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Differences Between Eczema and Heat Rash

Eczema vs Heat Rash

One of the problems that plague individuals is constant itching. This is why we take pains in purchasing lotions and creams that would not only protect our skin from heat, but for those living in countries that have mosquitoes around, insect repellant. So when one experiences too much itching especially this is not just concentrated on one area alone, worry and apprehension would occur … more so, if one’s baby or toddler would be going through this. This is why this article is focused on helping you understand how you can differentiate between eczema and heat rash.

What is eczema?

Eczema, by strict definition, is a skin rash. Normally a child experiences skin rash before the age of five and in babies, this would tend to show on certain parts like the cheeks and the scalp. Then again, it does not focus on such areas only but it could also reach other parts of the body. There are different ways eczema would show on a baby’s skin. Sometimes it is dry, thick and scaly. At times, this may appear like red bumps. The important thing that you should remember is not to overly scratch it, else it may become infected. Typically, eczema comes and goes. It is certainly not contagious. So when itching occurs, try to find a remedy so you won’t be tempted to keep scratching. Children are generally considered a challenge, especially for parents, because they tend to keep scratching, which might result in unsightly skin problem.

What is heat rash?

Heat rash, on the other hand, is an eruption of bumps on the skin. Most of the time, they are red, especially on someone whose skin is fair. This is fairly common in babies, but children of all ages can acquire it. The important bit of information that you should be aware of is that this appears because of heat. Heat rash is usually seen on folds of the skin like the inside of the elbow, the neck, armpits, and backs of the knees. It can also appear on other parts where clothing would fit snugly, like the crotch, buttocks, chest, and the stomach. If the baby tends to wear hats a lot, it might also appear on the forehead or scalp. Remember that your skin has sweat glands, and if these, through the pores, become clogged, heat rash develops. Children have smaller pores, so heat rash develops more with them. Simply put, hot and humid weather is a prime culprit because your child would sweat a lot. In winter, if your child would wear too much clothing, making him sweat heavily, heat rash may occur.


Eczema and heat rash are both skin problems. The basic and biggest difference between both is how the skin problem would appear and would be acquired.
Eczema is due to certain conditions, allergens, and many more factors. A heat rash, on the other hand, is due to heat. It is due to the body not having the option of letting ‘sweat’ out of the body. Although the appearance of both eczema and heat rash are almost the same, when you visit your doctor and let him know how the rash came to be, and how long the rash has existed, it will be easier for him to prescribe something.
Oftentimes, heat rash is an indication that your child is too warm and proper care will always ensure your child to have better temperament. More so for babies as they can’t tell you how they feel, and checking on them from time to time so they would be cool will definitely help in lessening heat rash.

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