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    1. I am trying to decide whether I should buy the MacBook Air or the MacBook Pro. Cost is not a factor. I just want what will last the longest and be easy to use. I am retired and I only use the computer to pay bills, email and to search the web occassionally.

      I have WiFi in my home. On the PC I use now I have a 2 hour battery and that is fine. I don’t understand 1.83Ghz and 2-2.16Ghz duo processors.

      The size of the screen is important and I think a 13″ screen would be fine.

      Could you offer me anything that would make up my mind. I understand the Pro has a DVD in it and the Mac does not. Is that the case?

      Please respond.

      Thank you so much.


      • Marilyn,

        I recommend 17″ Macbook Pro 2.4, 8mb ram with anti-glare screen and extended warrantee. My wife has a 4 year old one; and I use a 2 year old one. We’re both late 60’s retired, and doing what you do. Streaming video in bed will really entertain. Also Kindle books for Mac. That larger screen is the cat’s meow ! We have 2 cats and they love the warmth the MBP gives off. Download Fan Control for Mac to keep your Mac coooool.

        Enjoy !


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