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Difference Between ‘Of’ and ‘For’

english_grammarbook‘Of’ vs ‘For’

Prepositions are parts of the English speech that introduces prepositional phrases. They are more often used than you may think, and in almost every English sentence, a preposition is present.

Two of the most commonly used prepositions are ‘of’ and ‘for’. These two, like all prepositions, indicates a relationship between objects in a particular sentence.

‘Of’ is already considered as an old English preposition. It is an unstressed from of æf. It means ‘away or away from’. The preposition ‘for’, on the other hand, initially came from ‘before’, which also means ‘on the account of’.

Examples of the preposition ‘of’:

– Of all the women in this room, you are the best looking.
– There is an abundance of oil and natural gas in the Spratly group of islands.
– The Sahara desert is one of the most remote parts of the world.
– His mother was charged with obstruction of justice.
– Of course not!

Examples of the preposition ‘for’:

– All for one and one for all!
– I see everything fair and square. Nothing is taken for granted.
– This is for Sparta!
– I am writing articles for my friend Che.
– Are you against it, or for it?

These are various meanings of the term ‘for’:

– in place of
– instead of
– in defense of
– in favor of
– with the aim, or for the purpose of
– in order to be, become, get, have, keep, etc.
– meant to be received by
– to be used in
– with regard to
– considering the general nature of
– corresponding to
– at the price of

These are various meanings of the term ‘of’:

– derived or coming from
– resulting from or caused by
– at a distance from or apart from (a specified reference point)
– relieved or separated from
– belonging to
– with reference to

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  1. Am verry hapy to send me theese pharase.and would like to send me more in order to learn emglish

  2. what is the differences between “care of nation property” and “care for nation property”

    • “care of nation property” probably the care is being done by the nation property (a noun maybe) while “care for nation property” is care is done TO nation property.

  3. It’s absolutely amazing seen the vast knowledge on the difference between the two phrases.

  4. I can not understand this yet

  5. Hi there. Whats the difference between ‘process for’ and ‘process of’ ?
    eg: The process of issuing licences. The process for issuing licences.

    Thanks in advance.

  6. WHAT is difference?? there no different!! England is stupid language, make no scent. no different for and of. America people need stop speak England language, language make America people more stupid, that why China buying up All America-

    america have clean air, but people stupid and big

  7. I am unable to find the difference in the meaning of the following two: a place of learning , a place for learning ? Which one is correct grammatically and what does it mean?

  8. Place of learning; learning derived/resulting from the place. Place for learning; place in favor of or set up for learning, but learning isn’t necessarily derived from the place.
    Ex. Place of learning is a school vs place for learning could be a library

  9. Please kindly help on this one! Details of or for????

  10. I got an award of/ for bravery. Which one is correct and why?

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