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Reebok, a popular subsidiary of giant footwear company Adidas, has also reinvented some of its famous lines of products using its ingenious technologies. In the same manner as what Nike does to its shoes by making it lighter using their ‘Nike Air’ concept, Reebok also has developed its footwear using various technologies like RunTone, ZigTech, EasyTone and SimplyTone.

There are clear differences in features among RunTone and ZigTech footwear but what puzzles buyers is the disparity between EasyTone and SimplyTone technologies. Actually, both of these shoe technologies are used in Reeboks shoes to achieve almost the same type of feel and benefit for the user. Both shoes are meant for walking and not really for extensive running or jogging among female users.

Nevertheless, there’s a minor difference in the footwear’s pods. SimplyTone makes use of foam pods while EasyTone employs air pods. Although there were some feedbacks about the air in EasyTone’s air pods leaking several months after intensive use of the footwear, this claim has not been proven yet.

Moreover, EasyTone is said to be an innovative shoe or flip flop solution that is carefully crafted to give strength to the user’s leg muscles in each step he makes. It makes use of a balance ball technology that involves air movement, which creates the toning and leg muscle strengthening features of this footwear. With regard to the air pods, the shoe creator claims that the air pods in EasyTone footwear give the user a glute and hamstring muscles toning advantage of 28% and 11% respectively, more than what SimplyTone offers.

Based on the company’s footwear testing, the feedback has been mostly positive for EasyTone. Over 20,000 data hours have been collated by Reebok from hundreds of testing participants who participated. Majority of the respondents really felt a significant change in how their leg muscles have been working while using EasyTone footwear. Lab tests also show that the technology greatly supports the strength development of the key leg muscles without wearing them out easily.

In terms of rating, the EasyTone footwear also received the highest rating across the board. Whatever EasyTone shoe type, may it be for toning or simply for workout, EasyTone footwear is rated much higher than SimplyTone.

In terms of pricing, Reebok shoes using the EasyTone technology have the price range of $99 to $110. On the contrary, SimplyTone shoes are priced at about $79 making it a cheaper alternative for the EasyTone shoe series. If you are fond of flip flops, EasyTone flip flops are also available just below $50.

1. EasyTone footwear is a pricier technology in shoe wear compared to SimplyTone.
2. SimplyTone makes use of foam pods while EasyTone makes use of air pods.
3. EasyTone shoes are rated higher than SimplyTone.

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