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Writing vs Talking

Writing and talking are two skills under human communication. Writing is a skill under written communication while talking is under speech or oral communication. Both skills aid in expressing different types of messages from one person to another. Both skills also utilize language as a channel.

The method of expressing oneself in writing is by using the alphabet and forming words on a piece of paper or any type of material. On the other hand, talking makes use of the human mouth and voice to form words. This results in making sounds that are received by the other party’s ears. Talking is easier, quicker, and more convenient. It also has a longer history. Humans have been talking in some form ever since the prehistoric age. It was the first form of human communication. With this skill, feedback can be readily made because there is an immediate audience. Most of the time, talking is repetitive, informal, and in simple sentences.

Talking is a universal skill. It is spontaneous. In using the voice, expressions are made in dialects and accents. Apart from the voice, body language is also evident in talking.
A way to discontinue talking is having pauses and voice intonation.

Meanwhile, writing is more difficult and complex in comparison. Writing is a product of reading and speaking skills. Writing requires knowledge of the alphabet and involves coherence, detail, and clarity in expression. It also requires a form of organization, standard, and polish. With writing, there is always a struggle for what to say and how to say it properly. The struggle affects the delayed feedback or response time.

Writing leaves a record since it requires a material or channel for expression. Writing also requires more information. It has related skills and processes that include reading, researching, editing, and publishing. Writing is a skill that must be practiced constantly for improvement. Writing requires a background in education. Education helps in expressing words in symbols and forming a logical sequence. Education also provides the rules and standards in writing. Correcting writing mistakes is also learned by educating students and making them learn about the mistakes.

Writing is more restricted and incorporates standards in forms of grammar, structure, spelling, and vocabulary. There are parameters on what is good writing although different people have different interpretations of the parameters. Writing is a process. It denotes progression from one stage to another. It usually begins with an idea and execution of all related skills and processes.

Publishing is the culminating event of a writing process. Writing comes in many forms like articles, essays, novels, short stories, theses, and other publishable materials.


1.Talking and writing are two skills under human communication. Both skills are involved in two distinct branches of communication. Talking falls under oral communication while writing is under written communication.
2.One common ground of both skills is language. Talking and writing use language to communicate effectively with another person.
3.Talking is instinctive and universal. On the other hand, writing requires an education since it has many standards and requirements. It also requires other skills like reading and speaking.
4.Talking makes use of the mouth and the ear as the recipient of sound. Meanwhile, writing makes use of symbols (alphabet), a channel, and the ability to form and express words.
5.Talking is spontaneous with immediate feedback. In contrast, writing is a process. It is planned and organized. Since writing takes a lot of time to prepare and polish, it also takes time for its audience to respond in the same medium.
6.Writing requires standards like grammar, structure, vocabulary, and spelling to be expressed properly. Its content has to have coherence and organization which can be followed.
7.In comparison, writing is considered as more formal than talking.

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