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Difference Between MPhil and Ph.D.

MPhil vs Ph.D.

People do value education. In fact, certain studies suggest that education is one of the factors that can uplift a person from poverty. Since education is something that cannot be taken away from you, millions or billions of people around the globe try their best to study and have an education as this contributes to their betterment and for the betterment of the people around them as they can able to reach out and use what they’ve learned for their communities.

The highest form of education is not a degree. Rather, there are higher forms such as Master’s degrees, and the highest is a doctorate. A few numbers in the population usually reach a doctorate as people do have different priorities in life. Besides, not everyone loves studying. Let us examine the differences between MPhil and a Ph.D.

“MPhil” stands for “Master of Philosophy” while “Ph.D.” stands for “Doctor of Philosophy.”

After obtaining a Bachelor’s degree, one can proceed in enrolling himself to any Master’s degree, particularly the MPhil. In the United Kingdom, this degree involves two years of additional studying with a thesis that must be made and defended successfully in order to be awarded it successfully to that individual. At Oxford University, it’s a two-year post-graduate degree while at Cambridge it can be offered for only a year.

After finishing a Master’s degree, one can already proceed to the highest form of education which is a doctoral degree. One of the choices he or she can enroll in is the Doctor of Philosophy or also known as Ph.D., PhD, D.Phil or DPhil. At this level, the degree can be awarded depending on the number of years in which it can be finished. At this level also, the thesis is already called a dissertation. Universities usually require an original dissertation that can contribute to a new body of knowledge for the benefit of humans.

The value of an MPhil and a Ph.D. can vary from one person to another as money can be a factor since the higher the learning, the more expensive the salary that person will definitely get. In some countries, there are scarcities of Ph.D. graduates while some have a great number of it such as in Canada.


1. “MPhil” stands for “Master of Philosophy” while “Ph.D.” stands for “Doctor
of Philosophy.

2. In an MPhil, the research is called a thesis while in a Ph.D. it is called a
3. An MPhil usually takes two years to be finished while a Ph.D. takes more
years than those of an MPhil.

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