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The differences between men and women have spawned literature, social structures, jokes, psychology streams, medicinal approaches and more. Possibly, the entire world is based on the difference between men and women.

Men signify the masculine yang energy in Eastern traditions while women signify the feminine yin energy. Though men and women signify opposing forces in Nature, their complementary nature makes them inseparable. Men represent the masculine energy relating to dry, heat, aggression, hardness, solidity and are associated with the symbol of daytime. Women signify the slowness, softness, diffusion, coldness and wetness of things along with tranquility. The feminine energy is associated with birth and the night.

In biological, both men and women have different body structures, sexual systems and biological responses and processes. Mental differences between the two have been studied endlessly in psychology streams though the debate continues about the differing intellectual and intelligence levels of men and women. Most people consider men to be of both superior physical and mental strength as compared to women.

Nature has confined the task of giving birth to women alone. This has left the task of nurturing confined to them but the difference is fast becoming insignificant with more and more men taking on an ‘equal partner’ role in most relationships.

Women are considered to be weaker at problem-solving and mechanical tasks but are considered better at intuitive and design-oriented tasks. However, these differences are minor in the modern world with equal opportunities available to both in most cultures, so they are difficult to define.

Women are also considered more sensitive and emotional when compared on a general basis though, the world has had its share of some of the most emotional poets ever!. In sports, men have been classified specifically for the physically demanding sports and apart from sports like chess, bowling, carrom etc, women and men have not been able to compete in the same category against each other.

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  1. Commendable, thank you. This seems to be an article rather about how the patriarchy sees the world in addition to the difference between men and women, and quite obviously written by a man. I’d like to challenge you to have it reviewed by the women’s studies division of your local university to just see what amendments they’d suggest.


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