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  1. This is a great website, yet it seems like you guys just got rolling and there is obviously a lot of work to be filled in. How does the compilation process take place? Is it user developed or do you depend on experts in each field, and what exactly qualifies someone as an expert. I love the concept and I hope it takes off and if there is anything I can do to help, please let me know, I’ve got plenty of ideas for differences between as I was bummed to find the limited but ever growing archive. Hopefully all goes well and keep up the good work. Knowledge is power,


  2. i accidently bumped into your site and i think it is really cool…the topics come as an eye opener and has a surprise element attached to it…so if you guys can do some hardwork and fill it up with more resources i think it would definitely serve a much bigger purpose, like a thesaurus if i must say…so go ahead and just do it…you may invite contributions from all quarters and get it verified later…nice work

  3. i really liked and appreciate the effort made by difference between team..hat’s off to all of u.
    thank u for bringing articles which is encountered in our daily life..


  4. A fantastic idea.
    “How couldn’t I think of something like this before?”
    That’s what most IT people are thinking now.. including me.



  5. Hello,

    I found this site very interesting and useful. A suggestion you must think on is, the logo which I found is just FINE. I know you guys might not be concentrating on that instead on the articles. I agree with that. In addition to that, the design always impacts the Web media. Hope you do consider it.

    Sriram Gullapalli

  6. Should we suggest some logos?

  7. I find writing difference between articles the most enjoyable, and yeah you do need a new logo, please email me, ill make you a new logo for the price of 5 articles

  8. nice site for clearing various kinds of doubts…..but i think the web site updater should think or update the site in a broad spectrum manner….. although it contains various differences but not efficiently…
    so its a request from my side that please update broadly by dividing topics subject wise……

    any ways very help full and knowledgeable website……

  9. helllllooooooo….
    thats really a cool website i accidently saw it n was grt to find things here

  10. helllllooooooo….
    thats really a cool website i accidently saw it n was grt to find things here
    wd like to visit more someday

  11. Hi I am currently working on an expository essay for my english class in college. I was wondering if you can tell me your references for your information.

  12. I accidentally found this website and it’s great (already bookmarked it), it’s so easy to find the information you need and it’s summarized, so there is no need to read pages to understand the basics. Thank you for creating this site and maintaining it !
    One little suggestion, if I may: it would be great if there would be more ways to share it on more social networks.

  13. Difference Between
    what is the difference between Legacy and ATA SMART ATA operation when we change operating systems?

  14. its a great website
    well done

  15. Interesting idea……
    You really NEED a site search tool. I was looking for one specific item… I found an ‘almost’ and lots of other things of interest, but i could not find any way to locate the main thing i was looking for, nor any of the several other ideas that something caused me to be curious about.

    Site specific Search tool, Please?


  16. This has been fantastic effort by the Difference Between team…keep it up.

  17. hi all
    a was looking for difference between “Prevent” and “Avoid”, but i could not find it here.
    anyway, it’s the difference:

    To prevent is to take action to stop something before it starts. To avoid is to just stay away from something. Example? Getting the flu shot would be prevention, hiding in your home and not having contact with anyone until the end of flu season would be avoidance.

  18. I want to know the author or the editor of the website, the year it was published and also the place. I have taken some information from this site and have to put the reference. So could you pls help me with this. Reply asap! 🙂

  19. Human Nature is to shy away to ask doubts fearing they will be mocked lack of knowledge so
    they always pretend knowledgeble . Your site is a boon in disguise of sharing knowledge.
    Good work being pioneered. Keep It up

  20. helli sir/madam

    this is the nice site. i have seen so many good information to improve my knowledge. so many things i didnt know about really. thank you so much for you guys. i am from the engineering stream and i am requesting you to pls any more information regarding the electronics subjects in technology. if you have the info regarding difference between filopflop and latch and so on pls give it to us.

    thank you.

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  23. What is the difference between egg noodles and linguine?

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