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  1. Some interesting topics

    difference between Rogers 3G and Wind Mobile 3G
    difference between Cat6 and Cat6a
    difference between mp3 and FLAC
    difference between two stage furnace vs one stage furnace
    difference between HRV ( Heat Recovery Ventilator ) Vs ERV (Energy recovery ventilator)

  2. I used your written information to show the difference between fiction and non-fiction in my English class, and my students actually found two typos in paragraph 3 and 4. “non-fiction deals with real people and non-fiction only creates characters.” “Novels, short stories, films are all non-fiction.” My students felt that I should somehow inform you of these mistakes. Thank you.

  3. I need to know the author and the year in which the “Difference between urban and rural India” article was done.

    I would appreciate a prompt reply as this information needs to go into the references section of my journal article.

  4. I am really enjoying your site, and would love to share it with the students at my school – I am a librarian – but I need to verify the authenticity of the information included here.

    I could not find a general “about us” regarding the sources of your information, and I am curious about your resources, as well as who owns this site. Who creates these entries, and who verifies them? It seems to be a wiki environment where different people can submit, and the directions for submission seem to suggest a review process, but I am not clear what that is.

    Could someone direct me to your mission statement, references… the qualifications of those reviewing the entries etc. so that I can feel confident this is a good site to share with my students.

    I really love your format, and am excited to pass along your link! There has been a need for a resource like this!! 🙂

    Thanks so much!


    • I concur with JG. This is a fantastic site, much needed, but I am curious about the sources and acuracy review of the information.

      I haven’t found anything I would consider questionable after checking several topics in which I am fairly expert (and the info was spot on). Just want to know a bit more about the validity of the answers.

      Again, great site!!! Keep up the good work!


  5. Sir, Madam,
    I propose you define both terms of the comparisons in the short paragraph you send us via email instead of our having to necessarily go to the entire page for an explanation.WE would save time and still have the option of going deeper.
    If you are doing us a favor with your website, than go all the way and do what I ask instead of putting ‘your website’ above the goal it was intended to serve.


  6. Hi,

    Congratulations to the team of Difference Between. You are doing a great job. Many people gets confused between the words and there apt meaning, it’s really a nice that your explaining them in detail. For the past few months i am continuously browsing this site. I appreciate the work done by you people. But I have one concern with you, why are you showing ads in the webpage. Please try to avoid it. The site is so good, the way of presenting articles is so nice, but with the ads on the webpage it is missing the essence of the importance of the information in the site. Please think once again.

  7. Hello,

    First of all I must Thank You for your great site that provides users with great knowledge!!

    I was wondering if it’s possible to set your site RSS feed to show more news, as for now it only shows 5 recent news! how about showing 20 recent news? 🙂

    One more thing: May you explain what is ARM technology and what is differences between ARM CPUs with Intel and AMD cause there is so much noise these days about windows 8 and ARM and Intel…etc.

    Thank You for Your Time,

  8. I was wondering if you could tell me the difference between a soundtrack and a cast recording? thanks

  9. Hi,

    I am interested in guest blogging on your website. Is this something you are open to? If so, what is the next step? Also, is there any cost/fee associated with it?



  10. Your contact form is not working. Can you please email me? I have a question.

  11. Can I know the author or editor of this website and also the year in which it was published and also the place where the main head office is situated. Please reply as soon as possible.

    Shweta Wadhare

  12. One question that has always plagued me is if there is a distinction between electromagentic/matter waves and wavefunctions. Some books say that the former, the “wave” in “wave-particle duality”, is the same thing as the wavefunction which Schrodinger’s iconic master quantum physics equation describes, while others, for example, a physics teacher in my school, say that the wavefunction is (word for word) “a mathematical description of position”, distinct from the “wave” in “wave-particle duality”. I’ve asked around a lot but no one has given me a decisive answer. Wikipedia itself isn’t entirely self-consistent with regards to the matter. So it would be really helpful if someone, preferrably an expert, can write an article explaining the differences, or at least tell me if there is a difference.

  13. I don’t who wrote your NGO article; but it is full of major mistakes. As an example, it says NGO funds “are mostly raised by the government.” That virtually never happens.

    NGOs raise their own funds. Some do accept government funding, sometimes a lot, but governments do no raise funds for them.

    Most receive little in government funding or none at all. All are NON-profit. To be an NGO, you must be non-profit.

  14. Your poorly researched article entitled, “The difference between seeds and spores,” confused many of my introductory biology students into thinking that seed plants do not produce spores. All plants produce single-celled spores, and none of these organisms can be called “one celled,” as the author suggests. Further, it should be obvious to even those unfamiliar with plant biology that not all seeds are or need to be planted in the ground.

    Finally, the passage that reads, “[p]lants that produce the seeds are known as higher level organisms whereas lower level organisms such as fungus, ferns, mosses ,bacteria and etc. are known to produce spores” shows a complete lack of knowledge of modern biology. There are no such things as “higher level” or “lower level” organisms.

    It is a shame to see that this article ranks so high on Google’s search. I recommend it be either completely rewritten or removed.


    Brad Duthie
    PhD Candidate
    Iowa State University

    • The difference between yeast and yeast concentrate – is it correct? Will yeast then be accepted in the banting diet?
      Could you please assist with my battle being able to use yeast in my Banting diet?
      Kind regards

  15. excuse me for my poor english for the first thing!
    jujutsu (jujitsu old) has the basic idea of ​​the physical annihilation, murder if necessary, Aikido was founded by Morihei Ueshiba, a great master of jujutsu, is based on a kind of religion, never kill someone just make it harmless, immobilized .
    The start is different 🙂



  16. hiiii
    its realy a good for us who is the creater/auther please tell me and i want to more information about language core java .

  17. I’m a student of the University in Thailand. Now,I’m working on my research project.Since I’ve read your information about difference between error and mistake (http://www.differencebetween.net/language/difference-between-error-and-mistake/) I really want to know the reference or the author of this information. Your information is very useful for my research.

    thank you very much

  18. Is this above site/comments a “Religious Nut” site meeting place or what???? Make some intelligent RX. statements, please & forget the BS. about your religions!!!!!!!!!!! Keep it/them to yourself…………. please,,,,,,,,,,,, thanks…… Da.

  19. I was wondering if it is possible for someone to do an article about the differences between atheism and secular humanism.

    Many times there seems to be quite a bit of indignation on the part of members of these two groups when you label them incorrectly.

    They both get it right regarding fairies, pixies, leprechauns, magic and the believability of children’s stories, but I want to know some of the finer points of difference between the philosophies of the two.


  20. Please,
    Someone clean-up (ie: get rid of them!) the above comments that don’t belong in DifferencesBetween.net
    Thank You.

  21. PS to message above:
    1st, I made a Mistake, it’s DifferenceBetween.net,
    without an “s”.
    2nd, I’ve just noticed the dates on the comments above,
    I can’t believe they’ve been allowed there for so long
    without being deleted !
    — Thank you for your attention.

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