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Difference Between Depression and Sadness

Depression vs Sadness

Depression and sadness are often confused with each other because many have come to use the two terms interchangeably. When one is depressed, he or she also claims to be sad. The same is true the other way around. Yet, in the medical world there is a clear distinction set between sadness and clinical depression.
Depression, the illness, is often regarded as a state of being or under extreme sadness. When you are depressed, you are no longer able to function well because the extreme feeling of depression already takes control over your body and mind. Depressed individuals lack interest in most endeavors even if these activities were once loved by them. It is a serious condition because it does not just lapse for a day or two. Rather, clinical depression can span at least two weeks or more. It has a certain recurrent nature which brings back the condition if consistent treatment is not sought.
Some of the most common symptoms include sleeping less or more than the usual sleeping pattern, avoidance from friends or even family members, being sad unreasonably and (as mentioned) the loss of interest in many (ordinarily) very interesting activities. Extreme depression can result to the person generating some intentions of committing suicide. This is one of the most critical aspects in the care of a depressed person.
On the other hand, sadness is just an emotion. It is a natural feeling that kicks in when there’s a source of pain or loss. When you lose an important thing or when your close family member has recently died then it is expected that you’ll become sad. Nevertheless, this emotion can be coped with by psychologically healthy and normal individuals. And because each person has his or her own way of coping sadness, it is in this difference where sadness may develop into depression if it is not handled well.
Normally, sadness does not continue to linger in a person unlike depression. This means that sadness will naturally fade a way in a couple of days or just a little longer. This shows that a short amount of time can heal sadness but just giving a depressed person a long amount of time to recuperate can never make him well.

  1. Depression is a disorder whereas sadness is an emotion.
  2. Depression lasts longer compared to sadness.
  3. Depression is managed by pharmacological treatment and advanced psychological interventions while sadness can fade away even with just the passing of time.
  4. Depression is a lot more difficult to cope and manage compared to ordinary sadness.

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