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Difference Between PETA and PETA2


PETA, or the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, is an international organization that protects the rights of animals from people. They mostly target companies that deal with animal testing and food chains, who they claim to be mistreating the animals for the sake of profit. PETA2 is the youth division of PETA. They still have the same goal as PETA but uses slightly different methods to attract a younger audience.

For starters, PETA2 tries to relate more with the lives of the younger audience. They talk more about college and high school life, where their target audience is. They also create teams as way to socialize active participants with each other by means of activities like games and even small scale protests. They also take advantage of the internet and social media as that is where most of the young people are very active. Social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and even video sharing sites like Youtube provide a platform for PETA2 to gain members and raise awareness of their cause. In contrast, PETA is better known when it comes to using traditional media like TV and print in getting their point across. PETA has been very effective in their shocking and often controversial adverts.

To give them a bigger voice, PETA has often solicited the help of high profile people like Hollywood celebrities to act as spokesperson. Campaigns like “I’d rather go naked than wear fur” has featured a number of celebrities posing naked. PETA2 doesn’t enjoy such celebrity support yet but it is expected that some young celebrities may join the cause of PETA2.

Since PETA is the main group, it is them that take on the heavier responsibilities of the organization. It is not uncommon for members of PETA to go undercover to record the mistreatment of animals inside the walls of large corporations. In this manner, PETA has brought a number of companies to court and some of them had to pay fines; not to mention the damage to their reputation due to the exposes.


1.PETA is an animal rights group while PETA2 is its youth arm
2.PETA2 relates more to the daily lives of young people than PETA
3.PETA2 uses the internet more while PETA uses traditional media more
4.PETA has celebrity supporters while PETA2 doesn’t
5.PETA does undercover work while PETA2 doesn’t

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