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Difference Between Wedding Planner and Wedding Coordinator

Wedding Planner vs Wedding Coordinator

Pulling together a successful wedding takes a lot of time, money, and help. Both wedding planners and wedding coordinators are specialty services to help the bride and the groom create a memorable wedding day. Both wedding planners and wedding coordinators are optional choices for a bride to conduct a wedding. Some brides choose to have both a wedding planner and a wedding coordinator while some will only choose one service and do the rest if they are able.

The wedding planner is also called a wedding consultant. A wedding planner is chiefly concerned with the planning and preparation process of the wedding. The planning and preparation process involves making specific discussions about the needs and wants of the client with consideration in terms of schedule, resources, and budget. The wedding planner is usually hired early in the process to discuss and plan the various details and aspects of the event, and to make use of the planner’s expertise and advice. The planner also serves as the client’s resource person for many vendors, designers, and other forms of businesses that provide the details of the wedding. Aside from the organizational skills and a variety of contacts in the industry, wedding planners are also considered as indispensable for their experience and expert advice for the client.

Wedding planners present their ideas and suggestions, but the client always makes the final decision to pick or choose a particular service or product that will make appearances at the event. The planners can only act with the client’s approval and choices. Wedding planners also have a lot of duties and activities aside from providing a client with a resource directory. Some of the duties include negotiating prices or discounts of products and services. They also serve as a mediator between the client and the vendors. Wedding planners also provide or improve ideas and themes for brides as well as a trouble-shooter for possible wedding problems. Since wedding planners are often hired at the start of the wedding planning process, they usually stay for a long time due to the long duration of the planning.

The other person in the wedding service industry is the wedding coordinator. The wedding coordinator is not the same type as the planner. The wedding coordinator is a person who coordinates and oversees all the choices and decisions by the client to go smoothly on the wedding day. The coordinator acts on the decisions made by the client and makes sure that the event will go smoothly, easily, and memorable for the client.

The coordinator is usually hired a month or two before the actual wedding date. The main responsibility of the wedding coordinator is to oversee and confirm all the details and make sure that everything is in order. Coordination involves everyone connected with the wedding – the client/couple, their families, vendors, designers, the venue, and the service staff. It also involves from the start to the finish the wedding day – including the ceremony, the reception, to the honeymoon. Most of the wedding coordinator’s work is done on the wedding day itself, and they aim to please both the client and their guests.

Both services work hand-in-hand. Some wedding planners evolved into wedding coordinators, or both services can be rendered by different persons or companies. Both services charge a fee, but the help and cost-effective measures in hiring the service makes it indispensable for a woman or a couple in making the most memorable day of their lives.


1.Both wedding planners and wedding coordinators are optional services in executing a wedding.
2.A wedding planner is usually hired to start the wedding planning process while the wedding coordinator is hired two months before the actual wedding date.
3.The wedding planner helps the client in deciding options and making decisions while the wedding coordinator helps in executing and bringing the clients’ decisions and visions to reality.
4.Before the wedding, the wedding planner does all the legwork before a decision is made. During the wedding, the wedding coordinator does the same thing after the decisions are completed.
5.A wedding planner can do the transition to be a wedding coordinator if need be.

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