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Difference Between Mood Stabilizers and Anti-depressants

Mood Stabilizers vs Anti-depressants

There are a lot of medications out there in the market. Some of these medications are already common to us, while others are only prescribed for special cases, such as psychotropic or psychiatric drugs. Furthermore, psychotropic drugs are drugs that cater to any disturbances in the impulse transmissions in the brain and central nervous system, and are now becoming a highly read and researched topic. The reason for such an increase is that more and more people are becoming aware of what these drugs could do to the body, and how they could help some individuals lead a normal life.

What do these drugs do? It is not easy to just take in any kind of medication without proper diagnosis by a professional. The accompanying risks and adverse reactions should be known beforehand prior to taking such medications. We also need to bear in mind that these drugs are not just easily prescribed, but rather, you have to undergo a complete assessment and examination before being ordered to take in such drugs.

Psychotropic drugs are medications that can alter the mind, behavior, and overall mood of a person to a more favorable and healthy one, depending though on the type of drug being given. We should take into consideration that there are also illicit and unwanted drugs out there that may also affect the mind of an individual, and these drugs should be shunned. We should only take in medications that are approved by the legal institution. And among them, mood stabilizers and antidepressants are legally prescribed depending on the case of an individual. And here lies their difference.

Mood stabilizers are medications that are given to those patients who have mood disorders. These are a group of psychiatric medications that affect the mood of a person, usually given to those who have Bipolar disorders, and manic disorders. Anticonvulsants are sometimes also classified as mood stabilizers, meaning they help an individual return to a normal condition . What we have to remember though is that these drugs only affect the manic episodes of a Bipolar patient, therefore, calming them down.

On the other hand, Antidepressants are another group of psychiatric drugs that enhance neurotransmiiter or impulse transmission in the brain, therefore, improving the mood and subsequently, relieving depression. These are also prescribed for Bipolar disorders, and major depressions. iIs action is different from that of mood stabilizers in a Bipolar, because it focuses on the depression episodes in a patient.

You can refer to a doctor for more information about these drugs because only basic details are given here.

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