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Many people want to step up higher on the ladder in terms of achieving a notable career. In this regard, these individuals try to take as much courses as they want and even pass as many board exams possible. However, there are a few people who dare challenge themselves further by seeking higher degrees such as an MPhil and a PhD. The question remains, do you know the difference between the two?

Well, the MPhil is the shorthand term for Master of Philosophy. In this course, the candidate or student is expected to analyze a topic that has already been approved, as well as, show a well-grounded theory of research methodologies that is applicable to the field of study. This is not that easy because the applicant must practice uniqueness and originality on how he or she makes use of his or her knowledge and find out ways to expand the limits of the current knowledge using good researching skills. Even though this is not that easy, an MPhil is still simpler compared to PhD wherein the demands for uniqueness and quality is essentially greater.

The PhD or Doctor of Philosophy not only analyzes and understands how to stretch the limits of knowledge using research but also become an actual contributor to the pool of knowledge. More knowledge is therefore interpreted and created in the PhD degree.

Numbers also differ between the two degrees. For MPhil, the candidate is asked to complete a 2-year study for such whereas for PhD, it is a year longer. Nevertheless, an MPhil applicant’s length of study can extend to 3 years (similar to a PhD) whenever the study is only on a part time basis. Moreover, the thesis paper of an MPhil candidate is expected to be somewhere between 20 thousand and 40 thousand words. This varies depending on the topic or field of concentration. On the contrary, a PhD thesis is expected to be twice as much ‘“ about 40 thousand to 80 thousand words all in all.

1. MPhil is an easier degree compared to PhD.

2. MPhil is a shorter degree to take, in terms of the number of required years of study compared to PhD.

3. Using research, the MPhil seeks to understand how to stretch the limits of knowledge while the PhD seeks to add to that knowledge by creating more knowledge aside from what is already existent.

4. The length of the thesis paper for MPhil is also shorter compared to PhD’s thesis papers.

5. MPhil is a ‘Master’ of Philosophy whereas a PhD degree holder is a ‘Doctor’ of Philosophy.

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  1. Good knowledge for storage and usuage.

  2. What are the career opportunities after mphil and PhD ? From where can we do both courses ? Which university course has more value ??

  3. The difference between M.Phil is significantly difference. M.Phil is a useless course in terms of UGC guidelines in India. Even if you finish M.Phil, Ugc stick to PG degree marks and criteria than M.Phil. They may give a paper exemption, if you finish M.Phil while doing Ph.D.
    For me M.Phil was more rigor, exciting and challenging. I ‘have to’ finish the theory exams in one attempt and then get into research work. I published three papers in international peer reviewed journals and two conference papers.
    My Ph.D. was more faster till I submitted my thesis. my research was in the field and it was hectic, interesting. After submission of thesis, it was dragging and depressing. They took more time to evaluate the thesis than my entire course work, field work and thesis writing!
    I could publish two papers in journals and three conference papers. My Ph.D. thesis was smaller than M.Phil thesis!!

  4. Sir plz guide me? That time I complete MA in history from ignou university 52% and I belong sc category that I want apply m.Phil programme and in graduate completed with commerce . In such differ subject can any effect in admission m.Phil program. ?

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