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Ulcer vs Cancer

Ulcer and Cancer are medically classed as two different illnesses. However, it is possible for an internal ulcer to develop into cancerous cells.

The inside of your body is protected by a protective layer, medically known as the mucous membrane. If this membrane becomes broken or violated the area becomes known as an ulcerated disruption. Your body will ultimately try to mend the membrane, but other factors like bacterial infection often prevent your body from doing this naturally. An ulcer will cause irritation to the surrounding nerves; when this occurs, the patient experiences an enormous amount of pain and discomfort. If the membrane lining of the stomach or intestine becomes torn, you will develop a painful and life threatening form of peritonitis.

The most common type of ulcer occurs in the lining of the stomach. The stomach produces a form of acid called hydrochloric; an over production of this acid can damage the cell walls causing the membrane to develop an ulcer. Ulcers can also be found in the intestines, known as duodenal ulcer. Ulcers can even form on the outer layer of the skin.

Cancer is a medical condition that unfortunately can sometimes be found in ulcers. In layman’s terms, cancer is a condition caused when our bodies abnormally multiple cells at a rapid rate; this fast multiplication of cells can cause your body to severally react with no time to repair. It is important to note that not all ulcers are dangerous, and not all ulcers can develop into cancer. However, an ulcer can encourage your body to multiply the abnormal cells around an ulcerative growth. The cancerous growth is often seen to be untreatable unless caught early enough.

If your doctor suspects your symptoms are the cause of an ulcer, he will often send you for a biopsy, just to check if cells are benign or malignant. This small test involves a small section of the infected area being removed for further investigation. Hopefully, the biopsy will not show abnormal cell growth; if it shows cancerous cells, treatment should commence with immediate effect. Cancerous Ulcers are shown to rapidly grow and, unlike normal ulcers, do not have the ability to heal themselves. Ulcers that develop into cancerous cells, unless treated, will start to invade other organs and tissues in the body.

Treatment for stomach and intestinal ulcers results in changing the patient’s diet and introducing a treatment period using anti-inflammatory medication. Treatment for cancer is more radical in its approach. Often surgery will be used to remove the abnormal cell growth. If this is not possible, the cancerous cells will be blasted with a dose of radiation. Patients with cancer are clinically in a far worse condition than that of an ulcer patient.



The inner lining of your body is covered in a mucous membrane. If the membrane becomes torn, this is when an ulcer forms.

An ulcer will cause an irritation to the surrounding nerve endings, causing the individual to become ill.

Cancer is caused by your body multiplying cells at an abnormal rate causing a growth.

It is possible for ulcers to heal themselves, whereas cancer needs medical intervention.

Treatment for cancer is in the form of radical surgery or a powerful dose of radiotherapy.

Ulcer treatment consists of an anti-inflammatory medication taken in conjunction with a revised diet.

Both cancer and ulcers can lead to fatalities.

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