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Zeus vs Jupiter

The stories during ancient times, including the stories about the all-powerful gods and gallant warriors, have never failed to amaze us. The mighty Zeus is perhaps the most popular fictional god that we ever heard about. Several films have been made which are based on the story about the Greek gods and their relationship with humankind. And Zeus will never be out of the show. Though Zeus might be the more popular God, Jupiter, a Roman god, is still comparable to that of Zeus. Jupiter might not always be the talk of the show, but even Jupiter is confused with his connection to Zeus. Let us discover the differences between these two gods.

Zeus and Jupiter are undoubtedly gods with different names. However, many say that they are both the same gods only of different origins and storytellers. Zeus is the great ruler of the Greek gods while Jupiter is the one who is sovereign to the Roman gods. Both gods play the role of protector of the weak race of humankind. If the humans pray and call on their name, the gods will come to their rescue.

Zeus and Jupiter are both gods of the vast sky and the roaring thunder. Their presence creates law and order and even fate. Zeus and Jupiter have the lightning bolt as their ultimate weapon. To retrieve the bolts they have thrown, they use an eagle. I don’t know why they have to retrieve their thrown bolts – perhaps recycling? Zeus is married to his sister, Hera, while Jupiter is also married to his sister, Juno. Though they are married, these gods of the gods are not faithful husbands to their wife. If you have watched films about Greek and Roman mythologies, or if you have read books about the gods, you probably have discovered that they have many children from different women, be they gods or mortals. Zeus and Jupiter have also played the role of being a playboy. These are the general similarities between Zeus and Jupiter.

Zeus and the other Greek gods reside at Olympus. Zeus has two brothers, Poseidon and Hades. Poseidon is the king of the sea while Hades is the king of the underworld. Zeus became the god of the gods after overthrowing his own father, Cronus. You might be wondering why Zeus became the god of the gods instead of his brothers. According to the source I have read, the three brothers drew lots and Zeus won out of luck.

On the other hand, Jupiter has many other names. They include: Jove, Latin, Luppiter, Lovis, and Diespiter. He is the god of the Roman gods. Other sources also cite that he is an Italian god. He became the god of the gods when his father, Saturn, died. Like Zeus, Jupiter ruled the world with his brothers Neptune and Pluto. Neptune ruled the seas while Pluto ruled the underworld. If you are a human and want to please Jupiter, you have to offer sacrifices such as rams, oxen, and lambs.


  1. Zeus is a Greek god while Jupiter is a Roman god.
  2. Jupiter is the equivalent god of Zeus in Roman mythology.
  3. There are no actual differences between Zeus and Jupiter. Zeus is Jupiter. Jupiter is Zeus.
  4. Zeus and Jupiter are the rulers of the skies. Their brothers are the rulers of the seas and the underworld.
  5. The father of Zeus is Cronus while the father of Jupiter is Saturn. When their fathers died, Zeus and Jupiter rose to the throne.
  6. Both Zeus and Jupiter use the lightning bolt as their main weapon, and they use an eagle to retrieve the thrown bolts.

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  1. Pretty basic stuff, well written nonetheless. One thing, however; as I have read in numerous sources, there is an actual reason Zeus is the head god. Apparently, Hades was born first, Poseidon second, and Zeus last. Cronus was well known for eating his kids thanks to a prophecy of being overthrown by his son. Well, he eats Hades, then Poseidon, but Zeus’ mother hides him before he can be eaten. He grows up, and as prophesized he kills Cronus, in such a way as to cause him to regurgitate the others. Since Poseidon was eaten last, he was “born” first, which is why he is considered younger than Zeus, and Hades, eaten first, was “born” last, and was then considered youngest. Zeus, as oldest, claimed the sky, and with it the kingdom of gods ruled from Mount Olympus. Poseidon was then given choice of the sea or underworld. He chose sea, and Hades was then stuck to toil in the underworld. That is why inany adaptations of the mythos, Hades makes snide remarks to Zeus about being “given” or “stuck with” the job.

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