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Difference Between Black and Green Figs

Black vs Green Figs

The different varieties of figs are classified by consumers depending on the color of the fruit’s skin. A fig can be classified into colors of green, yellow, purple, black, and white. By classifying by color, some varieties are easier to know and select. A ripe fig fruit retains its color after it is picked. Figs also come in a variety of sizes from small, medium-sized, and large with each variety having a different taste and flavor of the fruit.

As there are a variety of colors of a fig’s skin, there are also a variety of colors of the fruit’s interior. Figs can have white, red, or purple colors of the interiors depending on the variety.

Figs come in many varieties, almost reaching 700 species in number. Green figs are the most common variety of figs; aside from the yellow figs variety. Since they are a very common variety, green figs are also one of the most used varieties of figs for different purposes like fruits for drying, baking, cooking, and eating.

Figs are often classified into four main groups: the Caprifig, the Calimyrna (or Smyrna),

the Common figs, and the San Pedro figs. Any color of the fig can belong to any of these

four. Green figs are also very convenient to grow for gardeners or cultivators since the

green color of the fig blends in with the color of the fig tree. This makes the fig

undiscernable to birds or other animals that might eat it.

On the other hand, black figs encompass the varieties of figs with red, brown, or violet to almost black skin color. Black figs and their various species are characterized as having a high sugar content and commonly have a sweet taste. Black figs are known to have a high amount of zinc which is a major contributor to testosterone production. Also, black figs are known to be sweeter compared to other varieties of fig.

A partial list of variants of green figs with green skins are the following: Agouat, Akoran, Amellal, Arzagane, Azigzaou, Beurzel, Excelsior, Forbes, Heiny no. 1 Kearny, Mendolaro, Milco, Roeding no.1, Roeding no. 4, Rotondo, Samson, San Anotnio, Tardivo, and Tit-en-Tsekourt. Also included are the Ak-kaba, Azaim, Bianco, Colobaro, Croisic, Elma, Gemini I, Hajjii Meslan, Illoul, Kongur, Kuyucak, Loomis, Madel, Markarian seedlings, Maslin no. 150, Mason, Medloub, New Castle, Primatticio, Samson caprifigs, Stanford, Borsamele, Eisen, Kaab el Ghazal, Khazouri, Malaki, Rosa, Sari Lop, Scionto snowden, Sultanie, Abate, Abiarous, Aboucherchaou, Akca, Alekake, Amesas, Aranim-Amellal, Bardajic, Blowers., Castelhano Branco, Castelhano, Changelge, Chefaki., Cheker Injir, Choer, Cueritesto, Djaferi, Djebali, Fietta, Gök Lop, Hilgard, Isly, Jadi, Kalamata, Karayaprak, Kassaba, Khadir, Kouffi Vert, Lebi, Madoui, Malaki Blanc, Mamari, Maple-Leaved, Merchini, Mota, Mouzai, Panettaro, Pasulito, Pazzo, Rixford, Round White Smyrna, Sesso, Sigilli., Souaba-el-Adjia Blanche, Stanford, Sultane Bi-longue, Sultani, Tabelout, Tadefouit., Taharit, Takourchit, Takourchit, Tameriout Taranimt, Taurisano, Tazarift. Três um Prato, Verdescone, West, Wilson and Yediver.

On the other hand, an incomplete inventory of black fig variants are: Adras Balnc, Averane, Brawley, Bsikri, Ficus palmata, Ficus pseudo-carica, Maslin no. 91, Van Lennep, Black Mission, Brown Turkey, Celeste, Black Jack and California Brown Turkey (or Thompson’s Improved Brown Turkey), Violet, Bordeaux fig, Euscaire, Hamriti., Scancaniso, Abougandjour, Adjaffar, Aghan, Agouarzguilef, Agoussim, Aranim-Aberkane, Averane, Avouzegar and Azendjar,

Whether it is a green fig or a black fig, the nutritional benefits are the same. Figs are a good way to maintain and lose some extra weight. They are also beneficial in reducing risks of cancer and diabetes.


1.Figs are one of the oldest crops in the world. They can be categorized by their type or the color of their skin to recognize a certain variety.
2.Both green figs and black figs have the same nutritional content, uses, and health benefits. However, the taste and the color of the interior can vary depending on the variety of the species.
3.The main difference between green figs and black figs is the color of their skin which helps in determining a particular variety of fig.

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