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Red Wine vs White Wine

Red and white wine have numerous similarities and differences, but the differences are possibly less noted among the general population. Both red and white wine are made from grapes. The general process that is involved in the making of wine is the preparation of grapes, the adding of yeast and then the allowing of fermentation. This process is possible because of the specific balance of chemicals in grapes.

Red wine is made from red grapes and other dark-colored grapes. The pigment of these grapes causes the resulting red coloring. In the preparation of red wine only the mashing of the grapes is required in the preparation for fermentation. This allows the yeast to reach the pulp inside the grapes. Red wine has been proven and is suspected to provide a number of health benefits. Among the most notable is the presence of a chemical called resveratrol. Resveratrol has been shown to provide both cardioprotective and chemoprotective effects in animal studies. Resveratrol is produced naturally by the grape skins with the exposure of the yeast.

White wine is produced by the fermentation of white grapes that have been mashed, and dark-colored grapes that have been prepared by removing the skins, pulp and seeds. This preparation method can result in fewer skins in the prepared vat as it ferments. As a result, white wines may have fewer of the beneficial chemicals that red wines have been proven to have. This may result in less positive health benefit from the consumption of white wine. Each wine is considered to be best suited to accompany particular foods based on flavor. Red wines and white wines have markedly different flavors and individual wines within the white or red classification may have noticeably different tastes as well.

Wine in general has been proven to have greater health benefits than other alcoholic drinks. Though moderation is important when consuming wine because it has higher amount of alcohol compared to beer and other alcoholic beverages. Wine is made from other plants including fruits and rice, etc.

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  1. Hello this is Alex from the wine forum http://www.winebasic101.com. There are many differences between red and white wine. First lets talk about health. Red wine has more tannin than white wine therefor red wine is much better for you than white wine. Tannins are good for you and thats what helps against cardio vascular disease. The reason why red wine has more tannin is because of the process of making wine. When making red wine that use the whole grape. I mean by that is whey they ferment it the skins, stems and the juice all go in the must. With white wine you only use the clear juice nothing else. The skins give the red wine is color and it’s tannins were white wine don’t come into contact with the skins so it has no tannins. Red wines are also aged longer than white wines.


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