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Difference Between White Eggs and Brown Eggs

Although brown eggs are considered to be more nutritional than white eggs by most of the people, there is no difference exists between the two whatsoever.

The only difference other than their colour is the type of chicken it comes out of. Various breed of hens lay different colours. Hens with red or brown feathers and matching-coloured earlobes lay brown eggs whereas white feathers and white earlobes give white eggs.

White eggs are preferred by consumers since it looks clean and fresher than brown eggs. Some people prefer brown eggs because it is easier to differentiate the shell when it falls into the food that is being prepared.

Difference between White Eggs and Brown Eggs

It’s true! Eggs are a popular source of animal protein and a natural source of vitamins, proteins, fats, and other nutrients. Eggs are a healthy and delicious breakfast choice that is rich in essential nutrients and they also contain heart-friendly unsaturated fats. Egg yolks and whole eggs are full of nutrients and are widely used in cookery. You can find them almost anywhere and interestingly, you can see eggs of different colors when you go out looking for them in a supermarket or a local market. Some of the eggs are white while some are brown. We’re going to look at some key differences between white eggs and brown eggs.

What are White Eggs?

Many of you must think that the color of eggs is determined by the color of the hen that lays eggs. But this is not true. The color of the egg actually depends on the genetics of the hens. Other factors also influence the color and characteristics of the egg shell. Many studies suggest the color of the hen’s earlobe plays a major role in determining the color of the egg, at least most of the time. The hens with white earlobe produce white eggs. There’s a myth surrounding egg colors that suggest color of the hen’s feathers justify the color of the eggs. But there are dark or reddish-hued breeds of chicken that lay white eggs.

What are Brown Eggs?

Many breeds with white feathers lay brown eggs and this also goes the other way around. The color of the egg shell is genetically predetermined. Each breed of chicken lays eggs of a certain color. As with white eggs, you can determine the color of the eggs by looking at the chicken’s earlobe on the side of their faces. Hens with red earlobes lay brown colored eggs, at least that’s usually the case. The brown eggs are relatively bigger than the white eggs and the egg yolks are typically darker. It is also a popular belief that brown eggs are better and healthier than their white counterparts, and even more natural. However, the truth is eggs are nutritionally very similar, regardless of their size, breed, or color.

Difference between White Eggs and Brown Eggs

  • The Breed

– Many believe that white hens lay white colored egg and brown hens lay brown colored eggs. But that’s not the case. The color of the egg actually depends on the genetics of the hen. The egg color is determined by the earlobe color of the hen. The chickens with white earlobe lay white-shelled eggs while chickens with red or other than white earlobe produce brown-shelled eggs. No evidence suggests one tastes better than the other.

  • Nutritional Value

– Despite the popular belief that brown eggs are healthier and more natural than white eggs, they taste basically the same and both will give you the same amount of nutritional value. The nutritional value of eggs is determined by how chickens are raised and bred or what they are eating. The rumors started about brown eggs being better is thought to be because they are often more expensive than the white eggs.

White Eggs vs. Brown Eggs: Comparison Chart

To make it easier for you to know the difference between white egg and brown egg


It is a common, trendsetting mindset that says if something is expensive, it has to be better quality or better for you. The same goes for eggs; because brown eggs cost more, it is believed that they are more nutritious and better than the white eggs. But that is not always the case, at least not in the case of eggs. When it comes to eggs, the brown shelled eggs are relatively expensive in part because the chickens that produce them usually eat more, which adds up to the cost of their breeding. White eggs are most often laid by white-feathered hens with white earlobes while brown eggs are often laid by red-feathered or dark/brown-colored hens with red earlobes.

Are brown eggs better than white eggs?

It is believed that brown eggs are healthier and more natural than white eggs. The color of the egg can surely influence people’s choice of eggs, like in case of brown eggs. But, the truth is both of them are equal and the egg color doesn’t determine its nutritional value.

Why do chefs use brown eggs instead of white?

Chefs mostly prefer brown eggs because when it comes to food, the golden rule is that brown is better, whether it’s brown bread, brown sugar, or brown egg. Also, brown eggs are more natural than white eggs.

Which egg is the healthiest?

Brown eggs are believed to be of more nutritional value and they are healthier than their white counterparts.

Is omelet good or boiled egg?

Nutritionally, boiled eggs are healthier than an omelet. For an omelet, you’d need cooking oil and preferably cheese or butter, and you’d have to eat the egg yolk as well. But when it comes to taste, it simply comes down to personal preference. Some like boiled eggs while some would love an omelet.

Which is better, boiled egg or fried egg?

Boiled eggs, at any time, are more nutritious than any other egg types because they are cooked without oil and butter. Fried egg is simply a choice of taste and it tastes more delicious.

Why brown eggs are more expensive?

Though brown and white eggs are not very different in terms of nutritional value and taste, brown eggs do cost more at the store, may be because of the popular belief that brown is better.

Why are white eggs cheaper than brown?

White eggs are relatively cheaper because raising white-feathered chickens and breeding them is comparatively cheaper than breeding their brown counterparts.

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  1. who knew that hens had ear lobes ??

    thanks for that clarification on the white vs brown egg.

    I offered wondered what the difference was.

    I personlly perfer the brown eggs.

    I would love to see pictures of the two different hens
    that produce them.

    I am enjoying your new website.
    great idea, and great job .

    keep up the good work.

  2. A difference between brown and white eggs is that brown eggs are slightly less likely to crack when being boiled.

  3. I have notice in fresh farm eggs we sometimes get, that there seems to be blood spots on the yolk more often in brown eggs. No science here, just my observation.

  4. Regardless of the difference, I just feel that brown eggs look more natural than white eggs…

    I have some xenophobic feeling about eating white eggs, and maybe it’s because I am brown skin…

  5. I wasn’t aware chickens had earlobes…

    I normally get brown eggs, mostly because my mom always bought brown eggs

  6. Than why is it that the free range eggs are always brown, and typical commercial eggs always white?

  7. I’ve noticed brown eggs have darker yolks.


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