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Difference Between Adsorb and absorb

Adsorb vs absorb

Every one may be aware of absorb but might not have heard about adsorb. The change of ‘d’ for ‘b’ makes a lot of difference between the two words. Both adsorb and absorb are different when looking at the physical as well as chemical processes.

When a material imbibes some amount of gas or liquid into it, then it can be said that the material has absorbed the material. On the other hand, when some gas or liquid accumulates on the surface of a material, then the process can be termed as Adsorb.

Absorb means a process by which a substance is taken into another substance. Absorb is also a condition where the atoms, molecules and ions enter a solid, gas or liquid material. Absorb is also a process in which the energy of a photon is taken into by another entity.

Adsorb can be termed as a process by which the liquid or gas is not absorbed but it only forms on the surface. Absorb is related to volume whereas adsorb is related to the surface. The phenomenon of adsorb is widely used in industries for water purification and synthetic resins.

When talking of Absorb, one can say that something moves inside an object. But in the case of adsorb, something forms a layer on the surface of an object.

Adsorb involves adhesion and absorb involves dissolution or diffusion. In materials that perform absorb, atoms, molecules and other particles are taken internally. On the other hand, in adsorb the atoms, molecules and other materials adhere to the surface.

1. Absorb is a process by which a material imbibes some amount of liquid or gas into it. Adsorb is a process by which some liquid or gas gets accumulated on the surface of another material.
2. Unlike absorb, which is related to volume, Adsorb is related to surface.
3. Absorb can also be stated as a condition where the ions, atoms or molecules enter some liquid, solid or gas material.
4. Absorb can also be said to the process by which energy of a photon is absorbed by another entity.
5. In absorb, something moves inside an object whereas in adsorb, the substance forms a layer on the surface of an object.
6. When Adsorb involves adhesion and absorb involves dissolution or diffusion.
7. In absorb, the atoms, molecules or particles are taken internally. On the other hand, the particles, atoms and molecules adhere to the surface in Adsorb.

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  1. Outstanding definition ! I have never seen this website before but I will use it now and share it with friends. Well done !

  2. What does all this mean in the context of taking a supplement , will the adsorbed layer be absorbed into the body ?

  3. That was the clearest definition I have found, thanks!

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