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Difference Between Dietitian and Nutritionist

‘Dietitian’ vs ‘Nutritionist’

Time was when we didn’t care about what we ate. As teenagers we were not too concerned about the food that we take into our systems. Not until we become adults do we start to be wary about the food that we eat.

This is especially so when we start experiencing medical problems because of improper diet. Obesity is very common today which can become a cause of some serious illnesses. This is why some people are seeking out the help of dietitians and nutritionists to help them become healthy through proper diet.

Dietitians are nutrition and food experts who encourage proper eating habits in order to be healthy. They are involved in the research, development, and preparation of food that can provide the best nutritional value to patients and other individuals.
They usually spend a certain period of time as interns at a medical facility or hospital and help in the planning and preparation of food for patients. Those that need special dietary needs can be advised by dietitians as to what food is best for them.
They are registered and accredited with a national board after they have passed the educational and professional requirements. They act as consultants who provide nutritional knowledge to other health care providers. Some also work in other institutions that require their expertise.

Nutritionists are individuals who work as nutrition advisers. There are no qualifications required for people who want to become nutritionists, but there are degrees in nutrition for those who want to have formal training.
Their knowledge of food and diet usually comes from their personal experiences in health and nutrition. Those that are involved in sports and fitness can become nutritionists and advise individuals as to the proper way to improve performance and learn the right way to lose or gain weight.

Gyms and sports facilities usually employ nutritionists to teach clients how to increase muscle mass, how to lose weight, and what foods to eat to achieve the right figure that they want. Nutritionists cater to individuals and are prone to practice alternative approaches to health and nutrition.
Depending on your needs, you can choose between hiring a dietitian or a nutritionist. If you do not have any medical problems and you only need to achieve a healthy body through proper nutrition, then a nutritionist will do. But if you are suffering from an illness and you need a special diet, it is best to consult a dietitian.

1. Dietitians are food and nutrition experts while nutritionists are those who work as nutrition advisers.
2. Dietitians usually have degrees, are accredited and registered with a national board while nutritionists may or may not have a degree or be accredited with any board.
3. Dietitians get their knowledge from their education while most nutritionists get their knowledge from experience.
4. Dietitians usually work in hospitals and other medical facilities while nutritionists usually work in gyms and sports facilities.
5. Dietitians help in the research, planning, and preparation of food for patients especially those that need special food preparations because of their illnesses. Nutritionists assist and advise individuals who want to achieve a certain level of body weight, figure, and performance.

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