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Nephrostomy and Urostomy

Nephrostomy and Urostomy

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  1. I am scheduled to have surgery to get a bladder diversion and a Urostomy bag. The reason is that I have had a super pubic catheter for about 5yrs. But in the last 6 months I have had severe leaking around the catheter hole, and because of this I have developed major infections in my bloodstream and other multiple organs. I am at the point where I am needing to be changed every 2-3hrs. I also am allergic to multiple antibiotics and eventually my body will reject any antibiotics. I have gone septic 3 times. So as a results of all these issues it has been decided that I will have to have a bladder diversion and Urostomy bag. Last week they had to go thru my back and I now have a nephrostomy bag put in. I am guessing that the nephrostomy bag will be disconnected when they do the Urostomy.

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