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Difference Between Masters in Computer Science and Masters in Information Technology

Masters in Computer Science vs Masters in Information Technology

Masters in Computer Science and Masters in Information Technology both are related to computer professionals. No doubt both disciplines have almost the same course content, but their study runs parallel. They are distinct streams of the study of computers.

Computer Science
The field of computer science has expanded to study computation as it has become clear that computers can be used for more than mere mathematical calculations. In short, it can be said that computer science is a subject which is mainly concerned with learning about computers. In the Masters in Computer Science, one has to learn all about the development of software with its operating system and hardware. In computer science, the course is prepared to just include the technical topics of registers, address buses, kernels, and databases to enable the students to learn all about them. In this branch, all about the working and computing principles of computers, designing, and mathematical concepts are included. The programming part of computers is covered in computer science.

Information Technology
Information technology is more related with the applications of computers with less attention on the hardware and design. This course is designed to include various applications and ways to sort out day-to-day problems by using the available latest technologies. In other words, it is used to make the people’s life simpler and easier in the fields of business and industry. Information technology deals mainly in the development of the software required in present situations and scenarios of industry and business rather than the operation of computers. A Masters in Information Technology makes a person more proficient in using computers to make the work more productive and easier without going deep into computer design and hardware.

Conclusively, it can be said that information technology is a specialized branch of computer science used for practical applications while a Masters in Computer Science is a wider subject containing an understanding of computer designing and operation. Computer science is how to make programs, and information technology is how to make use of that program.


1.Both Masters are popular degrees in computers.
2.Information technology is a subfield of the broader field of computer science.
3.Information technology is mainly concerned with the practical applications of software to make business and industry easier while computer science deals mainly in hardware, designing, and computer programming.

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