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Difference Between Butter and Margarine

margarineButter is a natural food product. It is the fats of milk that have separated out naturally as a result of churning. Margarine is a processed food product made from various refined oils. Vitamins are added to enrich the product.

Butter is often made from fatty cream of cow’s milk and whereas margarine is made from refined oils such as vegetable oils. In butter, these fat molecules are seized in suspension and churning method is used to gain thick mass of butter. The churned butter contains total saturated fat and natural cholesterol. Most of the time salt is added to the raw butter. Since the product is a derivative of cow’s milk, there are some beneficial qualities in it that are found in milk, but it isn’t considered a good source of calcium. Butter is generally high in fat content and low in any other nutrition. It should be refrigerated in appropriate temperature, otherwise like many other dairy products, it can be spoiled.
Margarine is made of any refined oil such as vegetable oils. While many brands do not contain dairy fats some do use milk as an emulsifier. This makes most margarine unsuitable as a dairy alternative for individuals with dairy allergies. Some of the margarine products made from vegetable oils are intentionally kept animal free to supply a kosher and vegan alternative to butter spreads.

Some individuals simply prefer the taste of butter. Others prefer the tailored nutrition found in margarine products. Both have appeals and both can be used as spreads. These products continue to fill a role of supplying vital calories to consumers. Butter is often more expensive than margarine and that depends on the quality of the brand names.


Butter: made of fatty cream of cow’s milk; contains full of saturated fat and natural cholesterol; expensive; and easily become spoiled when there is no proper storage.

Margarine: made from vegetable oils; contains various vitamins; less fat and cholesterol; and cheaper than butter.

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  1. You should always eat what is cheaper. KD is better for you than than steak, because it only cost 50 cents, not many dollars.

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