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Character vs Personality

Character and personality are subjects which have been widely researched, thought about, written about, and explained in many different ways. They are sometimes, in general use, interchanged but have very different meanings and implications. According to the dictionary, “personality” refers to “the quality of being a person” whereas “character” refers to “the ethical and mental traits of a person which give the person his individuality.”

The main idea behind character is that character comes into play when the mind is involved. The mind and its capacities are the central focus of the character. A person with character is capable of achieving anything by himself in the society. It helps a person in carrying out tasks with a direction that is self-motivated and self-realized. People with character can start a business if they want, raise a family well, earn as much as they want, and accomplish almost anything they desire but require the acceptance of society.

The character of a person is evident in every situation, no matter what the situation. The character of a person does not change or alter. The behavior might change, but the character doesn’t. The behaviors of people are directed by the character of the person. For example, if a person is a high achiever and ambitious, his character is visible and experienced in all situations whether they are domestic or professional. Character comes from feelings and the mind. Emotions do not play much of a role in the character of a person. Pure, simple, mental capacities drive the character of a person.

Personality is supposed to be more intense and deep than the character of a person. A person with personality does not look for the validation of society or its acceptance and can start anything new. People with personality have followers, and they are capable of starting new things in society which may or may not be acceptable at that time. The personality of a person does not originate only from his mind and values; it does not require the sanction or the support of society.

Personality involves mental capacities as well as the enthusiasm of the heart. Once the mind accepts a new idea of a person with personality, the heart encourages the person to go ahead and begin something which has never been done or something that needs to be done but has not been attempted. This happens because one’s personality is supposed to be the state of being which does not only include the mind. It is the state of existing and not just existing through thinking and organizing. Personality is an energy. It is above and more than the mind.


The central focus of the character is the mind. Character needs the validation and support of society and functions according to the approved social norms. One’s personality is more of an energy which does not require social validation and sanctions and involves the enthusiasm of the heart along with mental capabilities.

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