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Psychologist vs Counselor

Certain professions are fun to take in college, and soon you’ll realize that you tackled the right degree. When you are passionate for what you really want in life, you’ll never get tired of every single day in that workplace. But when you just choose that career out of impulse without thinking about it, you will be an unhappy person in that occupation.

One of the best careers in life is being a psychologist or counselor. What could be the difference?

A psychologist is usually a graduate with a Bachelor’s degree. There is a degree in college called a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology. After graduating, he or she must obtain clinical experience in psychology, have obtained a Master’s and Ph.D, and ultimately have passed the licensure for psychology for that state before one is eligible to practice. It takes years of practice before one can be called a psychologist.

A counselor can finish degrees related to psychology, child development, sociology, and statistics. Then after finishing the degree, a two-year clinical training is needed. To become a counselor, one must have the appropriate license to work in that state. This can be obtained through the National Board for Certified Counselors (NBCC) or the National Certified Counselor (NCC). However, they must first pass their examination. They must also complete a degree plus two years of clinical work.

A counselor can help all age groups, mostly elementary, high school, and college students. Counselors mostly deal with family and marriage problems. They can also handle drug-induced and substance-related illnesses such as being an alcoholic. By listening and helping the patients reflect, they become very aware of what they have done to their lives and to other people.

Psychologists can handle a wider scope of emotional problems regarding patients. They can also conduct research due to their higher post-graduate studies which are needed in order for them to be familiar with psychological matters. Psychologists can also teach in the academy, have their own clinics, work in hospitals, and a lot more.

Whether it’s a counselor or a psychologist, these people are trustworthy enough to handle our problems maturely. They are always there to help us and provide therapeutic communication. They can ease that anger or stress in us, the problems that are bothering our minds and hearts.


1.A psychologist obtains a B.S. in Psychology in college while a counselor studies similar degrees and then obtains a license for counselors.
2.A psychologist takes many years before obtaining that title which is longer than a counselor.
3.A psychologist can handle a wider scope of emotional problems compared to a counselor.

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