to succeed.

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  31. difference between iOS and Android system

  32. State the difference between iOS and Android system? Why we cannot transfer files directly from iOS to android system? State the reason of your answer?

  33. Difference between one way and two way communication.

  34. Difference Between Protocol and Report?

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  36. Difference between paper and booklet

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