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You often hear the words aloud and out loud being said almost anywhere. Many are thinking that they are two synonymous words that can be used interchangeably. In fact, they are. Both aloud and out loud can be considered as adverbs. They modify words, preferably verbs, rather than nouns. However, some language experts say that they can be different. Read on to know what they are.

By definition, aloud is an adverb that can mean three things. When used in a sentence, it could often mean that you say something with a louder voice than normal like in the sentence, ‘They cried aloud in sorrow.’ Another meaning could be that you actually say something rather than mentally thinking about it. For example, ‘She read the novel aloud.’ Lastly, it could mean that you must say something using normal speaking voice rather than doing it in a whispered manner such as in the case of, ‘The students cannot talk aloud within the premises of the library.’ Moreover, the use of aloud is regarded as archaic or old fashioned. Even with such regard, the use of this adverb is preferable in formal talk or formal writing.

The term ‘out loud’ is still used in a similar way but is more appropriately used in selected occasions only. Some grammar experts claim that out loud is the idiom equivalent of the adverb aloud. An idiom by the way is a word that is stylistically or figuratively used by native speakers of the language. Similarly, others say that it is the term used in the colloquial sense. It is colloquial because the term is used in ordinary day to day conversation rather than in formal talk, writing or speech. That’s why out loud is both chatty and informal in nature.

A good example of using the term is in the sentence, ‘Don’t cry out loud!’ or ‘I always said these words out loud.’

To avoid further confusion and as a standard rule, it is best to use aloud for almost all occasions except in casual or ordinary conversations. Overall, aloud and out loud have the same meanings but they can be different because:

1. Out loud is used colloquially or during more informal talks as opposed to the use of aloud.

2. Aloud is the more archaic adverb that means to say something in a louder intensity as opposed to the term out loud.

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