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exerciseAerobic vs Anaerobic exercise

The high energy pulsating exercise on count of 5, 6, 7, 8’“ you feel the pant, the stretch, lost calories and inches. So what is this? Is it aerobic or anaerobic exercise ‘“ both with tremendous benefits but meant for varying regimes or objectives.

An active vigorous workout can be aerobics or anaerobic. To simplify, aerobic means ‘with oxygen’ while anaerobic means ‘without oxygen’. Anaerobic exercise does not indicate the lack of breath during the workout. Rather it works on the premise that cellular tissues produce the energy required without the dependence on oxygen. The workout is fast, with high intensity activities. Hence relying on oxygen is not an option. On the other hand, aerobic exercise involves moderate pace using oxygen to generate the energy required. The muscles use oxygen to burn the glucose and fat to generate adenosine triphosphate (ATP). Some of the popular aerobic exercise includes walking, running, swimming, cycling, cross-country, skiing, kayaking or simply following the pace of an exercise video. You can walk on a treadmill as well. Anaerobic exercise includes tennis, weight lifting, sprinting and jumping amongst others.

Therefore, aerobic and anaerobic exercises have their own benefits. Aerobic exercise helps tone the muscles, improve circulation, lower the blood pressure, better lung capacity, strong heart, increased RBC count and thereby lessens the chances of heart diseases. Anaerobic exercise helps the body to build its performance when required, hence helps with stronger bones, better speed and power.Muscle strength is increased.Muscle atrophy is reduced with age.

So if you had to evaluate what pattern will suit you between aerobic or anaerobic exercise, then it is recommended that you combine both the forms to create a fulfilling health regime. If you are a first timer, then it is critical to know your full health condition and choose exercises wisely. While a little ache will prevail initially, these will subside as the pattern progresses. After reading this, do not imagine that this is your recipe to fitness and great health, as good health comes with a nutritious diet, sound sleep, staying away from bad habits and the right intake of vitamins. If you have all this, then you can be sure that you are on the way to being healthy, wealthy and wise!

1.Aerobic uses oxygen while anaerobic does not rely on Oxygen.
2.Aerobic exercise involves moderate rate and anaerobic requires a fast pace high intensity.
3.Aerobic exercises help in toning the muscles and improve circulation while anaerobic exercises help in strengthening the bones and reducing muscle atrophy with age.

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