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The English language is full of slang, informal words, and expressions that refer to things that are not widely accepted or are considered taboo. Although slang is being used by most people, it is more commonly used by the younger members of society.
The world of violence and crime is also full of slang wherein conventional words are replaced by slang to keep other people from knowing what they are talking about. It stems from familiarity with the things that are described by the word and is also common among people who are inclined to music and video games.
An example of slang is the word “cool” which could mean very good or very impressive. The word “hot” is also used as slang for attractive. In Internet and mobile phone instant messages, laughing out loud (LOL) and rolling on the floor laughing (ROFL) are common slangs.
Slang is also used to describe certain characteristics of people. Two of the most commonly used slang words are “geek” and “dork.” While both terms are used to describe people who are odd and have negative connotations, they have very different meanings and refer to different characteristics.
A geek is described as a foolish, clumsy, and single-minded person who is scientifically and technically proficient. He may be socially backward but excel in technological and scientific skills so he gets hired easily. He is the person who is made fun of during high school but becomes the boss of his peers when they become adults.
A dork, on the other hand, is described as a dull, stupid, foolish, fatuous, and incompetent person. He is also referred to as a jerk or a misfit who is unable to adjust to certain situations. Like the geek, he is also socially lacking but thinks that he is cool.
He is the person that no one is interested in talking to or hanging around with. He might try to get along with others but just doesn’t fit in. He may be interested in academic and technological pursuits but doesn’t have the skills to make him as proficient as a geek.
While both the geek and the dork might dress in unmatched or funny clothes, the geek can be very dedicated to something that interests him and become competent and an expert in it. The dork, on the other hand, is totally lacking in both social and intellectual skills.


1.A geek is a person who is foolish, clumsy, and single-minded while a dork is a person who is not only foolish but is also dull, stupid, fatuous, and incompetent.
2.A geek is scientifically and technologically proficient while a dork may be interested in these fields but totally lacks the knowledge and skill.
3.Both the geek and the dork are socially backward and wear clothes that don’t match or which are funny or out of date, but the dork is more so than the geek.
4.The geek is more likely to become successful as an adult because of his dedication to the field that interests him while the dork may remain as he is all through his life because of his inability to adjust and fit into the mainstream.

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