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Difference Between Onions and Scallions

Onions vs Scallions

Vegetables are quite difficult to eat when we were kids. Children and even grown-up adults do not even eat vegetables. Some vegetables taste awful when not cooked properly such as bitter gourd. These vegetables, however, are extremely healthy that they will prevent you from heart diseases and cancers. So its still better to choose vegetables over red meat and fatty, instant meals.

Two of the best-tasting vegetables are onions and scallions. What could be the differences?

Scallions have many names including: green onion, spring onion. Green shallots, or onion sticks. The genus us allium and the specie varies. Onion, on the other hand, is also known as a bulb onion or garden onion. Its genus is Allium, but the specie is Allium cepa or A. cepa as there are other species of onions under Allium such as A. Fistolosum or Japanese onion and A. Proliferum or Egyptian onion. It depends on the specie.

In terms of appearance, scallions do not form bulbs once they reach maturity. In Western countries, it is grown only as salad onion or scallion. It is already being harvested once there is a small bulb formation. Scallions are smaller than the average onions. These are being cooked and sought for the mild taste it brings. It can be cooked or can be just eaten and mixed raw among salads. This is mostly done in Asia. It is also used for sauces, sandwiches, and curries or for just a plain stir fry of vegetables.

Onions, on the other hand, are being harvested once they reach their full-blown bulbing. They have many uses around the world. They are primarily used for their aroma in cooking. They also have a stronger taste than scallions. This vegetable is widely used in countries such as India, Pakistan, and Iran since onions are basic ingredients among curries. In Western countries, onions are used as a side dish to chips and fish, for example, in the  U.K. and Australia. Onions are bigger than scallions. Onions also vary in color such as the red onion which is best for broiling and grilling; the white onion which is always used in Mexican dishes, and lastly, the yellow onions which are preferred for use by the French people in their dishes.


  1. Scallions and onions have varying species, but both came from the genus Allium.
  2. Scallions are smaller than onions and are not dependent to bulb before being harvested unlike the regular onion.
  3. Scallions have a milder taste than onions.
  4. Scallions and onions are used a lot in cooking for various dishes around the globe.

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