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Difference Between Respect and Honor

What is the difference between respect and honor? Both words are used in conjunction with admiration for someone or something. ‘Respect’ is even found in the dictionary definition of ‘honor’. However, the words can vary slightly in the scope of their usage.

‘Respect’ can be used as either a noun or an intransitive verb. As a noun, it means a feeling of admiration for or understanding the specific value and importance of someone or something. For example: I had respect for the way the soldier handled himself in battle. It can also be used to mean a way of thinking about or viewing someone or something. For example: I felt respect for the soldier’s effort. Respect in this sense can also take on the feeling of consideration, appreciation or concern. For example: I have respect for his privacy. When using the word ‘respect’, it implies understanding and agreement.

As a verb, ‘respect’ is used for admiration or regard of someone or something. For example: I respect people that speak up for others. This includes a person’s rights, wishes or desires. For example: I respect your decision to not attend the ceremony. When used in conjunction with an object, it can mean to treat something in a proper way. For example: Please show respect for the furniture and not jump on it.

‘Honor’ also can be used as a noun or a transitive verb. ‘Honor’ as noun is used to mean respect that is given to someone who is admired. It often is used in a slightly more formal way than ‘respect’. For example: They showed the solider honor. It has a more extended usage as well. It can also be used to mean a good reputation or character and high moral standards of behavior. For example: He showed honor in his conduct. Finally, it can be used to mean a badge, award, privilege or title of distinction. For example: They bestowed an honor on the soldier. In this way, it is even used as a title for a judge, ‘Your Honor’, and to mean someone’s moral virtue.

‘Honor’ as a verb means to regard or treat someone or something with admiration and respect. Honor used in this way too often has a formal ceremonial or public connotation to it. For example: They honored the wounded solider during the ceremony. To ‘honor someone or something’ can also be used to mean to do what is required or desired. For example: They honored the contract. In this way as well, it can be used to mean accept. For example: They honored the coupon I had.
Because of the sense of recognition and admiration in their meanings, the words ‘respect’ and ‘honor’ are synonyms of each other. They can both be used to show esteem or regard for someone or something. You can show both honor and respect to someone you admire. It is also possible to both honor and respect a person’s particular wishes.

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  1. Respect is earned and honor is given with out question.

  2. Feelings is to be honoured.
    You may give respect to so and so out of fear. It promotes the artificiality.

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