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joggingJogging vs Running
Is there a difference, most of us would ask. Apparently there is. To some people running seems very intimidating, so to make it seem easy and doable they christened it jogging! Actually that is not far from the truth. The difference lies not so much in the speed as most people would imagine, but the seriousness with which you approach the two activities. So it is not as if moving in a relaxed manner is jogging, and moving fast is running.

It is the seriousness with which you train and prepare towards the goal of running that qualifies as running. On the other hand you may be a fast mover, but if you indulge in it on the side, and use it more to relax your body and mind then you are definitely a jogger. No wonder one has heard of running contests, and never jogging ones.

You may also call jogging the stepping stone to running. While running requires a person to be quite fit, jogging can be undertaken by relatively unfit persons as it is not that taxing. Running being more strenuous is more effective than jogging when it comes to achieving fitness faster. Jogging on the other hand causes less wear and tear of the body and is to that extent safer than running.

To the more technically oriented when you run at a speed which is less than 6 kilometers per hour, you are actually jogging! Another interesting take on jogging describes it as a cooling down process after a vigorous run. This enables a serious runner to recoup energy for a more vigorous run a little later. Yet another interesting one is how often one runs. The ones who are regular are runners, and the one who are intermittent are joggers.

Perhaps the best distinction would be to describe a jog as a slow, steady and monotonous trot, while running is an activity which is faster than walking. Serious runners take offence at their exertions being referred to as jogging, but increasingly the distinction is getting blurred, and jogging has gained in respectability.

At the end of the day you may call it what you are comfortable with. The fact of the matter is that both are a perfect way of keeping fit, and losing those extra pounds. So if you want to hit the track and jog them off or run and get rid of them is entirely up to you.

1. Jogging is for the faint hearted, running for the serious athletes.
2. Jogging is a relaxed affair, whereas running requires goals, determination and commitment.
3. Jogging is a stepping stone to running. People graduate from gentle jogging to more serious running.
4. Running is more strenuous exercise than jogging.
5. Jogging is much gentler on the body than running.

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  1. This is a nice explanation between jogging and running. When I searched on Google the first result is some other page that does not tell me any difference just the author opinion, it sucked. This should be the first result. I also liked the end where you gave the summary. Thanks for the great article.

  2. The problem with the above analogy is:

    It’s stating the fundamental difference between jogging & running is speed & exertion. Where this falls apart is Olympic speed walkers can race at 10mph or putting that in perspective, that’s a 36 minute 10km (6 mile)!

    You can also run at walking pace. Where I would probably agree to some extent, is that ‘joggers’ generally are pretty relaxed in their approach to their exercise.

    My take on the difference is as follows: There are 3 unique disciplines – Walking, Jogging & Running. Each have their own fundamental elements as detailed below:

    Walking – The body is in an upright position (occasionally bending forward from the waist) with a heel to toe gait (landing on the heel & pushing off from the toes) & spaced roughly hip distance between the feet on landing. One foot is in contact with the ground at all times.

    Jogging – The body is in an upright position (occasionally bending forward from the waist) with a heel to toe gait (landing on the heel & pushing off from the toes) & roughly hip distance between the feet on landing. Both feet leave the ground when travelling. There is also a low heel lift to the rear & low knee lift to the front.

    Running – The body leans forward from the foot, there is a high heel lift to the rear & high knee lift to the front (comparatively to jogging) the main forward momentum is achieved by driving off from the mid / fore foot & assisted by gravity (falling forward). The feet land roughly in line, as if you were running along a tight rope.

    If you want to see how top runners run, watch top flight athletes competing, either in the Diamond League athletic events or the elite marathon runners leading the pack at one of the major marathons.

    How you choose to run / jog is entirely up to you & in the overall scheme of things doesn’t really matter, if it makes you happy & helps to keep you healthy it’s all good.


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