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Difference Between Always and Forever

Always vs Forever

Always and forever are often used as words meaning the same thing. It is extremely difficult to find any difference between the two words. Individuals will usually interpret always and forever to have the same meaning, and in some instances this will be the case.

The word always is an adverb and is often used to mean that the action you are describing will last at all times. The context for which this adverb is used is paramount to its understanding. For example, if you were to say ‘I will always love you’, you would be declaring your love seemingly for an infinite period of time.

Forever is also used as an adverb to describe the action taking place.  Forever is a relatively new word to the English language and is taken to mean for eternity, or if you prefer, never ending. Its meaning is strongly governed by the context in which it is used. For example, if I were to say ‘I will love you forever’ It would mean I was declaring my undying love for you; a love that will be never ending and that will always be there for you.

There is no real difference between the two words. Both words are used as adverbs to describe actions taking place. Many people use both words to express the same feeling.  It is not the words, but the context in which they are used which interprets their meaning. The English language denotes that the word forever is actually the synonym of the word always. This concludes that both words are used for the same meaning.


  1. Always and forever are both adverbs.
  2. Both words are often used for the same meaning.
  3. Forever is the synonym of the word always.
  4. It is the contexts in which the words are placed that denote their true meaning.
  5. In conclusion there is no tangible difference between the two words.

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  1. Someone asked me ‘ how long will we stay together?’ I was confused between always and forever.
    Give me reply of this.

    • In my mind, “forever” means the action will occurs during a long long time, pherhaps longer than my life, even longer than “time” itself. It’s a single dimention word. While, “always” means the action will occurs whatever happened — the time flied, the moutain translated to ocean, the sun went out, or my boss fired me, a car broke my leg, etc. As you see, It’s a multi-dimention word.
      Well, the fact is I prefer “always” to “forever” because of Prof Snap, “always”.


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