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Difference Between Cover Letter and Letter of Interest

Cover Letter vs Letter of Interest

A cover letter is a formal letter that is sent together with documents such as resumes and other items when an individual is applying for a specific job. It usually contains the additional information about the sender’s qualifications for the job which is advertised by the company. It is also referred to as application letter and is meant to cover the resume. It points out the features of a specific job that an individual is applying for and how his qualifications fit what the employer is looking for in the person that he wants to hire for the job.

Its format is like a business letter, and it contains a heading with the sender’s address, the date, and the address of the recipient. The salutation or greeting follows, then the body of the letter, and the closing followed by the signature block. It usually closes with a request for an interview.

Like all business letters, cover letters must be well-written and should only be one page long. It is placed at the top of all the other documents that are sent and is the first thing that the recipient sees when he opens the envelope.

A letter of interest, on the other hand, is a formal letter which is sent together with the resume to inquire about a job opening in a company without any job specified. It is meant to inquire about employment possibilities in the company with no specific job in mind. It is also referred to as a letter of inquiry or prospecting letter and, like the cover letter, follows the format of a business letter. It states the sender’s interest in the company and his potential as a future employee including the contributions that he can make to the company.

It usually closes with the sender’s intention of following up on the application by phone at a specified date and time. It is a letter that is meant to highlight one’s qualifications for any job and must be well-written.
Aside from employment, letters of interest are also sent by contractors or vendors together with their proposal. It is likewise sent by lenders in response to requests for loans and other financial transactions stating the type of financing that they are willing to extend.


1.A cover letter is a business letter which is sent by a job applicant with the resume and other documents while a letter of interest is a business letter which is also sent with the resume stating the sender’s interest to work for a company.
2.A cover letter is also called an application letter while a letter of interest is also called a letter of inquiry or a prospecting letter.
3.A cover letter contains additional information about the sender and his qualifications for a specific job while a letter of interest does not mention any specific job.
4.A letter of interest is also used by contractors and lenders while a cover letter is only used by job applicants.

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