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Difference Between Olive Oil and Vegetable Oil

oliveOlive Oil vs Vegetable Oil

Fat components in our daily diet are important for a stable diet. According to the FDA, every human being should consume thirty percent of the recommended portion of fat in their daily diet. Oils change character when they are at a high temperature. Vegetable oil can sustain high cooking temperatures, while other oils, like olive oil and almond oil are good for cooking at medium temperatures. Olive oil and vegetable oil contain mono unsaturated fat, which helps to enhance the function of the immune system.

The Wonders of Vegetable Oil

Vegetable oils are extracted from plants using industrial methods and solvent process to extract the oil. Most vegetable oil extracts are healthy for consumption, especially for people who are diabetic, and who have blood pressure problems. Vegetable oil is rich in omega 6 fatty acid, the most essential ingredient for healthy living. Even though vegetables are considered to be healthy, they do have other components, like rancidity. Oil with a rancid property tends to lose their nutritious aspect, and it is less useful for cooking. Vegetable oil can sustain a high temperature, while cooking with oils like grape and canola are best used for pan searing and frying. A few other types of oils are good for preparing foods like popcorn and mayonnaise, just to add flavor. Vegetable oils look lighter and thinner when compared to a few other types of oils, and they do not add flavor like that of olive oil.

Magic Olive Oil

On the other hand, olive oil is an extract from the olive fruit, and it is pressed mechanically. This oil can be classified as natural oil in crude form. This oil is edible, and has a distinctive flavor when used in cooking. Olive oil is one of the natural oils which is rich in anti-oxidants and mono-unsaturated fat, making it one of the most nutritious oils for cooking. Olive oil must reach three hundred and seventy five degree F to start emitting smoke. The smoke emitted will be less, as the fat in olive oil is less, making it the suitable oil for all kinds of cooking at medium temperatures. Similar to vegetable oils, olive oil should be preserved in an air tight and dark place, as it tends to become rancid and oxidized if exposed.


· Olive oil is mostly used, and it is the preferred oil, for cooking at moderate temperatures, while vegetable oil is preferred for high temperature cooking.

· Vegetable oil is lighter and thinner, and heats fast for quick cooking, while Olive oil takes more time to heat, and its best used at a moderate heat.

· Olive oil is the preferred oil for health conscious people.

· Only selected vegetable oils are used in cooking, while all varieties of olive oil can be used for cooking.

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  1. I recently read in a mens health article that Exercise is needed for that part of the male body. It says that you need to lube it up so, you don’t injure your part. It also says that many people use Oil such as Cooking vegetable | Olive oils to do this. I was wondering what the difference in vegetable oil compared to the olive oil is

    I know ones made from many vegetables IE vegetable oil
    and Olive oil is from Olives
    But whats the difference between slipperiness

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