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Difference Between Lodge and Resort

What is Lodge and Resort?

Lodges and resorts – usually are the places that offer accommodation to travellers. These are sometimes confused because both of these offer lodging and dining options. However, lodges are comparatively smaller than the resorts and also, the resorts usually offer a larger accommodation, more activities and advanced amenities in comparison to the lodges.

The main difference between a lodge and a resort lies the amenities they offer and in their purpose. The main purpose of a lodge is to provide a basic accommodation (a decent room, with a bathroom, a bed and a television) whereas the main purpose of a resort is to offer luxurious amenities along with relaxation and recreation (swimming pools, spas, multiple restaurants within) to their guests. Location and facilities are also important differences between the two.


Both lodges and resorts offer accommodation (a room to stay with basic amenities) to tourists who pay for it.


A lodge is a short-term dwelling and its purpose is to provide accommodation and food for travellers in environmentally friendly, rural areas or remote locations where travellers can get the most rustic experience. A lodge usually has a limited number of rooms and activities for guests in comparison to a resort.


Similar to a hotel, a resort offers its patrons a place of relaxation and or recreation (swimming pools, spas, fitness centres). In addition to accommodations, resorts may also offer some recreational activities, so some people refer to such locations as a “resort hotel.” In essence, a resort is like a hotel, except with a lot more amenities, a larger space, fun activities, and accommodations.

Difference between Lodge and Resort



A lodge is an inn which offers accommodation for a shorter duration. It offers sleeping option to travelers to stay overnight. If you are crossing a country road, then you will surely find yourself in a lodge for your accommodation purpose. A lodge could be just a cabin in woods and is usually a temporary place to stay.


A resort is a commercial establishment which offers plethora of amenities and is usually a self-contained destination for travelers or vacationers.

Restaurants and dining


Most lodges have a nearby or internal restaurant. High-end lodges may have their own bar and restaurant. The food is great and has all the casual comfort staples. A lodge is usually not self-contained in terms of restaurants and dining.


There is something for everyone at a resort, whether you prefer a casual bite, a grandeur cuisine or an upscale atmosphere. For example, among the eight award-winning restaurants at The Coeur d’Alene Resort are authentic Italian restaurants, exceptional five-star cuisine, casual bar food, and special desserts.



Some lodges offer massages, manicures, and pedicures. These activities are limited or available in only high-end lodges. Others may have local massage therapists that offer free 25-minute massages in their lobby. Hot tubs may also pass for spas.


On the other hand, resorts offer a plethora of relaxing and pampering services like, Swedish massages (classic massage to promote relaxation), lash extensions, head massage, hair colorations and skin treatments. Other resorts have hot tubs and steam treatments. Some resorts even offer vacation packages or retreats exclusively designated to spa services.

Duration of stay


A lodge offers shorter duration of stay.


A resort usually offers longer duration of stay.



A lodge is located in either remote rural areas or in popular places like bust stands, railway stations, and airports of major cities 


Resorts, on the other hand, are located in open and large areas in natural and picturesque environment. It is a self-contained commercial establishment located near beaches, forests, mountains. 


The points of difference between Lodge and Resort have been summarized as below:


What is the difference between lodge hotel and resort?

Resorts offer more activities in addition to accommodation (a bigger room, a dresser, a fridge with chocolates, a cupboard, spas, etc.) and meals in comparison to lodge hotels which usually offer a temporary accommodation and only a place to stay with limited activities. 

What is considered a lodge?

You are more likely to find yourself staying in a smaller accommodation with lesser number of rooms at a lodge than at a fancy or chain hotel if you need a night’s accommodation while traveling an out of the way country road. A lodge is usually a temporary (meant for a shorter stay) accommodation. Like an inn, a lodge can also be a cabin in the woods. 

What is the difference between lodging and hotel?

Lodging means accommodations for short-term travelers (travelers who don’t intend to stay for long) and usually consist of a short-term dwelling rented or sometimes provided by another means. Lodging includes meals and a room to sleep in.

There is a sharing economy element in lodging. Hotels are more in number with larger number of rooms in comparison to. Hotels are establishments that provide short-term accommodations for a fee. A hotel room’s amenities can vary from a modest mattress in a small room to larger suites with bigger, higher-quality beds with soft high-quality pillows, a dresser with a mirror, a refrigerator with chocolates and candies, kitchen facilities, upholstered chairs, a music system, a flat-screen television, and an en-suite bathroom.

What is the difference between a lodge and an inn?

The key difference between a lodge and an inn is that a lodge provides mainly accommodation (a room with a bed), while an inn provides food and drinks as well in addition to accommodation.

What do you mean by lodge in Canada?

Lodge in Canada is an insubstantial or ramshackle house or dwelling erected for seasonal habitation or for temporary employment, such as woodcutting. Accommodations for hunters during hunting season as well as recreationalists, such as skiers, are currently covered by the term.

What makes a lodge a lodge?

If you’re going on a country road, you’re more likely to find a lodge (a smaller accommodation in comparison to a resort) than a fancy hotel. A lodge is usually located in rural, remote or rustic areas – designed to optimize the experience of being close to mountains, forests and beaches.

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