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Difference Between Attorney and Lawyer

In the legal world, a thing that often leads to confusion is between an attorney and lawyer. Today, both of them are practicing the world of law today and yes, they do have some similarities. On the other hand, there are also significant differences between attorneys and lawyers that you should know.

What is an Attorney?

Alternatively, an attorney may be referred to as also known as a lawyer. This is an authorized and competent member of the law. This is an American word.

The attorney is able to represent clients in a wide range of legal settings both throughout the mediation process and before judges.

They may also give legal advice. Attorneys act for clients in both civil and criminal cases, they provide legal advice to their customers; draft or prepare legal documents on behalf of those who make use of them and are bound by some rules concerning professional conduct. Interestingly, a lawyer would be an attorney.

What is a lawyer?

This is then followed by the lawyer, who can be defined as an individual having training in law and providing legal services or advice. This is a commonly used term in the global community and it may involve different legal professions ranging from attorney. 

Among the services offered by lawyers include counseling clients, representing them in court cases and so on. In addition, lawyers can practice various fields such as private firms; the government and non-profit organizations.

Similarities Between Attorneys and Lawyers

Lawyers and attorneys share several significant similarities, so it is time to point out what exactly they are.


To be an attorney or a lawyer, one needs to obtain legal education such as graduating from law school that is legally recognized.


On the whole, these specialists have an average knowledge of different kinds of law.


Both lawyers and attorneys can practice law, which implies that they are able to act in a court capacity as well as offer legal consultation. Both can represent clients in the courtroom.


These two categories of professionals have moral responsibilities that are regulated by unique codes of conduct.

Client-Attorney Privilege

The attorney and the lawyer have something called as ‘attorney-client privilege.’ This is when communications between clients and lawyers or attorneys are absolutely confidential.


Both lawyers and attorneys have the duty of formulating legal contracts, documents, agreements among others.

Differences Between Attorneys and Lawyers

As there are similarities between attorneys and lawyers, so also differentiate noticeably.

The Use of the Word

Lawyer is an all-encompassing term, currently used around the world but attorney which refers to a lawyer appearing for clients in court and usually employed specifically in United States of America.


In the US, an attorney is mostly eligible to practice law within a particular jurisdiction while lawyer described much broader.

In the Courtroom

While lawyers do not necessarily end up in court, they may practice non-litigation practices such as legal research and intellectual property. On the other hand, an attorney is usually linked only to litigation and courtroom representation.


Lawyers need to pass the bar exam in those jurisdictions, where they want to practice. While lawyers are knowledgeable in law, not all may be legally allowed to practice. There are lawyers who prefer non-practicing roles.

Attorney vs Lawyer


Is attorney equal to lawyer in Canada?

In Canada, the two terms are used interchangeably and mostly refer to lawyers allowed to practice law. In Canada, the Crown Attorney refers to a government law prosecutor in criminal cases.

Is attorney another name for a lawyer?

In general, yes attorney is another name for the lawyer but as we can see from above there are some clear distinctions between them. In most cases, the selection of one term or another is based on the specific field.

What are Canadian lawyers.

In Canada, they are usually known as lawyers. This is the term that we use in Canada for this type of lawyer.

What does the legal term attorney mean?

An attorney is simply defined as a lawyer with permission to practice.

Are lawyers referred to as counselor in Canada?

In Canada, the word counselor is more prevalent in regard to mental health specialists or those offering some sort of guidance. This phrase is typically not used for referring to lawyers.

In Canada, can anybody be a lawyer?

To become a lawyer in Canada, one is required to undergo different education and licensing requirements. This generally involves getting a bachelor’s degree, law school for three years and the bar exam. One has to pass the bar exam in the province where one is intending to work as a lawyer.

Can anyone be a lawyer without attending law school if he or she succeeds in passing the bar?

No, you cannot become a lawyer without attending law school. Yes, you have to take the bar exams although this is not until after a person gets an appropriate law degree from one ofthe approved schools.

What does bar stand for?

BAR is not an acronym. It means nothing and simply refers to the lawyer fraternity.


As it is evident, lawyers and attorneys are almost the same. The most significant difference between them actually lies in the fact that attorneys are more often American and while lawyers belong to other parts of the world.

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  1. A barrister is a legal professional who represents me in court.
    A solicitor is a legal professional who gives me legal advice generally, and if it becomes necessary, will arrange for a barrister to represent me in court.

    Solicitors can represent you in court, but only in lower courts.
    If the case goes higher, then you need a Barrister (called an Advocate in Scotland) to fight for you in higher courts.

  2. Attorney “at law” distinguishes from attorneys “in fact” (a way of describing those that hold a power of attorney). This reflects the more general meaning of “attorney” as someone authorized to act on behalf of another–at law, if a lawyer, in fact, otherwise.

  3. A graduate in Law from a Nigeria University who could not go to Law schools in Nigeria. Is he a lawyer, solicitor, advocate, notary or What is the title?

  4. A lawyer is someone who is learned and trained in  law. Yet, they may not actually practice law. They often give legal advice.

    An attorney at law or attorney-at-law is typically abbreviated to attorney in everyday conversation. An attorney is considered the official name for a lawyer in the United States.An attorney-at-law is defined as a practitioner in a court of law who is legally qualified to prosecute and defend actions in such court on the retainer of clients.


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