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Differences between HR and admin

In the efficient working of any company or organization, there are a number of departments that are responsible for delivering perfection and that too on time. Since the jack of all trades is master of none, the significance of specialization and division of labour has been immense in today’s society. There are always a number of departments or sub divisions of a department working under a particular hierarchy. The importance of partner relationships as described in marketing and of these departments to work together efficiently cannot be stressed enough. Two such, extremely significant departments are the administration and HR, that is, human resource department.

To begin with, an administration department is the heart of any organization, company, association, corporation, hospital, university, school, foundation etc. Its main tasks include organization, supervision, decision-making, control, growth etc. In short its job is to ensure the proper functioning of the entity and try to further improve its performance. Human resource, however, is only a department or a mere branch of this huge entity. As evident from the words human resource, its main job is to manage the human resources available to the entity. There are a number of resources that any company or industry as a whole requires, such as land, labour, capital etc. The employees available to the firm or any entity are also a type of resources as they also are part of the production process. And the production will never be efficient until and unless one of the most important resources, that is, employees themselves are skilfully managed. Therefore, the HR department remains very important.

The admin department is at the top of all company decisions and functions. It decides and controls everything from the company’s accounting, finances, marketing, operations, supply chain management etc. It has a number of departments working under it that individually look to each of the above mentioned portions of business activity. The Human Resource department is just one of these departments and supervises people. One of its major duties is to ensure quality working conditions for the employees. This includes a clean working environment, a friendly and calm attitude between the various employees. In addition to this, it must also undertake special measures for the health and safety and welfare of the employees. Any issues that the employees have are to be dealt with by the Human Resource department.

The administration, as previously mentioned is at the head of almost everything. Along with taking decisions it also makes laws and policies that are to be strictly followed by all departments as well as individuals. Since HR is also under the admin department, it is supposed to follow the policies laid down by the administration. The HR is supposed to report to the administration whereas the admin itself has to report to the corporate board of directors.

The notions and tasks of HR have changed a great deal overtime. Whereas the administration has remained of utter significance and more or less had the same tasks as it has had from decades before, the HR has revolutionized to a great extent. Initially the main task of HR was transactional work which included administrating payroll and benefits. However due to rapid globalization, technological advancement and loads of research, HR now also focuses on strategic initiatives such as mergers and acquisitions, managing talent, planning succession, labour and industrial relations as well as diversity and inclusion.

Summary of differences expressed in points

  1. Admin is the head of any company/association/organization/hospital; HR is one of the departments
  2. Admin- concerned with organization, supervision, decision-making, control, growth; HR deals with human resource, i.e., employees and their management
  3. Further tasks of admin-accounting, financing, managing supply chain, all this by controlling various other departments; HR-ensuring quality working conditions for the employees; clean environment, friendly attitude between them, addressing health and safety risks, dealing with personal issues of the employees
  4. Admin Department makes all the laws, rules and regulations, policies; HR has to abide by these and work in accordance to them
  5. HR reports to the admin; admin itself refers to the corporate board of directors
  6. Admin of extreme significance but has had a similar role as in the past; the role of HR has been dynamic; owing to changes in technology and globalization HR now also focuses on strategic initiatives such as mergers and acquisitions, managing talent, planning succession, labour and industrial relations as well as diversity and inclusion

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  4. I am grateful to know the difference between HR and Admin into detail, thanks a lot.

    Thanks so much, it really help me.

  5. Can you advise who should carry out employee induction Admin or HR?

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