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Have a look around at the things that you have in your house, and it is likely that these things, whether it is your favorite chocolate bar or the toothpaste you have in your bathroom, have either the symbols ™ or ® on them. Since they have become extremely common symbols, many people may see these two symbols as very similar in their use and purpose, but actually, there are many differences between them.

The symbol â„¢ stands for the word ‘trademark’. It is given to manufactured products in the same manner as you would give a printed material copyright. The moment an author has a manuscript printed and published, it is automatically given copyright protection. In the case of a manufactured product that is new, unique and launched onto the market, it is given the ‘trademark’ symbol. By placing the trademark symbol right beside the name of the product, and the logo associated with the product, it automatically advises consumers that these are properties of the company that has manufactured the product. Anyone can use the trademark symbol when they develop and manufacture a particular product that they release onto the market.

On the other hand, using the symbol ® means that the product’s name and logo are registered trademarks. As the name implies, a registered trademark is only provided next to the name of products and logos that have been duly registered by the company in trademark offices, within the city or country of manufacture. To ensure that a product’s name and logo remain as registered trademarks, their registration has to be renewed every few years; with the length of time depending on the provisions of the trademark office with which it is registered.

That being the case, product names and logos that carry the ® symbol enjoy legal protection from trademark infringement when compared to those that just merely carry the â„¢ symbol. Because the company is able to get their names/logos registered, other companies can no longer utilize these names or logos. On the other hand, companies that merely attach the trademark symbol beside their product’s logos and product names will not be able to file trademark infringement suits against another company that uses the same name and logo, since any company can just attach the trademark symbol without having to undergo any form of registration. So while it may be more tedious to have the trademark registered, it is more beneficial in the long run.


1. The ™ and ® symbols are used next to the names and logos of products that are manufactured and sold in the market.
2. The trademark symbol can be attached by a company to the name and logo of their product as soon as it is developed and manufactured. On the other hand, the registered trademark symbol can only be used with product names and logos that have been registered.
3. Companies can only file suits of trademark infringements against the use of product names and logos that have a registered trademark symbol attached to them.

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